Mexico’s Independence Day is almost here! If you have been ready to pamper yourself with a getaway to Mexico, why not book your stay and celebrate on September 16th? Join in on the country’s exciting festivities and celebrate the important holiday when Mexico declared independence from Spain back in 1810. Regardless of where you go in Mexico, you can expect to see festivities including parades, fireworks, concerts, and amazing food and drinks. Right now, the luxurious Villa La Estancia is offering travel deals so you can vacation in style. We also have a limited number of beachfront residences for sale if you are in the market for a vacation home. Contact us at Villa La Estancia today to book your vacation. Meanwhile, read more below to learn more about Mexico’s Independence Day.

The History of Mexico’s Independence Day

Back in 1521, Spanish conquistador Heman Cortes led an army that defeated the Aztecs converting Mexico into a Spanish colony. From that point on, Spain ruled over Mexico for around 300 years until the beginning of the 1800’s. Then, Mexicans rose up against Spain’s rule to fight for their independence. In the town of Dolores, Roman Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang the church bell that is recognized as the call that inspired people to rise up against Spanish rule. This moment signified the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence. Independence Day in Mexico is known as Dia de la Independencia in Spanish. While the government in Spain promised reforms to appease the revolutionaries in Mexico, the Spanish viceroy officially accepted Mexico as an independent country in 1820. The celebration begins on the evening of September 15th, and the official Independence Day holiday is recognized on September 16th.

Viva Mexico!

One of the most famous parts about Mexico’s Independence Day is related to El Grito. Father Miguel Hidalgo’s well-known cry “El Grito” is the moment when he yelled out “Viva Mexico!” three times to recognize the historic moment in time. This historic moment occurred at the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores cathedral in the town’s central plaza. Now, each year on September 15th Mexico celebrates by reenacting Father Miguel Hidalgo’s famous cry at midnight there and in other towns throughout the country. Independence Day celebrations also tend to include live music, dancing, fireworks, and of course incredible food and drinks. Wondering what to drink? Popular drinks enjoyed during celebrations include tequila, Banderitas, Micheladas and Mezcal. As far as food, don’t miss the exquisite Chiles en Nogada. It’s a classic Mexican dish only made during this time of year that has festive red, green and white colors in the dish.

Villa La Estancia

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