San Jose del cabo has a thriving art scene that can be experienced in many ways, but we think one of the best and most interactive ways to get to grips with the scene as a whole is to take part in the Cabo Art Walk which takes place every Thursday night between November and June.

This fun Cabo event was established by the local Gallery District Association, and has become a mainstay for locals and visitors alike; the Los Cabos Art Walk event has become so huge, in fact, that the local government actually closes off some of the narrow back streets that the walk uses to limit traffic and allow walkers to stroll at their leisure. Most of the galleries in the area observe special hours for this event and will generally open from 5pm to 9pm.

Art Walk – A Fabulous Cultural Experience in Los Cabos

Every Thursday night from November through June, the entire Gallery District of San Jose del Cabo comes alive with energy and excitement; you will often encounter live music and entertainment in the streets and main plaza as you make your way through the area. There is always a fascinating mix of tourists, locals, and artists in the area, chatting, and mingling in the sophisticated yet vibrant art scene that can be found here. The Art Walk is a relaxing evening which will see you soaking up culture while you enjoy free snacks and drinks.

Art Walk Thursdays

San Jose del Cabo is famous for its easy-going vibe and creative scene; you can find an impressive selection of unique works here including sculptures, paintings, glass work, bead work, jewellery, ceramics, and local handicrafts. Galleries will generally have special opening hours to coincide with the Cabo Art Walk, so you can be sure you’ll get to look at what’s on offer while you soak up some culture.

Some Cabo galleries even have special events where you get to meet local artists for Q&A sessions, or even to show off new works. Be sure to ask questions; artists love to talk about their inspiration, and even their methods.

After Art Dinner in Cabo

The fun of the evening needn’t end when the Art Walk does, however; you can always keep the night going with your fellow walkers! Why not stop off at one of the amazing restaurants to be found within the Art District? You will find that there are many great options; al fresco dining in courtyards and patios, sophisticated atmospheres indoors, speciality tequilas, and fine wines… it can all be found here.

We guarantee that you won’t regret taking part in the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk; it’s a great way to get in touch with the local art scene, and the atmosphere is phenomenal.

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