Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurant Week 2017 On the Horizon

Well, it’s official; Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurant Week 2017 is on the horizon once more, this May from the 15th to 31st, and is set to be an amazing culinary feast (as it usually is) involving many of the leading lights of cuisine in the city! This food-driven event is conducted in the style similar to London and New York restaurant weeks, and has been running since 2005!

Culinary Tourism

Since its advent, Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week has grown in popularity and scope year on year, and is now one of the finest events in Puerto Vallarta to draw culinary tourism. In fact it attracts thousands of people each year, which is no doubt one of the reasons as to why so many of the best restaurants in the city habitually take part.

Locals and Tourists Love Restaurant Week in Puerto Vallarta

For restaurateurs this event is a chance to widen their consumer base, gain acclaim, and showcase the very best of what they have to offer, but for locals and tourists alike it is a chance to kick back and experience the best the city has to offer in terms of cuisine. Better still Restaurant Week allows diners to sample the best restaurants in the city at discounted prices.

How it works

In order to participate in Restaurant Week each establishment must offer a three course menu, with three options for each course, charging one of two set prices. This chance to enjoy the perfect meal at a lower cost is just one of the reasons that locals and international tourists from across the world wait anxiously for Restaurant Week each year!

Make sure you visit your home away from home this May and see what all the fuss is about!

For more information visit the official site of the event here.

Checklist for Relocating to Mexico

Relocating to Mexico, or to anywhere in the world for that matter, is an exciting yet complex step. You will find there are many things you need to organize on both sides of your move to make sure that everything runs smoothly while relocating to Mexico.

There are dozens of reasons for relocating to Mexico: great opportunities, adventure, fantastic weather, the chance to expand your linguistic and cultural horizons, and, of course, the delicious food. But, now that you’ve decided to make the move… do you know how to go about making it happen smoothly? With so many things to do, so much to consider before relocating to Mexico it can be very overwhelming. Here are some of the most essential things to consider when you’re making this big move to Mexico.

Do you have all your documents in check?

It’s so key that you make sure that you, and everyone in your family relocating to Mexico with you, have a current passport, and that you have applied for all the appropriate visas to live and work in Mexico. If you need to, you should contact your local Mexican consulate for any of the forms you will need to complete, and to pay any fees that are required. You should also gather together any important documents you wish to take: birth certificate, marriage certificates, and diplomas should be gathered up and kept safe. You may wish to have them all apostilled before relocating to Mexico.

Have you made a list of what to take?

Not everyone is a “list person” but when relocating to Mexico a list will come in handy to help you decide what to take with your. What items you will take with your to Mexico really depends on you as a person, and your personal circumstances. If you don’t see relocating to Mexico as a permanent or long-term move you might wish to leave some of the larger items (furnishings etc) behind in storage and take only the essentials (like clothes) with you. After all you will find plenty of furnished rentals for grabs in Mexico, and you can always purchase some items when you get there. If you do leave your larger items in storage you can always have them sent at a later date when you’ve settled in. On the other hand, if you’re sure that this is it you may want to get it all over with in one go, and as such a professional moving company which specializes in long-distances should be your priority.

Do you want to take your car with you to Mexico?

If you live in the Americas already and have a vehicle you’re in a good position of being able to bring your car with you if you wish to. You should think about whether you wish to sell, store, or bring your car, and this, once again, will depend really on you and how permanent you see your move being. If you intend to drive to your destination with some of your belongings you should make sure that your car is serviced and in top condition before taking such a long journey. You will also need to apply for a special permit for your car, which is only valid while you are in the country as long as you current visa is valid.

How will you arrive?

If you cannot drive or do not wish to, then flying will be the quickest way when relocating to Mexico, although you may find you are paying high fees for your excess baggage.

Where will you live when you first arrive?

Firstly, you’ll need to deal with your current housing. This means giving notice that you’re leaving if you’re in rented accommodation, or deciding what to do with your home (if you own it). For homeowners there is always the option of renting your house out to secure extra income, but you can also sell it or leave it vacant. As soon as you know when you’ll be moving you should begin to look for accommodation in your destination. Renting is perhaps the best option when first relocating to Mexico so that you can get to know the areas where you may wish to purchase real estate once you are settled.

What do you have planned for your children?

If you’re bringing kids on this move you’ll definitely want to look into the best schools, maybe even private schools, and plan some time to tour a few when you arrive so that you can decide which best fits your family. Before relocating to Mexico, you will need to arrange for their last day of school (if its mid-term), and pick up their academic transcripts/report cards. Make sure you know what official paperwork you will need.

