What is the Difference Between a Condo and a Condo-Hotel?

As with so many fusion concepts today the mash-up of Condo and Hotel that the real-estate industry has begun to see has inspired a new, fusion word: condo-hotel. This might seem like a silly word, but it’s one to get a grasp of if you’re planning on buying a condo in a resort location. When it comes to second homes, vacation homes, and rental investments in the sun high-rise condos are a staple due to the low-maintenance, high quality living that they offer. The condo-hotel has created a new facet to this experience;

What is a condo-hotel?

In order to understand the value of a condo-hotel we need to understand how it differs from the usual condo; these are, essentially, condo’s which are managed by luxury hotels. The units are individually owned, but are altogether branded with the hotels name, whereas the usual condominium building lacks this branding and marketing. The benefits of these differences are quite noticeable; the hotel works as a property manager of sorts for the building and will schedule stays, deal with building maintenance, and keep things ticking over in your absence. Furthermore condo-hotel tend to get access to the hotel facilities and amenities like gyms, pools, room service, and spas. Some of these are perks which condominium buildings might have, but it is unlikely the same calibre of equipment and service will be found outside of a Condotel.

Advantages of a condo-hotel Over Traditional Condo Ownership

The aforementioned extras and perks obviously stand as one reason why condo-hotel have become so popular in recent years, but there are other benefits which set them apart from the average condo purchase. Firstly, the stress of building maintenance is taken on by the hotel company so you don’t have to worry about that! Secondly, the furnishings and décor are taken care of, too. This could be a downside, however, if you like to make your mark. Thirdly, should you wish to make some money from your investment with vacation lets the hotel will generally oversee this process for you, thereby making it a much less risky and stressful activity for you.

In fact, the main advantage that a condo-hotel offers over a traditional condo is just that; less stress, more perks, and the ability to get your dream vacations year on year without all the hassle that comes with a second home.

Tax Advantages of condo-hotels

If you don’t use your condo-hotel as a primary residence you may experience tax benefits. An accountant will be able to more specifically tell you what the benefits of this are when applied to your specific financial and tax situations, but an obvious upfront benefit is a reduction in your tax bill in the years when it is used.

Now that you know a bit more about Condos and condo-hotel you can begin to think about which will work for you in the long-run.


Fractional Ownership at Villa La Estancia

What is Fractional Ownership at Villa La Estancia?

Fractional ownership at Villa La Estancia simply does for unrelated peoples what friends and relatives have been doing for decades to save money on vacation home ownership; it allows you to buy a fraction of a wonderful vacation home in Cabo San Lucas or Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. All the benefits with a fraction of the costs!

At Villa La Estancia you can buy your second home in of 1/4 (13 weeks) or 1/8 (6 weeks) fraction for life. You get the same amenities, gorgeous home, privileges, and great lifestyle, but you only have to pay for the time you can realistically use. What’s not to love? This is the perfect system for all kinds of seasonal residents!

How the Fractional Ownership schedule works

Fractional property owners will be given their first residence schedule at the time of purchase; this will tell them what time they have at the villa for their first year, and from then on the schedule will rotate and be delivered each year. This means that everyone will get their shot at the “prime” slots. You will be free to exchange your time slots with other owners, or through the Fractional Trade Program for time at other resorts.

Fractional Ownership is Cost effective

Fractional ownership at the Villa La Estancia is a sensible and cost-effective way to invest in a vacation home as you only pay for the time that you can realistically spend there. Not being responsible for all the time your Villa might sit empty is rather freeing.

Fee Simple Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas or Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Fractional ownership gives you all the privileges of full ownership. You can rent, sell, use, loan, and will your share if you choose to do so. If you can’t make use of it one year you can always let friends and family do so.

Great investment on vacation homes in Mexico

Vacation homes are a good, solid investment, and so too is fractional ownership at Villa La Estancia. As a property accrues value so too does your share of the property. This means a fractional ownership programs still allows you a “bricks & mortar” investment for the future, simply at a lower cost.

Rental income on fractionally owned villas

If you wish, the team at Villa La Estancia can help you to rent the time when you are unable to make use of your fractional investment, meaning that your second home will never sit idle.

Villa la Estancia Residences - Luxury Beach Real Estate

Villa La Estancia Residences for Luxury Beach Real Estate

For luxury beach real estate in Mexico, look no more! Villa La Estancia Residences is sure to fulfil your dreams of a second home in paradise or a permanent relocation in search of the good life. Life on the beach in Mexico doesn’t get more luxurious nor more affordable than at Villa La Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta on the Riviera Nayarit, with options for full and fractional real estate at a 4 Diamond hotel complex on the beach.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the reasons below why choosing luxury beach real estate in Mexico is one decision you will not regret.

