Although sometimes people don’t prioritize their health, having a current health insurance policy is very important. If not, you can end up facing financial problems if you become sick or have an accident and do not have coverage.

If you are planning to travel or even move abroad, make sure you have the appropriate health insurance policy in place. Travelers and expats that move to Mexico should make sure they have current health insurance policies during their stay.

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Whether you plan to visit Mexico or move there, read more below about info about health insurance in Mexico. 

Info About Health Insurance in Mexico 

For starters, the first step is to determine whether you need travel health insurance or a long-term policy. For expats, think about how much time will be spent in Mexico. Expats that only live at their second home part-time may be able to use travel policies when they visit.

However, for people who plan to live in Mexico most of the year, it is best to buy a long-term policy. In most big cities and tourist destinations in Mexico, there are high-quality hospitals and excellent doctors.

Plus, health insurance policies are very affordable for foreigners who are living outside their home country. If you own a second home in Mexico, a long-term health insurance policy is ideal.

Private health insurance in Mexico is not expensive, and the hospitals and doctors in top destinations such as Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas are excellent.

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Travel Insurance Policies

Next, if you are planning on vacationing in Mexico, it’s a wise decision to buy a temporary travel health insurance policy. The temporary insurance will usually cover emergency expenses in Mexico which is very important in case of an accident or sudden illness.

However, most travel health insurance will not cover any pre-existing conditions or doctor visits. Instead, when compared with temporary coverage, long-term health insurance will usually cover doctor visits, prescriptions, and emergencies.

Some long-term health insurance companies may even cover pre-existing conditions. In general, travel health insurance policies have lower limits than long-term health insurance.

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In 2023, many major health insurance companies currently have working relationships with physicians and hospitals in Mexico. Therefore, it should be easy to file a claim if needed.

Lastly, some travel health insurance policies will not cover all costs due to an accident so check your policy for details.

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