Deciding whether to bring your pets

Taking your beloved family pet is less hassle than you might think; you really only need to ensure they have the necessary shots and a certificate from a licensed vet. Some more unusual animals may require permits, however, so look into that before relocating to Mexico with your pet tarantula.

Are all your finances in order?

You should first of all find out if any of the banks in Mexico are affiliated with your own bank; this can help you to avoid ATM fees at their machines. You might also consider simplifying your finances by closing bank and savings accounts, and culling unnecessary credit cards. Make sure you have online accounts for all your banking needs and any gadgets that you need for logging in securely while living in Mexico.

Have you tie up all loose ends?

Make sure all pending bills are paid, and that your memberships, subscriptions, and unneeded services are cancelled before you leave for Mexico.

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How to Entertain Your Children in Cabo

While you might first think of Cabo San Lucas as the perfect spot for romance and nightlife, you will probably be surprised to hear that it is also a great place to bring up a family or visit with the children for a vacation. The reason Cabo is considered a hotspot for the families is because of the numerous outdoor activities designed with children in mind that you can enjoy. The following list contains just a few ideas of how to entertain your children in Cabo:

Cabo Karting Center

Your family is going to love the excitement of this competitive activity. If your children are at least 4’6” tall, they can participate in the multi-lap race that goes around the quarter mile track in Cabo. Younger children who are shorter than the minimum required height can enjoy the excitement of the various video games there or watch from the sidelines. So, get your engines revved up for an exciting and competitive adventure the whole family will love again and again!

Cuadra San Francisco Equestrian Center

This best-kept wonder in Cabo San Lucas features an equestrian center that is run by a father-and-son team of highly experienced horsemen. There are plenty of horse-riding activities for your family to participate in —from trail rides to scheduled riding lessons. The saddles are sized according to the type of horse ridden (full sized horses for adults or ponies for children) so all family members can ride comfortably. This activity is sure to be a favorite of the whole family.

Cabo Dolphins for your vacation in Cabo

Children of all ages are going to love the enchantment of swimming with dolphins. Younger children can enjoy swimming and watching the dolphins in the shallow part of the pool while the older children can go for a dolphin ride by holding onto the fins of the dolphin as this lovely creature makes its round in the pool. This activity is sure to be a favorite for children of all ages.

High Tide Sea Expeditions

Your children will love being taught surfing lessons by Mexico’s former national surfing champion! Other activities in this area include kayaking to the Arch (el Arco) at Land’s End or going snorkeling and sunbathing at Divorce and Lover’s Beaches.

Cabo Expeditions

Many adventures in Cabo are eco-themed and are sure to keep your family entertained while vacationing or living in Cabo. Get your family involved in activities such as snorkeling trips to Santa Maria and Chileno Bays, Snuba (a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving), day trips to Isla Espiritu, seasonal whale watching or a swim with the whales, parasailing, and other activities.

Cabo Submarine

You can easily seat 50 people on this 60’ yellow semi-submersible submarine as you set your eyes on the variety of marine creatures in Cabo San Lucas Bay. Your children are going to love this one-hour tour identifying up to 70 kinds of fish in the underwater viewing cabin. You will also enjoy seeing rock formations like Neptune’s Finger and el Arco while enjoying the climate-controlled environment and colorful creatures.

Wild Canyon Adventures

Older children will love this action-filled adventure because they get a chance to spark their adrenaline by going bungee jumping, off-road racing, zip-lining, and sling swinging. The younger children will enjoy the petting zoo and camel rides at Wild Canyon.

Discover more activities to enjoy in Cabo here!

Puerto Vallarta’s Local Art Galleries

The picturesque Mexican seaside town of Puerto Vallarta just 30 minutes from Villa La Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta is a location brimming with art galleries, public sculptures and street art. Each of the numerous art galleries in Puerto Vallarta has a very distinct line of work, displaying art from artists that come from all parts of the world. You will find a wide variety of sculptures, ceramic artwork and paintings in these galleries at reasonable prices for you to decorate your vacation home or choose as gifts for special occasions.