Location! Location! Location!

Nuevo Vallarta, and Riviera Nayarit in general, is among Mexico’s top beach resort destinations, being a particularly convenient choice for home seekers living in Canada and the United States because of the short and affordable flights. Only a very quick drive from Puerto Vallarta’s international airport, getting to and from your vacation home is easy for you and an attractive incentive for visitors and renters alike to come and visit.

Sunny days are before you

If there is one thing that you can say about Villa La Estancia luxury beach real estate, is that the sun will shine on you more than 300 days a year. Banderas Bay, which includes the tourist destinations of Nuevo Vallarta (Riviera Nayarit), Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita claims hot sunny weather for more than 80% of the year. Say goodbye to your socks and sweaters, say hello to flip-flops and sun hats.

Villa la Estancia Residences - Luxury Beach Real Estate

Choosing from the Best

Villa La Estancia luxury beach real estate provides you with so much choice in terms of exclusive properties located within a 4 Diamond 5 Star hotel complex. You can choose from two and three bedroom residences and luxury penthouses as well as opt for fractional purchases with a choice of 1/4 (12 weeks) or 1/8 (6 weeks) fractions. You could also begin by investing in a fraction and later use the equity towards full ownership with developer financing also available for a limited time only.

Luxury Living in an Exclusive Community

When you purchase Villa la Estancia luxury beach real estate, your property will be located within the grounds of a 5 star hotel that offers all the luxury facilities you would expect of a world class resort. You will have use of the swimming pools, loungers, access to the beach, spa, gym and restaurants etc. You will live the life of a guest at one of Nuevo Vallarta’s top hotels yet be treated to all the benefits of an owner.

The Friendliest place to live in Mexico

Making Riviera Nayarit your home, whether for only a few months each year or as a permanent residence, you will notice that this is one of the most friendly places you will find. Not only is it part of Mexico’s hospitable nature that you will be met with the friendliest locals, but you will also find a host of expats ready to invite you to a golf tournament, fishing excursion, salsa class or book club. Making a new life in Mexico, doesn’t mean you have to leave you favorite hobbies behind.

If luxury beach real estate sounds like the kind of properties you are looking for, why not explore this website further to find out how Villa La Estancia can make your dreams come true or contact us directly.

FAQ – Fractional Ownership and Real Estate at Villa La Estancia

What is a Fractional Ownership at Villa La Estancia?

Fractional ownership is the name given to the shared, deeded, ownership of a property wherein a number of “partners” own a percentage of the same property. Villas in this particular program at Villa La Estancia are fractionally divided into eighths (6 weeks) and quarters (13 weeks) of the year.

Where did the concept of fractional ownership originate?

The idea of fractional ownership itself has been around for a while; friends, families and business associates have been pooling their funds to buy property for hundreds of years! In fact, in the 1990s fractional jet ownership became quite popular!

Is Fractional Ownership the same as Timeshare?

No. Fractional ownership occurs when the buyer purchases a percentage, or fraction, of real estate, rather than units of time or points. Each fraction can appreciate in value according to market patterns and each owner can sell their share of the property whenever they wish to!

How do I know my schedule for use?

When you purchase a fractional property at Villa La Estancia you will be given a schedule of use, so that you can plan years in advance, if you wish. The schedule is a fixed rotatation, so you will be able to calculate easily when your property is free for you to use.

As a fractional interest owner, will I have exclusive use of the property?
During your allocated weeks, you will have exclusive use of your property. No matter if you are using your property or not, the unit will not be occupied by anyone else during your scheduled time, unless you wish to rent it privately or through the hotel. You can leave it empty on some of your days, or turn up halfway through your allotted time, if needs be. It is entirely up to you how much use you make of your time. Only other fractional owners and their guests will use the property during their scheduled times.

Who are fractional properties really for?

This type of ownership is perfect for you is you want the benefits of owning a vacation home but couldn’t afford or justify full ownership. One of the great things about fractional ownership is that you’ll usually be able to get a more luxurious property than you could otherwise afford on your own, likewise you’ll be in a very exclusive and secure community, complete with management services! Owning luxury real estate becomes more affordable.

Once you get the taste for fractional ownership, you will find that every time you visit Villa La Estancia, it feels like you are coming home. You will own a wonderful piece of real estate without having all the responsibilities!

How do Fractional Villas differ from residence clubs or condo hotels?

