What are the Benefits of Fractional Ownership?

Have you heard of fractional ownership? Fractional ownership is when multiple owners or partners share ownership of a piece of real estate. That way, the various owners can enjoy spending time at their vacation home at different times throughout the year.

In general, most fractional real estate properties are divided into fractions of 1/4 (13 weeks) or 1/8 (6 weeks). If you’re looking to invest in a vacation home at the beach in Mexico, Villa La Estancia is a top choice.

We are proud of our solidly constructed hotel-condo concept property with 2 locations in the country’s top destinations including Nuevo Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas. Beachfront residences are spacious, elegant, and finely furnished. Plus, our homeowners enjoy access to world class resort amenities and services, too.

If you want a maintenance-free dream home at the beach in Mexico, keep reading more below about the benefits of fractional ownership.

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How Did Fractional Ownership Start?

If you’re wondering how fractional ownership began, it actually originated with a concept more than 30 years ago in the 1990’s when shared ownership of private jets became popular.

Later, the same thing happened with yachts, and then luxury vacation homes like Villa La Estancia. While the share ownership concept isn’t new, the term “fractional ownership” is fairly recent.

Read some reviews from current owners.

If you think about it, people have been pooling their resources for years in order to afford a second home that they share. Unlike a timeshare, a fractional ownership homeowner owns titled real estate for a particular property as opposed to units of time or points.

Also, as the property appreciates in value, so does each individually deeded fraction. Likewise, fractional homeowners can sell their fraction whenever they choose unlike a timeshare which cannot be canceled.

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How to Schedule Time?

As a fractional home owner, you will receive a usage schedule at the time of purchase. This schedule will allow you to plan vacation time in advance in order to know exactly when you will vacation at your property.

During your allocated vacation time, you will have exclusive use of the property. In the meantime, the onsite housekeeping staff clean the property thoroughly in preparation for the arrival of each owner.

Fractional ownership is ideal for people who want the same benefits of full ownership of a vacation home that also comes with amenities and security, too.

In general, fractional owners are able to purchase a property that is more luxurious than they may be able to otherwise. Most fractional owners love that they own an upscale vacation property that has many benefits of full ownership, without the responsibilities, maintenance, and upkeep costs associated with a wholly owned second home.

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Is Fractional Ownership like a Timeshare?

It’s important to note that fractional ownership is similar to a timeshare, but they have their significant differences. While both options offer people a chance to enjoy luxurious accommodations and services, timeshare ownership usually offers a right-to-use of an individual room or suite within a major multi-unit complex.

That way, timeshare owners do not usually stay in the same unit during their vacations. Instead, they have invested in a“floating floor plan” within the resort and not a specific unit.

On the contrary, fractional owners at Villa La Estancia will receive the deeds to their specific villa. That means you own titled real estate which is yours for life and will get to return back home to the same vacation home that you will grow to love more and more.

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Right now, we have a limited number of luxurious beachfront residences available for purchase.

Villa La Estancia homeowners really adore the onsite world class amenities, services, delicious restaurants, spa, security, front desk concierge, and more.

Ask to see if you’re eligible to participate in our unique Try and Buy Program as well which is designed to help prospective homeowners decide whether they want to buy a vacation home at Villa La Estancia.

Contact us today to schedule a property tour… Your dream second home in Mexico is waiting for you!

Presidential Ocean View Suite at Villa la Estancia Cabo

Reasons to Buy a Beach House in Mexico

While New Year’s celebrations have ended, many people are now focusing on their goals. What goals are you trying to achieve this year? Hera are the Reasons to Buy a Beach House in Mexico.

A beachfront home is great for people that want to be near the ocean. Usually, beachfront homeowners have a better quality of life because of many perks that come from having easy access to the water. Plus, it is impossible to get tired of seeing beautiful ocean views from your home.

If you want a low-maintenance home at the beach, check out Villa La Estancia.

We have two locations in top destinations including Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit. Our beachfront residences are solidly constructed and homeowners enjoy access to resort amenities and services, too.

Meanwhile, keep reading below to learn why you should purchase a beachfront home in 2023.

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Why Should Buy a Beachfront Home in 2023

To start with, there are many different reasons why people want to purchase a beachfront home this year. Just living near the ocean waters brings a lot of peace and magic into your life. For example, it’s a delight for your senses to smell the salty ocean water breezes and see the spectacular ocean views.

Likewise, studies have reported that many people prefer an ocean view over other scenery. In Cabo San Lucas, Villa La Estancia homeowners love the Sea of Cortez waters. In Riviera Nayarit, homeowners enjoy views of Banderas Bay which is the largest bay in Mexico.

