Home Insurance in Mexico

Finding the right home insurance in a country that is not your home country can be a real trial, but if you’re looking for home insurance in Mexico we can help you; this great article by Mexperience has been handily summarized below for you.

Home Insurance in Mexico

Depending upon your needs, budget, and circumstances you can partially or fully insure your property and contents at a reasonable price in Mexico. The premium costs will depend on many factors including the age, value, and type of property you own as well as the location it sits in and the events you want coverage for.

All Risks or Named Perils Home Insurance

Some policies offer “all risks” cover which is essentially a form of comprehensive coverage, and it will ensure a pay-out for most of the incidents that might damage your home. Some of the better policies will offer you the option to cover for catastrophic incidents like wind, fire, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and earthquakes though, some Mexican insurers are unable to underwrite these events.

If you wish to lower your premiums you can elect to limit the number of “Named Perils” assigned to your policy instead of opting for an “all risks coverage” policy. This will cover you for the names perils but no other events. Cheaper insurance policies will generally be of this kinds even if they seem to cover all risks. A good broker should make a clear distinction between the two options and note the differences in cover and cost.

Property Coverage

Your policy should definitely cover the main structure of your home, but you may also choose to cover guesthouses, carports, garages, games rooms, cabañas, equipment rooms, studios, etc, as some Mexican homes are composed of more than one structure. The general rule in insurance is that if its directly connected it’s treated as one building. Structures considered high risk like wood framed buildings and palapa roofed structures tend to be explicitly excluded from all policies. Expect to pay a high premium to insure these.

Personal Items

A good policy will cover personal goods and chattels owned by you, your guests, and any domestic employees while they are in your residence, and some also have coverage for valuables like jewellery, fine arts, and money (up to a limit). Theft coverage varied and is dependent upon whether or not it is specifically listed.

Third Party Liability Home Insurance in Mexico

This is something to consider as such policies will cover your personal liabilities to third parties in order to provide protection from lawsuits and demands presented against you in Mexico. A good example is this; if a wall falls down and injures someone nearby, or a tree from your garden topples and damages a neighbor’s home your insurance policy will, if you sign up for this, cover your liability in such circumstances.

Loss of Income or use

When you rely on your property for work or rental income any damage to it can be really catastrophic. This is why, in such cases, it is smart to cover yourself for loss of use or rental income; such cover provides additional living expenses and makes up for lost income (if you can prove a rental contract exists) while your home is repaired. Most basic homeowner policies will exclude homes that are rented out, or will add a hefty supplement to the policy premium in order to add renter liability to your coverage, but it’s still worth considering.

Reference: Mexperience.com

Homeowners’ Guide to Shopping on Banderas Bay

When you live on Banderas Bay, there are so many wonderful stores, malls, markets, fashion boutiques, galleries, jewellery shops, candy stores and farmer’s markets that you will be spoiled for choice.

Here is a quick homeowners’ Guide to Shopping on Banderas Bay

The Malecon

On offer along the “malecon”, Puerto Vallarta’s Boardwalk, are numerous opportunities for shopping. These include souvenirs, tequila, jewellery and beachwear along with many handicraft shops to buy last minute trinkets. Or you can always just sit and enjoy an ice cream!

Basilio Badillo, Puerto Vallarta

Basilio Badillo is famed for its Friday Night Shuffle, which takes place on Fridays during the high season from November to May and offers free drinks and live music outside of some of its stores. Basilio Badillo is well known for those seeking local designer fashion (resort and swimwear), jewellery and house linen items (bedding and soap).

Isla Rio Cuale, Puerto Vallarta

The Isla Rio Cuale is an open air shopping environment surrounded by beautiful plants and enormous trees. It is a great tourist shopping spot selling trinkets, handicrafts and specialty artisan items.

Galerias Vallarta

The great mall, Galerias Vallarta has something for everyone. With its Casino, Liverpool luxury department store, movie theatre, food fair, kids area, and so many beautiful boutiques to choose from.

Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta

This is a fairly small mall but is great to serve the residents of Nuevo Vallarta’s hotel zone, with stores, restaurants and more. Very convenient for Villa La Estancia Residents.


In both Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias, seasonal Artwalks are held and if you have a passion for the art business, there are opportunities to purchase art and enjoy meeting like minded people as you drink a glass or two of wine provided by some galleries.

