In the Market for a Vacation Home? Buy in Mexico

Are you in the market for a vacation home? In 2020, smart investors are buying beachfront real estate in Mexico. The country has an affordable cost of living, beautiful beaches, and an attractive laidback lifestyle. Currently, many expats are deciding to buy a vacation home in Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Nayarit. For example, Villa La Estancia beachfront residences are perfectly situated in the tranquil neighborhood of Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit. Right now may be the perfect time for you to find your dream home in Mexico. Read more below about why Banderas Bay is a top choice for a second home in Mexico. Come visit us to get to know our incredible beachfront residences today. We can’t wait to welcome you like family!

Vacation Home in Mexico

Beachfront residence in Villa la Estancia Riviera Nayarit

Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit is an upscale beachfront community where many expats like to live. Right now, the area has affordable real estate for sale. Are you interested in buying beachfront real estate in the area? If so, Villa la Estancia is an ideal choice. Our hotel-condo concept property is solidly constructed and contains the finest finishes. Plus, the property has resort amenities and services available for homeowners to enjoy. Our desirable beachfront residences have full and fractional ownership options available. In addition, in-house developer financing may be available for qualified applicants. Your dream house at the beach may be more accessible than you thought.

Expats Love Mexico

Did you know that Mexico is the number one choice for North American expats that want to buy a vacation home abroad? The close geographic location and availability of affordable flights make it easy to get to for American and Canadians. In addition, Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta in Banderas Bay are popular locations that expats love. In fact, Puerto Vallarta is one of the searched locations in Mexico for a second home with over 3,000 Google searches. Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas, Merida, and Cancun are other popular destinations for expats that want to buy a second home in Mexico.

Ideal Climate & Outdoor Activities

The area’s ideal climate is a top reason why many foreigners want to buy a vacation home in Mexico. Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta are well known for having warm climates all year round. As a result, outdoor and water activities can be enjoyed during the entire year. Surfing, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving and mountain biking are top outdoor activities. Plus, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit have an ideal mix of small-town charm and modern conveniences. Banderas Bay is home to excellent shopping, gourmet restaurants and upscale art galleries. For expats looking to find the perfect place to retire and enjoy life, Riviera Nayarit is a wonderful option.

Villa la Estancia Beachfront Residences

Villa la Estancia beachfront residences are an excellent choice for a high quality vacation home in Mexico. Located in the peaceful community of Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit, Villa la Estancia beachfront residences are located on a beautiful beach. The property enjoys incredible views of Banderas Bay and the lush greenery of the Sierra Madre, too. Plus, our homeowners enjoy exclusive access to resort amenities and luxury services, too. Likewise, the property has multiple pools, excellent restaurants, a professional spa, a gym, and so much more. We also have friendly and professional onsite concierges that are available 24 hours a day to help homeowners as needed. That way, you will find it easy to rest and relax when at your vacation home.

In the market for a vacation home in Mexico? Contact us at Villa la Estancia today to learn more. You can schedule a property tour and check out our incredible beachfront residences in person. Ask about our Try and Buy program where you can test out homeownership before you invest. Inventory is limited so don’t hesitate too long! We look forward to helping you find the vacation home of your dreams!


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Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas 2022

Are you ready to take a much needed vacation to Mexico? If so, Cabo is a popular destination located on the Baja California Sur peninsula. In addition to beautiful beaches, excellent weather, and stunning desert landscapes, visitors will find lots of Cabo activities to enjoy. Looking for a place to stay? Villa La Estancia is a luxury hotel-condo property that the whole family will adore. We have multiple pools, excellent restaurants, a Spa, a Fitness Center and so much more. That way, our guests don’t even have to leave the resort if they don’t want to. However, if you want to get out and explore town, keep reading below about things to do in Cabo San Lucas.

1. Whale Watching

To start with, whale watching is one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas during a vacation to Mexico in the winter months. Starting in November and December, visitors will be able to witness the migration of the majestic humpback whale. Plus, it’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, too. These gentle giants travel through the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez near Cabo each year. Sometimes, whales can even be spotted from the beach. To get up close and personal, book a whale watching tour. Everyone in the family will love seeing the impressive creatures swim and play at sea. In fact, whale watching is one of the top family friendly Cabo activities to enjoy.

Cabo San Lucas whale watching tour

2. Beach Picnic Day

Baja California Sur is well known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. The turquoise Sea of Cortez waters and white sandy beaches make it easy to relax. There are lots of lovely beaches to explore in the area. Why not pack a picnic and head to the beach for a fun day with the family? You can pack a lunch and lounge around all day in the sun. For example, Medano Beach is a popular beach which is where the luxury Villa La Estancia is located. If you stay there, you can simply walk right down to the beach to set up camp for the day. Other top beaches in the area include Lover’s Beach, Divorce Beach and Chileno Beach.

