Have you been thinking about moving to Mexico? If so, you aren’t alone. In fact, nearly 2 million United States citizens have made the move to Mexico so they can live a better life.

For many decades, Mexico has been a top choice for many expats looking to live elsewhere whether they want to retire or work remotely.

In 2023, more and more young Americans and Canadians are preferring to move to Mexico rather than live in the States or Canada.

The top reasons why people want to move to Mexico are that it is relaxed, the residents are welcoming, and the cost of living is more affordable.

Plus, quality healthcare is available, the food is delicious, and the immigration system in Mexico is not as difficult as it is in other countries, which is perfect for retirees and remote workers.

Most of the paperwork can be done without hiring an attorney or an outside agent. Continue to read below to learn the best reasons to move to Mexico.

Why Move to Mexico?

Firstly, one of the best reasons to move to Mexico for people is the rich culture, the interesting heritage, and the laid-back atmosphere. Life can be quite fast-paced and hectic in the States and Canada.

On the contrary, the value of a peaceful existence is more important now than ever. In general, Mexicans are very friendly and welcoming to all that move to Mexico.

Did you know that Bloomberg’s 2021 Best Places to Live for Expats has ranked Mexico as one of the three top countries in the world to live in? The cost of living is much lower, people find they can enjoy a better life, and the moving transition is fairly easy.

Likewise, many expats that move to Mexico adapt with ease and they comment that the move prompted positive changes to their lives.

For example, ex-pats report being more active, eating healthier, and making time to socialize more. Mexico is a wonderful place to move if you are interested in a better life.

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Warm Climate

Next, many people that have moved to Mexico have chosen to live in top tourist destinations because they are located on the coast.

In general, coastal destinations tend to have wonderful warm weather all year long. As a result, people that have moved to Mexico are usually more active than they would have been had they stayed in their country.

Thanks to the great climate, beach towns in Mexico are known for having tons of excellent water activities such as swimming, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and more. Mountain biking, running, and hiking are other top outside activities, too.

You will always find something fun to see and do in Mexico, especially in Cabo San Lucas and in Puerto Vallarta as these two areas have a large expat community.

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Improved Quality of Life

You can enjoy an improved quality of life if you move to Mexico. Since the living costs are much lower than in the United States and in Canada, it’s easier to have a quality life without as much money.

Also, in 2023 the healthcare systems including hospitals and doctors in Mexico are quite outstanding. Likewise, doctor visits and prescriptions are very affordable as well.

In terms of eating well, ex-pats that live in Mexico also have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, too. Therefore, you can eat healthier and become more active if you move to Mexico.

Also, if you are wanting to buy real estate in Mexico, then you will be pleased to know that comparable properties tend to be less expensive than they would in the United States or Canada.

As a result, many ex-pats are able to purchase a dream home on the beach in Mexico that they could never afford in their own country.

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Did you enjoy reading this article about the top reasons people want to move to Mexico? Are you interested in moving to Mexico? As you can see, Mexico has wonderful weather, and a lower cost of living, and expats report having an improved quality of life.

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