So many people love being at a Mexico beach and it is easy to understand why. Many popular coastal cities in Mexico have perfect weather, beautiful views, and fresh, affordable, and tasty seafood. Did you know that there are many wonderful benefits that come with eating seafood? It’s true! In fact, seafood has many essential nutrients for our body such as vitamin A and B, omega 3 fatty acids, high in protein, and it’s generally very low in saturated fats. These vitamins and nutrients are very important to maintain a healthy mind and body. Plus, seafood helps to boost the immune system and keep your eyes and brain sharp. When you are visiting Mexico on your next vacation, then make sure you eat fresh seafood dishes. Until then, read below to learn about why eating seafood is good for you.

1. Seafood Is Filled With Important Nutrients

Firstly, eating seafood is an excellent way to get important nutrients that your body needs. Some of the most important nutrients include vitamin B, B complex, and vitamin A. Also, tuna has vitamin D, which is excellent for your immune system and helps keep your bones strong and sturdy. Likewise, fish like salmon, herring, and mackerel are fatty fish that are great at keeping your skin healthy as they are packed with omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids will keep your skin thick and moisturized.

2. Seafood Will Keep Your Heart Healthy

There are different seafood types that will keep your heart healthy and keep your brain in tip condition, too. In addition, omega 3s can assist in infants and children brain growth along with boosting older adults cognitive functions. Also, the omega 3s will lower older adults’ risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease as well. Having a healthy heart is very important to keep everyone fit whether they are young or old. Seafood is low in saturated fat, but has high protein, which will help with keeping your heart healthy along with reducing cardiovascular risks.

Fresh shrimp

3. Seafood Will Reduce Inflammation & Joint Pain

As we get older, our bones and joints can start to hurt. Staying active and stretching is a great way to reduce your risk of pain and issues. In addition, seafood will reduce inflammation and joint pain, which is another benefit of eating seafood. Adding seafood to your daily diet can reduce arthritis symptoms, so people who deal with inflammation and joint pain should try to eat more seafood.

4. Seafood Will Improve Eyesight & Skin

Eating seafood will also improve your eyesight. The omega 3 fatty acids are important because they can improve your eyesight, especially with older people. Also, it can also stop your eyesight from getting worse, too. Did you know that shellfish such as lobster can improve your night vision? It is true! Eating seafood can also improve your skin tone as well. Your skin will be moisturized, which will make your skin firm and also look younger due to the omega 3s and fatty acids. It can also aid in reducing acne as well. Eating seafood can also protect your skin from strong UV ray damage as well.

5. Seafood Will Prevent Mental Health Issues

Eating seafood can prevent mental health issues. Research has been conducted and omega 2 fatty acids will reduce depression risks. Also, it can also help people who deal with depression symptoms as well. Taking good care of wellbeing including emotional and mental health is very important in maintaining a well balanced lifestyle.

Now you see why you will receive many health benefits from just eating seafood. On your next Mexico vacation, you should take advantage of fresh and healthy seafood. It is delicious and very affordable, too. If you’re wondering where to go, why not book a stay at Villa La Estancia Cabo? We have lovely beachfront suites that are spacious, elegantly furnished, and comfortable. Plus, the resort has world class amenities and services too including multiple pools, a spa, a fitness center, and excellent onsite restaurants. If you’re in the market for a second home in Mexico, we have a limited number of beachfront residences for sale. Our homeowners love having the privacy of their home and access to premiere amenities and services, too. Contact us at Villa La Estancia today to schedule a property tour. Perhaps your dream vacation home in Baja is just missing you!