Children and adults of all ages are sure to have a whale of a time exploring the exhibits and displays at the Natural History Museum in Cabo San Lucas. Locally known as the Museo de Historia Natural in Spanish, this museum can be found in the heart of the downtown area in Cabo San Lucas and is housed in a space that once an elementary school (named Artículo 123 Naciones Unidas or United Nations Article 123)

The museum itself, however, opened its doors on the 9th of October 2006 and has been enriching the city with its culture and displays ever since.

A Bit of Everything

You will definitely find that some topics are of more interest to you than others, but the museum has a good variety of displays and exhibits to enjoy so you shouldn’t be pushed to find something you do enjoy. If fossils are your thing, for example, you will love the displays dedicated to paleobotany and paleoanthropology as they contain fossilized animal remains (mammal, reptile and bird) as well as plant fossils. You can also look forwards to exhibits on astronomy, geology, and paleontology.

Cabo San Lucas History Lessons

If you’re passionate about history and you love to learn about the places you visit then you will love the exhibit which celebrate Cabo san Lucas! There is even an exhibit which features portions of a skeleton belonging to a Pericú individual who belonged to an ethnic group which lived in the Southern portion of Baja California.

The Water Connection

The Ocean is a huge part of the history and culture of this area, and as such there is another section of the museum which deals wholly in all things to do with the marine history of the area. The waters surrounding Cabo san Lucas are teeming with life, and play host to large numbers of migrating sea creatures including several species of whale, dolphins, and even sea turtles, and the museum has plenty of exhibits which education and showcase this fact.

The Museum of Natural History in Cabo san Lucas is a great place to see and take your children and grandchildren. Life in Cabo can be cultural too!

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