Do you know that there are more than one million citizens from the United States and Canada that have moved to Mexico? It’s true! Every day, it seems that more and more foreigners are deciding to leave their home countries and move to Mexico.

Out of the entire world, Mexico is one of the most popular countries for expats. If you are from the US or Canada, you can get to Mexico quickly by flight or even on a road trip.

Currently, Mexico has more conveniences such as excellent highways, international airports, and reliable internet service that make life more comfortable for expats.

Plus, Mexico provides a laid-back lifestyle, a rich culture, and tasty foods. Wondering where to move? A top destination to buy real estate in Cabo San Lucas which is on the Baja California Sur peninsula.

Meanwhile, keep reading below to learn more tips for living in Mexico.

The cost of Living is Lower

For starters, if you want your money to go further, then you can do that in Mexico as the cost of living is lower. Many foreigners say that the cost of living in Mexico is 50% less than in the US or Canada.

That way, expats can enjoy a more comfortable life with less money. The people in Mexico are very friendly, and if you would like to live in a warmer climate and enjoy a slower pace of life, then Mexico may be what you are looking for.

A great place to move is Cabo San Lucas. If you want to buy a beachfront home that comes with resort-quality amenities and services, check out Villa La Estancia.

We offer a unique hotel-condo concept property that is located on the best beach in Cabo. Our beachfront residences are spacious, and luxurious, and have great views of the Sea of Cortez.

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Healthcare Information

Secondly, another important feature you will have if you move to Mexico is they offer quality healthcare for ex-pats. In 2023, there is convenient access to affordable medical care, hospitals, and professional healthcare in Mexico.

A foreign resident can get healthcare through two care plans in Mexico. One is free and the other one is quite affordable. Expats can also purchase private healthcare insurance that is also affordable.

Most of the Mexican doctors speak English, especially in tourist areas and larger cities including Cabo San Lucas. In addition, most of the medicines in Mexico don’t require you to have a prescription either.

A regular doctor visit costs approximately $40 dollars out of pocket which is very affordable. If taking good care of yourself and your family is important to you, a move to Mexico could give you better access to quality healthcare without busting your budget.

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beachfront mexico

Sunny and Warm Climate

Next, another major perk for ex-pats that have moved to Mexico is the climate in many top destinations is usually always warm and sunny year-round.

Mexico is a large country that has a different climate depending on where you move, so you will be able to find a place where you will love the climate.

The coastline has warm and sunny days. Up north in Mexico is less humid and cooler. Many foreigners choose to live by the beach, and the warm climate allows them to enjoy numerous outdoor activities throughout the year.

A popular location to move in Mexico is Cabo San Lucas. With mostly sunny days all year long and a dry climate, people really love the great weather in Baja.

Thanks to the excellent climate, residents, and visitors love that they can partake in a variety of outdoor activities any time of the year.

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Learning Spanish

Lastly, some ex-pats get by just fine without knowing much Spanish, especially if you are in a tourist destination. However, you may want to try to learn some Spanish if you decide to move to Mexico.

There are private lessons available in person or online, and there are also Spanish group classes, too. You will be able to meet new people if you go to the group classes.

Once you have learned to speak Spanish, it will make it easier to get around Mexico. Plus, locals really appreciate it when ex-pats try to learn and speak Spanish as well.

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It is easy to see that Mexico has so much to offer to people who want to move to Mexico. You can find the lifestyle you want in Mexico.

Mexico has a rich culture, stunning natural beauty, and delicious foods, and the locals are friendly and welcoming. It is easy to see why so many US expats have moved to Mexico.

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