Both vacation home models offer luxurious accommodation and great services; however, fractional ownership Villas offer a greater sense of permanency! When you purchase membership at a residence club, you are signing up for a like for like unit at a resort rather than a specific residence that you will use each time you arrive. Instead, you enjoy suites with a similar, or the same, floor plan. With fractional ownership, you stay in the same residence every time, so you really cultivate a sense of belonging, and, as an added bonus, when the property appreciates you are entitled to your share!

Can I have guests stay at the property?

You can have any guest you wish at your property during your allocated time! During this time it is, essentially, your home so you can invite whomever you wish, whether they be family, friends or business partners. In fact, if your schedule is too hectic, you can allow others to use it in your stead. Guests, however, are your responsibility and will be required to respect the bylaws, rules and guidelines at Villa La Estancia.

Can I rent out my unused time?

Of course you can! If your schedule is too tight to allow you to make use of your priority time then you can rent it out to make a little money for your next vacation! Some Villas will qualify for exchanges, and tax benefits. Your tax advisor will be able to determine what these might be for you.

Do I have the same tax considerations with fractional ownership as with purchasing the entire property exclusively?

When you have the benefit of fractional deeded ownership of a property then you gain the same privileges and responsibilities that come with owning any other piece of real estate. You will experience potential appreciation, depreciation, interest and expenses just as you do with your first home, and you may sell or rent your priority time whenever you so choose. You should discuss your individual tax circumstances with your professional tax advisor, however.

Can I finance my purchase?

For a limited time, the developer at Villa La Estancia is offering financing, with a typical deposit of 25%, for up to 10 years. Most owners choose to pay entirely in cash, or to pay for their share with equity from their primary home.

Who maintains the property?

The property manager will oversee the maintenance, housekeeping and care of your Villa on an ongoing basis. The expense fees that you pay cover this cost, as well as the cost of repair and replacement of items damaged through wear and tear. The real estate fractional property will be kept clean by a professional housekeeper, who will in turn be supervised by the management team.

Any specific damage caused by accident, or otherwise, by owners and their guests is the responsibility of the owner of the priority weeks when the damage occurred. Local professionals will maintain the pool and gardens on a regular basis and any painting and repairs required for the Villa at large will be provided as and when needed.

Can I sell my share in the future?

Certainly; while we hope you will want to keep your fractional share permanently, you may sell it whenever you wish to do so. Resale shares are generally listed with a local real estate agent who will promote and oversee the sale of your share. You can also advertise in publications such as magazine and newspapers to sell your share just as you would any other real estate property that you own. If a fraction of the property you have invested in comes up for sale, you could also opt to buy that section of the villa, too.

FAQ: Can I sell my Villa La Estancia Residence share in the future?

Yes, you may resell your fractional shares or full ownership at Villa La Estancia Residences just like any general real estate sale.

The residences you buy at Villa La Estancia Residences are fully deeded for both full and fractional ownership. When purchasing fractional shares, you will receive the deeds for your fraction, which you can sell at a later stage, if you should so wish.

Typically, resale shares are listed with a local real estate broker, who will promote the sale of your share the same way they promote any other property for sale. You may also sell your Villa La Estancia share privately by advertising in publications, newspapers or on the Internet at free real estate listing sites. You set the price and are in control of the sale, just like any other property sale.

Just like any real estate investment, you can also leave your property in a will, rent it, sell it or simply enjoy it!

FAQ: Do I have the same tax considerations with fractional ownership as with purchasing the entire property exclusively?

Fractional ownership is the same as ownership of any other real estate, wherein you enjoy potential appreciation, depreciation, interest and expense deductions. At your discretion, you may sell your share of the property, gift it, or leave it to someone in a will, just like any real estate property.

In terms of your tax considerations, your accountant or tax advisor would be better suited to provide specific details and advise what your individual tax circumstances may offer. As tax benefits and deductions differ from country to country and change from time to time, the surest advice is to check with an expert prior to your purchase.

With rental potential, some villas may qualify for 1031 exchanges, and additional tax benefits, that your professional tax advisor will need to determine for you.

FAQ: Can I rent out my unused time at Villa La Estancia?

Yes! Our luxury villas at Villa La Estancia do permit you to rent your property during those times when you do not wish to use it. Just like any real estate purchase in Mexico, you can lend or rent your property to friends, family or private renters if you so wish. This benefit functions for both full and fractional ownership during the times when you are not at your property. For fractional owners, remember, however, you will only be able to rent out your property during your scheduled times.

The same rules of courtesy apply for renters as for those times when you invite guests to stay with you at your second home in Mexico at Villa La Estancia. That is, your renters will be your responsibility during their time at your Villa La Estancia property, required to respect the CC&R’s, Bylaws and Rules & Regulations. You will also need to provide details of your renters for registration, advising Villa La Estancias of their arrival and departure dates.

