Yes! Our luxury villas at Villa La Estancia do permit you to rent your property during those times when you do not wish to use it. Just like any real estate purchase in Mexico, you can lend or rent your property to friends, family or private renters if you so wish. This benefit functions for both full and fractional ownership during the times when you are not at your property. For fractional owners, remember, however, you will only be able to rent out your property during your scheduled times.

The same rules of courtesy apply for renters as for those times when you invite guests to stay with you at your second home in Mexico at Villa La Estancia. That is, your renters will be your responsibility during their time at your Villa La Estancia property, required to respect the CC&R’s, Bylaws and Rules & Regulations. You will also need to provide details of your renters for registration, advising Villa La Estancias of their arrival and departure dates.

Renting your Villa La Estancia residence is a great way to cover your maintenance fees when you are not able to use your property as well as make some income when you property might otherwise be left idle. Just like any real estate purchase, you can make your property work for you, suiting your needs.