When you become a resident in Cabo, you will discover there is no end to your enjoyment as you can access a whole host of activities. Swimming with whale sharks is just one example of the kind of unique experiences that await you and your loved ones in Cabo. This is the perfect activity during the early winter months through the late springtime. The feeding waters where you can find herds of the harmless shark species are just a quick boat ride from Cabo, and you can enjoy tours that allow you to swim alongside these gentle giants that come to the area each year because of the abundant food supply and warmer waters.

The Biggest Fish Species in the world

Whale sharks are the biggest fish species in the world as they can reach 18-32 feet in length and weigh more than twenty tons. There have been numerous sightings of whale sharks being longer than 40 feet! These gentle and magnificent creatures are slow moving filter feeders and can live up to seventy years.

A Shark or a Whale?

Whale sharks are, indeed, a type of shark and not a whale. They were named whale sharks due to their enormous size, which is more comparable to a whale. Don’t let their massive body size intimidate you, because the whale sharks don’t cause any danger or threats to human beings.

Whale Sharks Up Close

While the whale sharks are easier to watch while diving or snorkeling, it can also be done on a boat. The whale sharks swim very slowly at a pace around 3 MPH and they don’t pay any attention to humans in the water near them. The diet of a whale shark is made up of small fish, plankton, and plants that are microscopic, and they filter their foods through their gills, which is why they are virtually harmless to people. Because whale sharks swim near the ocean surface to feed, it makes it easy to see the whale sharks up close.

Swimming with Gentle Giants

It’s no surprise that swimming with whale sharks is a highly sought out activity in Cabo San Lucas. Any person that is brave and loves a daring experience should go on this activity. You should reserve a boat excursion spot that will take you to where the whale sharks are feeding, then if you see the whale sharks you can just jump right in and have an experience that you will remember forever.

Protect the Whale Shark Species

The whale sharks species are protected as they are an endangered species. At one time the whale sharks were in abundance around the world in the ocean waters. The Mexican and international laws protects the whale sharks, so if you are wanting to swim with the whale sharks you should look for a touring company that is reputable. They must obtain a license for whale shark touring. These compa.ies will ask you to wear sunscreen that is organic and biodegradable, so the whale sharks are protected. The laws in Mexico only permit two people to enter the waters along with their guide to swimming with whale sharks.

Photo credits: Cabo Adventures Facebook page.

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