Puerto Vallarta’s Local Art Galleries and the ArtWalk

There’s something for all kinds of art lovers in Puerto Vallarta, from serious collectors to the casual browser to the home decorator, while the weekly Art Walk is a fantastic seasonal event that will introduce you to the Puerto Vallarta gallery scene and local artists. The following list provides you with some useful information about the top galleries in Puerto Vallarta and how to make the most of the weekly ArtWalk

Puerto Vallarta’s ArtWalk

The downtown area of Puerto Vallarta comes alive each Wednesday evening when the seasonal ArtWalk is up and running from October through May. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy the weekly activity which involves many of the top Puerto Vallarta galleries opening up in the evening throughout the Centro Historico area, offering a glass of wine and a chance to meet local artists. The ArtWalk provides a great opportunity for mingling and sharing one’s appreciation of art.

Galeria Uno

The first to open in Puerto Vallarta, this art gallery carries a host of artwork created in various styles and mediums. You can expect to find abstract sculptures and modern paintings among a host of colorful exhibits.

Omar Alonzo

The chic look of this gallery is the perfect setting for the ultra-contemporary exhibits held here. This gallery specializes in sculptures, paintings and photographs, and is one of the most professional galleries in Puerto Vallarta.

Peyote People

Your can expect the most unique indigenous artwork to be found in this Mexican art gallery that pays homage to the crafts and artwork carried out by local indigenous artists. Here you will find stunning beaded artwork, yarn “paintings”, statues, Oaxacan wood carvings and traditional artworks crafted in tin.


Short for Office for Cultural Products (or Oficina de Proyectos Culturales), the OPC gallery functions as a nonprofit organization geared towards promoting the unique talent of Puerto Vallarta’s very own contemporary artists and providing a platform for discussions about art and educational programs.

Ro’Wo Gallery

This colorful art gallery contains remarkable work done by Mexican artisans: furniture, fashion items, jewelry, home accessories and novelty gifts.

There is so much to see when it comes to the various art styles and mediums found in Puerto Vallarta’s art galleries. There is always something to catch your eye.

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Relocation to Mexico – Coping with Missing your Family

While deep down you know that moving to Mexico is going to be an ideal change for you, your first months or year will require you to adjust to such things as missing your friends and family from your home country. For some people, relocation to Mexico means leaving behind elderly parents and grown up children, while for others, a sense of homesickness is created just by the simple fact of not being in your home country. Here are some tips for coping with missing your family upon relocation to Mexico.

Relocate to destinations in Mexico that have direct flights to your home city

Where possible, a great tip is to choose where you are going to live wisely. Relocation to a city in Mexico that is served by direct flights or budget airlines will help you bridge the distance between your new life and your home town. Your relatives and friends will find it easy to give you a visit and you will be able to get home quickly in an emergency.

Take advantage of Mexico’s Lower costs of Living

You will be happy to hear that life in Mexico is less expensive than in many other countries, particularly when you compare the USA and Canada. Not only will this be a great bargaining tool to encourage your friends and family to come and visit you but also allows you to make savings. A great tip is to save money for regular flights home or even to pay for members of your family to come and visit you; that way coping with missing your family after relocation to Mexico will be less.

Choose a place for relocation where the sun shines

Mexico is the ideal place to escape the uncomfortable winter climates of North America, which will encourage your friends and family to come and visit.

Purchase or rent somewhere with rooms to accommodate guests

Finding a place where there are plenty of rooms and bathrooms for your guests is another way to ensure that visitors will want to visit you in Mexico. People are more likely to feel comfortable staying with you if they know that your home is tailored for having guests. Likewise, homes with easy access to amenities like swimming pools, restaurants, stores etc will give your guests freedom so they are not dependent on you, which will encourage them to visit more regularly.

Call Family and Friends Regularly

Setting a regular schedule to get in touch with your closest friends and family will help you cope with homesickness. Find a schedule that fits well with you. That might mean every few days, once a week, once a month, or every time there is a holiday; the key is to make it regular. Having a routine with regards to communicating with your dear ones is better than realizing that a whole year has gone by.

Use Technology to Get in Touch

Your internet connection and gadgets such as webcams make communication easier and faster. Use free services such as FaceTime and Skype so that you can even have a face-to-face connection with your closest back home. With the abundance of technology and internet access we have now, there is no excuse not to get in touch regularly. Before your relocation to Mexico, make sure you get someone to show you how to use this technology so that it is easy for you to stay in touch.

Create a New Social Circle

The best way to fight homesickness upon relocation to Mexico is to have a new set of friends and acquaintances. Be as sociable as possible if you really want to find new friends. You can join dance classes, yoga, take Spanish lessons, and other activities that will help you widen your circle of friends within your community. Your new acquaintances might be Mexicans, expats or both.