In general, people that live by the beach enjoy better air quality as well. Also, people that live by the ocean are more active because they can easily go for:

  • Swim
  • A jog
  • Paddleboarding
  • Stroll along the shore at sunset

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Beachfront Homes Information

Next, many people around the world decide to purchase a beachfront home in Mexico for various reasons. One of the main reasons why people love owning property in Mexico is due to the excellent climate.

For example, the weather in coastal towns like Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit are usually warm and sunny throughout the year. Plus, Mexico has an amazing culture, delicious cuisine, and friendly residents.

In Mexico, the beachfront homes tend to be more affordable than they are for similar types of property in the USA or Canada. Wondering what most people look for in a vacation home at the beach?

  • Nice outdoor area with plenty of space for dining
  • A space to hang a hammock
  • Outdoor seating area to spend time with family and friends

Buying a Beachfront Home Perks

Lastly, another great reason to invest in a beachfront home is that it nearly always brings in a higher return on your investment. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to have a beautiful beachfront home to spend quality time with your family and friends?

In addition, beachfront homeowners sleep better and coastal living can even eliminate depression, too.

Also, if you decide to rent out the home when you are not using it, you will have a reliable source of additional income as well.

Beachfront homes are always in high demand, so if you decide to sell your beachfront home later on, you can do so and likely make a big profit. If you ever decide to sell your beachfront home, then you will almost certainly get a higher value than what you paid.

As you can see, there are many benefits that will come if you purchase a beachfront home in 2023. If you don’t know where to start looking for a beachfront home in Mexico, then checkout Villa La Estancia.

We are proud to be one of Mexico’s top real estate investments with luxurious beachfront residences in 2 popular destinations in Mexico.

Currently, Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit is located in a quiet neighborhood of Nuevo Nayarit, which is only ten minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport. In addition, we also have residences for sale at Villa La Estancia Cabo San Lucas.

At each property, Villa La Estancia beachfront residences are spacious, elegant, and solidly constructed. Plus, homeowners enjoy premier access to resort quality amenities and services that makes every day feel like a dream. Contact us today to learn more. Your dream beach home in Mexico is only missing you!

Where to Find the Best Vegetarian Food in Banderas Bay

Puerto Vallarta is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, and it is located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast in Banderas Bay.

Currently, the weather is wonderful as the days are sunny and warm and the evenings are cool. In addition, the majestic humpback whales have arrived in Banderas Bay too where they will be mating and birthing their young.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, then you can do:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Paddleboarding
  • Snorkeling
  • Hiking
  • Biking

There are plenty of excellent restaurants and bars in Banderas Bay, too. If you are vegan or vegetarian or just prefer to eat healthy foods, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants in the area.

Keep reading below to learn where to find the best vegetarian foods in Banderas Bay.

veggitalia puerto vallarta


To start with, Veggitalia is just a couple of blocks from the Malecon boardwalk in the Centro area of Puerto Vallarta.

Veggitalia is a cute and cozy restaurant with an open air feel and interesting art on the walls. They are open Monday to Saturday from 1:00pm to 11:00pm. They have delicious Italian dishes and pizzas that are vegan or vegetarian.

They don’t have a regular menu, and the chef prepares a daily menu depending on the fresh ingredients that are available.

Ixi’im Vegano 

Next, Ixi’im Vegano is another one of the top restaurants in Banderas Bay that is just north of Puerto Vallarta in the charming coastal town of Bucerias. Ixi’im Vegano is open for breakfast and lunch and closes around 7:00pm.

Their kombucha or a green juice is the perfect way to start your day. They also have delicious vegetarian enchiladas, tacos, enfrijoladas, mex bowls, salsas, and more. They have large portion sizes, and all the foods are delicious and healthy; Click to see the menu.

elixir spot puerto vallarta

Elixir Spot

Thirdly, the Elixir Spot is located in the Emiliano Zapata area in Puerto Vallarta, and they are open Monday to Saturday from 9:30am to 5:30pm.

The Elixir Spot is a cute café and juice bar that specializes in healthy shots, smoothie bowls, kombucha, tacos, toasts, and juices. They have a menu for evening hours along with main course options.

The Tropical Acai and the Cacao Dream are a couple popular items to try, and they have blueberries, bananas, granola, peanut butter, and chocolate nibs to create a mouthwatering blend that has won rave reviews from visitors. 

vegan restaurants puerto vallarta

The Green Place

Next, the Green Place is another excellent restaurant for vegans and vegetarians. The Green Place is located in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood, and they are open Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 9:30pm.

They have a vegan menu and an inviting atmosphere. Popular menu choices include salads, sandwiches, and burgers. They also make healthy smoothies and fresh coffee daily, too.

planeta vegetariano puerto vallarta

Planeta Vegetariano

Last but not least, Planeta Vegetariano is open Monday and Tuesday at 8:00am -10:00pm and Friday and Saturday from 8:00am – 10:00pm.

