Cabo San Lucas keeps the best flavors of Mexico, from fresh seafood to delicious Mexican food you will always find something delicious to eat. If you were looking for something classic to eat during your vacation, read our list to find out where to get the 5 best tacos in Cabo San Lucas.

1. Taqueria Rossy

To start with, Taqueria Rossy is located in San Jose del Cabo and has been a local’s favorite for years. In fact, they have been serving amazing fish tacos since 1991. The cute and casual restaurant is also affordable, too. Their specialty are Baja style fish tacos that are fresh white fish that is breaded and fried. They also have breaded and fried shrimp, scallops, or flounder tacos as well. Make sure to add fresh toppings to your taco such as avocado slices, chili peppers, cabbage slaw, onions, and spicy salsas.


2. Las Guacamayas

Secondly, Las Guacamayas is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Cabo San Lucas with a menu that has over 50 combinations of Mexican dishes including great tacos and appetizers. They also have delicious quesadillas, sopes, and chilangas as well which are fried quesadillas. The open air quaint restaurant has a quaint garden setting designed with Christmas lights strung along the trees that creates a cheerful and inviting atmosphere. They also make refreshing and delicious lime margaritas, too. Las Guacamayas only accepts cash so come prepared.

3. El Gran Pastor

Next, if you like to go out at night, you head to Taquería El Gran Pastor for late night tacos. They specialize in tacos al pastor which is shredded, marinated pork that is sliced from a giant spit of meat. The marinated pork is cooked on a vertical spit, which is charred by a flame to deliciously caramelize the meat. Next the al pastor meat is served in a corn tortilla and topped with freshly diced cilantro, onions, and juicy pineapple slices. If you prefer, you can even add your choice of spicy salsas on top, too. Plus, it’s easy on the wallet because 2 tacos only cost 30 pesos which is just $1.50 US dollars.


4. El Ahorcado

Then, if you want to hit a quirky and cute restaurant in San José del Cabo, head to El Ahorcado. Decorated with old pots, pans, sombreros, and tchotchkes on the walls, they serve yummy tacos and also offer unique items such as beef tongue in mustard sauce, cochinita pibil, Cantonese-style beef rib and bufalada which are tacos with chopped up hot dogs. Likewise, another popular dish is cuchiviriachis, which are crunchy tostadas topped with roasted cheese and smoky meat. Make sure to add spicy salsa and fresh garnishes that are available at each table to make your taco just right.


5. Asi y Asado

Lastly, open-air restaurant Asi y Asado is found in the Cabo Corridor section of town. They have 14 types of tacos to choose from including Fish, El Pastor with pineapple, crispy chicken, Barbacoa, Annacharra, Chorizo, marinated skirt steak, grilled octopus, smoked tuna and more. Open from 10 am to 9pm daily, order the Vampiros if you want to try something different. Vampiros are served in a hard corn shell taco and filled with cheese and the meat of your choice. Also, fresh juices or “agua frescas” daily including hibiscus and watermelon, or lime with chia seeds are available as well.

So don’t miss the chance to try these delicious tacos in Cabo San Lucas. Let us know which ones you liked the best and why and delight yourself with the best flavors of Mexico on your next vacation in Cabo.


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