Farmers’ Markets

    During the high season in winter and on a weekly basis Farmer’s markets are held in and around Puerto Vallarta. Locations are as follows:

  • Old Town PV
  • Marina Vallarta
  • Bucerias
  • Nuevo Vallarta
  • Sayulita
  • La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

La Isla shopping Mall

During 2017, a new mall, destined to become a shopper’s heaven, will be opened in the hotel zone in Puerto Vallarta. It will be called La Isla shopping Mall.

Can Foreigners get a Mortgage in Mexico?

Mexico is a growing market for long-term mortgage loans and is in its relative infancy when compared to the USA, Canada and Europe. As such, there is a great potential for financing sources, although interest rates are high when compared to fully developed nations. However, whether or not you, as a foreigner, are eligible for a Mexican mortgage depends on a number of factors, as will be discussed herein.

Mortgages in Mexico

The mortgage industry in Mexico is blossoming but remains well behind the leading world economies. Loans are now readily available for Mexican nationals in pesos with an average fixed rate of 10-12% per annum, which is much higher than the USA, Canada or Europe, but is nevertheless accessible. Mortgages can also be offered for up to 90% of the property value meaning that with just 10% deposit plus fees (which usually amount to around 5%), you can purchase a home to be repaid over 20-25 years.

Can foreigners get a Mortgage in Mexico?

It is not so easy for foreigners to get a Mortgage in Mexico, although not impossible. Foreigners who have permanent residency in Mexico, particularly those who are employed by a company in Mexico and pay Mexican taxes, will find there are a number of banks who will lend to foreigners. Likewise, permanent residents who can prove regular foreign income may also be eligible for a mortgage in Mexico.

Other options include private developer financing, which is sometimes available on new builds, or to negotiate an agreement with the seller to pay back the value of the property over a period of time. These types of mortgage loans tend to be short term loans and usually require a large deposit, which could be as much as 50%. Private loans are also a possibility but will face much high interest rates and risks.

    Minimum Requirements for a Mortgage in Mexico

  • 6 months of statements from a Mexican bank.
  • 6 months of bank statements from your foreign bank or 6 months of payslips from legitimate employment in Mexico.
  • Temporary or permanent residency.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • RFC Tax Number.
  • Medical certificate to prove eligibility for life insurance.
  • Good credit rating in Mexico or a good credit report issued from an authorized foreign credit service.
  • Proof of address.

Developer financing with Villa La Estancia Real Estate

Developer financing is available for a limited time only for those who wish to purchase a property at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas. Developer financing is available over 10 years and depends on 25% deposit, fees and eligibility.

Cabo Activities Swimming with Dolphins

Cabo Activities: Swimming with Dolphins

Have you ever wanted to swim with, learn about, or train dolphins? If so Los Cabos might be the very best vacation destination for you; here you can make your dreams a reality by visiting one of the many dolphin centers in and around Cabo San Lucas.

Swimming with Dolphins in Los Cabos

There are a huge number of reputable companies which offer dolphin experiences all over Los Cabos, and they offer a huge selection of programs and activities which cater to all kinds of people. Many programs will allow for direct interaction with Pacific bottlenose dolphins, which is a truly unforgettable experience.

Here are our absolute favorite programs which allow you to get to know these magical and magnificent creatures on a more personal level in Los Cabos:

Swim and Ride Experience

This is without a doubt the most popular family program in Los Cabos, and it’s easy to see why! After a short introduction to the physiology and anatomy of the dolphin you’ll be told about their distinctive traits, and then you will enter the water with them. Once in the water you can hug, kiss, and play with your dolphin before taking a belly ride around the pool with them. This will leave you with memories which will last a lifetime.

Dolphin Kids

This is a dolphin program which was designed for kids aged 4 to 9, and it is really something. The playful nature of kids and dolphins alike make a perfect match. This program allows the kids to play, interact, and learn about the dolphins before taking a ride around the pool with them. Few kids will not be delighted by this experience.

Dolphin Encounter

The dolphin encounter is perfect for those who love dolphins, but who don’t want to get into the water. You’ll get to feed them, stroke them, and use newly learned hand-signals after a lesson in dolphin anatomy and physiology. This is the perfect experience for anyone who loves animals.

Trainer For a Day

For those who have always dreamed of working alongside marine wildlife, or who want to be dolphin trainers this is the perfect activity as you don’t just experience the center as a guest, but actually join the team for a day. You’ll get to rub shoulders with expert trainers while you feed and care for these gorgeous creatures. Prepare to have your heart stolen!

Dolphin experiences in Los Cabos are the very best vacation activities to enjoy.