Renting your Villa La Estancia residence is a great way to cover your maintenance fees when you are not able to use your property as well as make some income when you property might otherwise be left idle. Just like any real estate purchase, you can make your property work for you, suiting your needs.

FAQ. Who is fractional ownership really for?

There is no standard “type” of person who would best benefit from fractional ownership; in fact, fractional properties can suit all kinds of people, from all walks of life, tastes, budgets and vacation preferences. However, there are some key benefits that might suit your particular circumstances more than others.

Fractional property investment is a type of vacation real estate ownership that is ideal if you want to enjoy the advantages of owning a really impressive second home, which is typically of more value than you would be able to afford if you were to buy it on your own. That is, you can buy something really luxurious that would be out of your price range if you were to buy full ownership. Many of us, when we buy second homes, can’t justify spending so much money on a property that we will only use a few weeks every year, and fractional ownership offers a solution to this dilemma.

Fractional real estate ownership means that you buy a fraction of a property’s worth for use during a set period. These dates may or may not change each year, depending on the scheme. For fractional real estate ownership at Villa La Estancia Residences, these periods are 1/8 (6 weeks) or 1/4 (13 weeks) which rotate each year so that you can enjoy different seasons each time you visit your property. Therefore, fractional ownership suits people who do not wish to live permanently in their second home, but who might visit for short or long periods each year.

Fractional properties are also best suited for those people who do not wish to have to worry about their property when they are not using it. Fractional real estate properties like Villa La Estancia Residences come complete with management services and maintenance, secure within an exclusive gated community. Everything is organized for you so that you simply arrive during your scheduled time to enjoy your property.

Most fractional owners are frequent visitors to the resort area, having fallen in love with the destination, but who are not ready to make the leap to move there permanently. These buyers are looking for something to call their own, to share with friends and family, wanting to buy a specific upscale vacation property, not vacation time, but without the responsibilities and costs associated with a wholly owned home.

The great thing about fractional ownership is that it offers a convenient compromise between full ownership real estate and timeshare, where you take a luxurious step on the ladder of second home ownership.

Villa La Estancia Residences fractional ownership

FAQ: As a fractional interest owner, will I have exclusive use of the property?

Yes, the property where you have purchased your fraction will be for your exclusive use during the allotted time stipulated on your purchase contract. You will not find anyone else staying in your residence during your time, unless you have decided to rent your property privately or have asked the administration team to coordinate the rental of your residence.

The housekeepers will ensure that your residence is completely clean and ready for your arrival and you can arrive at any time during your scheduled time. It is your home to come and go as you choose. Some owners arrive for extended weekends only and skip the weekdays, or stay the whole time; the choice is yours.

Your property will be ready whenever you decide to come during your allotted time and you will be able to leave your things at the property throughout your scheduled time; although you will be asked to removed all your belongings when your fraction is over for the year. Our concierge can help you organize storage options, should you require.

As a fractional owner of a residence at Villa La Estancia, you will also have unlimited access to the resort facilities and restaurants, including the pools, gym, spa wet areas and beach. You may also use the facilities and restaurants at Villa del Palmar Flamingos.

Fractional Vacation Ownership at Villa La Estancia Residences Riviera Nayarit

FAQ: How do I know my fractional vacation schedule for use?

One of the benefits of owning a fractional vacation property is that you can plan your vacations years in advance, knowing when and where you will be enjoying your vacations. You will know exactly when you can use your property according to a rotating schedule for users which is updated every year and shows at least the next 5 years of your potential usage. No one will be in your property during your allotted time (unless you offer you time up for private rentals), so you can turn up last minute if you wish.

The great benefit of fractional vacation ownership is that you own a particular amount of allotted time for life – you don’t need to make a reservation, you don’t need to book in advance and you don’t need to fight for your dates. Depending on the fraction that you have purchased, you will be able to use that time every year, for the rest of your life, leaving your fraction as part of your estate to be inherited.

Fractional Vacation Ownership at Villa La Estancia Residences Riviera Nayarit

In the case of Villa La Estancia, the fractional vacations you can purchase are 1/8 (6 weeks) or 1/4 (13 weeks), as well as full ownership. Although the fractional blocks rotate, you will be able to plan ahead using the fixed schedule. In all of these cases, you can turn up any time during your allotted time, just giving us warning that you are on your way to make sure everything is in place for you.

Fractional vacation ownership also offers you the chance to swap internally with other owners, if there are specific dates when you wish to be able to use your fraction, although these exchanges are not guaranteed and subject to availability and willingness of other owners.