3. ATV Tours and Zipline Adventures

Looking for adventurous Cabo activities during your vacation to Mexico? Many visitors enjoy taking a ATV tour in the desert. The Baja California Sur desert is the perfect backdrop for an adrenaline-pumping adventure. ATV tours typically travel through rugged terrain including sandy hills, canyons, and wetlands. ATV tours also include photo opportunities to admire stunning beach vistas. Guides will provide information on the region so you can learn some of the history of the area, too. Visitors can also try bungee jumping, off-road racing, zip-lining, and even sling swinging. Whether you’re looking to get your heart racing, or enjoy a nice leisurely ride with your sweetheart, there are tons of fun outdoor adventures for the whole family.

Cabo Tours

4. Go Karts and Horseback Riding

Will your children or grandchildren be with you on your vacation to Mexico? If so, kids that are at least 4’6” tall can ride their own go kart at the Cabo Karting Center. The multi-lap race track is a quarter mile long and adults will enjoy the adventure, too. Younger kids can play interactive video games and watch the go kart excitement from the sidelines. For horse lovers, check out the Cuadra San Francisco Equestrian Center. There, visitors can enjoy horseback trail rides and riding lessons, too. Saddles are sized according to the rider so children and adults can both enjoy the experience.

5. Cabo Submarine

Another family friendly adventure in the area is a tour on the Cabo Submarine. The 60 foot yellow semi-submersible submarine seats up to 50 people. A tour allows visitors to see the vibrant marine life in Cabo San Lucas Bay. For example, the one-hour tour includes instruction on how to identify up to 70 kinds of local fish, too. In addition to vibrant marine life, tour attendees will also get to see local landmarks. Visitors enjoy the best views from a boat of popular rock formations including Neptune’s Finger and El Arco.

Are you ready to book a dream vacation to Cabo? If so, contact us at Villa La Estancia. Right now, we have special travel packages available to stay at our luxury resort on Medano Beach. We also have strict COVID health and sanitation practices in place to keep our guests happy and safe. Plus, we have a limited number of beachfront residences for purchase if you want to buy a vacation home in Mexico. Our solidly constructed residences give homeowners exclusive access to luxury resort amenities and services that everyone will appreciate. Contact us at Villa La Estancia now and book an unforgettable vacation to Cabo today! We can’t wait to treat you like royalty.

Visit Villa La Estancia for the Holidays!

Are you hoping to make last minute travel plans and celebrate the holidays in Mexico? If so, come visit us at Villa La Estancia in Mexico. We have luxury properties in the Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas. Right now, we have special travel packages just in time for the holidays. We also have a limited number of beachfront residences for sale if you want a second home in Mexico. Plus, we have stringent sanitation and hygiene protocols in place in response to keep our guests and homeowners safe. You deserve to enjoy a luxury vacation and stay safe, too. Read more below about how you should celebrate the holidays at Villa La Estancia!

Visit Villa La Estancia for the Holidays!

To be honest, there isn’t a better place to celebrate the holidays than in warm and sunny Mexico. We have warm and pleasant weather during the winter months. Unlike locations up north, Riviera Nayarit and Cabo enjoy warm and sunny days during the holidays. We offer comfortable accommodations, top amenities and VIP services. For resort guests, they will love our multiple pools, lush landscaping and fine dining on the property. If you want to own a beach home in Mexico, Villa La Estancia has elegant beachfront residences. Our hotel-condo concept is ideal for expats who want to own a vacation home at the beach. Plus, the onsite staff is friendly and welcoming and can help take care of your property while you are away.

Mexico Vacation Packages

Right now, Villa La Estancia is offering deals to visit us for the holidays. Why not take a break from cold winter weather and head south to Mexico? You will love soaking up the sun by the pool or swimming in the warm ocean waters. In Riviera Nayarit, our property is located in Nuevo Vallarta, a tranquil neighborhood that has some of the best beaches in Banderas Bay. In Cabo, we are found on Medano Beach which is an ideal spot to own property. Plus, beachfront residences are spacious, luxurious and come with amazing ocean or sea views. Homeowners and resort guests will love enjoying quality time with their loved ones in Mexico. With multiple pools, a Spa, onsite fitness center and excellent dining options on the property, Villa La Estancia is the perfect place to celebrate the holidays in paradise.

Villa La Estancia Real Estate

Villa La Estancia also has a limited number of beachfront residences for sale. If you want to buy a second home in Mexico, it’s a great choice for savvy investors. The hotel-condo concept is ideal if you want to rent out your unit when you are not visiting, too. Plus, their onsite staff is friendly, professional and courteous. In addition, Villa La Estancia resorts have received the Safe Travels Stamp for successfully implementing safety measures. That way, homeowners and resort guests can still enjoy vacations without worrying about their health.

Despite the challenges of 2020, Villa La Estancia has health and safety measures in place in order to safely welcome guests and homeowners back to paradise. Do you want to celebrate the holidays this year in Mexico? It’s time to jet away to celebrate the holidays at Villa La Estancia in Mexico! Don’t you want to take a break from winter weather and head to sunny Mexico instead? Come visit us at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit or Cabo. We can’t wait to see you!

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