They have an all-day buffet that has a salad bar, raw foods, hot food items, and fresh daily soup. They also make fresh juices, too. They display local artwork on the walls that you can purchase as well.

vegan puerto vallarta

You can see that if you are vegan, vegetarian or just eating healthy,  you can find plenty of places to eat in Banderas Bay. Make sure you try to go to all the restaurants above on your next vacation, then let us know below the ones that were your favorite.

If you are wondering where to stay, check out the Villa La Estancia in Nuevo Nayarit. Our hotel-condo concept property is located on one of the best beaches in Banderas Bay that is about 15 minutes from the PVR airport.

We have spacious beachfront residences, world class amenities, and VIP services.

Currently, we have special deals available for all-inclusive travel packages. In addition to our resort deals, we also have a limited number of beachfront residences for sale if you’re in the market for a dream vacation home at the beach. Contact us today to book your stay! 

Surprise Your Sweetheart with a Valentine’s Day Vacation to Mexico

Are you interested in surprising your partner with a Valentine’s Day romantic getaway to Mexico this year? If you are, then Puerto Vallarta is an excellent vacation spot that is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in Banderas Bay. Puerto Vallarta has that small town charm along with the modern conveniences that we all want and need.

Banderas Bay is also home to stunning natural beauty of the Sierra Madre lush jungle greenery that meets the coastline. As far as where to stay, many travelers enjoy staying in Nuevo Nayarit which is just 10 minutes north of the PVR airport. Villa La Estancia is an award winning resort that has top amenities and services, too.

We also have a limited number of beachfront residences for purchase, too. Meanwhile, keep reading below if you want to surprise your sweetheart with a Valentine’s Day vacation to Mexico.

villa la estancia real estate nuevo vallarta

Marigalante Pirate Ship Tour

For starters, a fun and exciting way to spend time with your sweetheart is by booking your tour on the Marigalante Pirate Ship Tour in Puerto Vallarta. This has been one of the most popular tours in PV for many years. You and you and your sweetheart will have an unforgettable experience as you cruise through Banderas Bay on a 17th century pirate ship replica of the Santa Maria ship that Christopher Columbus sailed on to America.

The Marigalante Pirate Ship Tour is an award-winning tour where you and your sweetheart will enjoy dancing, singing, acrobatic fighting, live cannon fire, and a beautiful fireworks show on the evening tours. You will have your very own pirate waiter, and you can enjoy unlimited beer or cocktails along with a delicious gourmet meal, too. It’s guaranteed to be a Valentine’s Day experience you will never forget!

Surprise Your Sweetheart with a Valentine’s Day Vacation to Mexico

Dinner Cruise Tour on Banderas Bay

Secondly, another wonderful place to spend Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart is on a Dinner Cruise Tour in the largest bay in Mexico, which is Banderas Bay. In case you didn’t know, Puerto Vallarta is well-known for having some of the most beautiful sunsets in the entire world.

Therefore, why not enjoy a romantic dinner cruise with your sweetheart so you can enjoy the sunset along with a great meal? You will get to watch the sunset over the bay in PV. There are several different tour options in Puerto Vallarta, and most of the Dinner Cruise Tours provide a gourmet meal, open premium bar, and live music or a DJ. You and your sweetheart can celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day enjoying stunning views of the city and of Banderas Bay.

Waterfall Hike & Dinner Tour

Lastly, Puerto Vallarta is home to miles of beautiful beaches, but it is also home to natural swimming holes, rivers, and waterfalls, too. If you and your sweetheart enjoy being active, then why not enjoy a waterfall hike and dinner tour on Valentine’s Day?

For instance, you can take a taxicab to Boca de Tomatlan to go on the Las Animas hike that will take you along the coastline, then you will hike past Las Animas until you reach Quimixto where a beautiful waterfall is located.

If you want to stay closer to PV, then you can hike to the Palo Maria waterfall which is just 10 minutes south of downtown PV. You can have a romantic picnic, then enjoy a refreshing swim in the beautiful waterfalls with your sweetheart.

romantic restaurants in puerto vallarta

Did you enjoy reading the Valentine’s Day recommendations? Why not surprise your sweetheart with a Valentine’s Day vacation to Mexico, so you can reconnect? Make sure you book any tours in advance as these tours are very popular and they fill up quickly. Remember, if you’d like to have a comfortable and beautiful place to stay, contact us at Villa La Estancia.

Currently, we have special deals on all-inclusive travel packages to suit your needs. We have spacious beachfront residences, world class amenities, and top services. We also have a limited number of luxurious beachfront residences for purchase, too.

In addition, ask to see if you are eligible to participate in our Try and Buy Program. It’s a great way for prospective homeowners to test out beachfront living before they invest. Contact us today to book your vacation and to learn more about our incredible vacation homes, too.