For a thriving family, relocating to another country may be a bit difficult to grasp at first. But there are many positives to relocating, especially for those who wish to become expats on Banderas Bay. For starters, your children will have access to a new culture they can embrace and a new language they can learn to speak fluently. So, if you ever plan to moving to the Banderas Bay area, keep in mind that there are support groups for mothers who are expats on Banderas Bay that will make the relocation process a lot easier to overcome.

A popular and beneficial group for expat moms on Banderas Bay is Mamas in PV.

Mamas in PV

If you are looking to relocate to Puerto Vallarta or if you are already an expat on Banderas Bay, a wonderful connection you can make is to join the Facebook group known as Mamas in PV ( This group, which started with eight moms in Puerto Vallarta from Mexico, Canada and the United States, now has expat moms from all over the world. Over 2000 active moms are a part of this group, and they all have one passion in common: raising their families in the Mexican tropical climate.

To be a member of the group, you must be an expecting mom or already a mom of any age. The group aims to hold weekly gatherings to help support one another while surviving the life of a mother who may be away from the rest of her family while in Mexico.

The group provides great resources for expat Moms on Banderas Bay, and that’s not all. The group has also taken an interest in supporting charity initiatives. For example, members of the group have collaborated on a riverside picnic party, beach bash and other exciting activities as fundraisers for charities.

Pasitos de Luz, a charity that helps a non-profit agency assisting Puerto Vallarta’s low-income disabled children, is one of Mamas in PV’s favorite organizations to support. Almost twenty years ago, a group of Puerto Vallarta’s low-income mothers in need of having proper care for their children created Pasitos de Luz. Another charity event known as Piñata de Luz: Mothers helping others is the most successful event Mamas in PV has put together each year so far. The event allows the group to answer a mother’s Christmas wish list for her family.

The group gives expats on Banderas Bay and Mexican mothers the ability to trade items like hand-me-downs and other gifts. Information on recommended schools, good doctors, dates to special events in Puerto Vallarta like plays and other facts can be found on the Mamas in PV page. You get a chance to share your experiences and expertise while getting to know new people!

So, if you desire to start your life anew on Banderas Bay, joining the Mamas in PV group is an effective way to start your life of relocation to Mexico.