Nuevo Vallarta A Clean Tourist Destination

Nuevo Vallarta located just 20 minutes North of Puerto Vallarta was recently granted a certificate for being a “Clean Tourism Destination” on May 19th 2016, the first destination in Mexico to receive this award.

FIBBA Compliance

Nuevo Vallarta fulfilled the quality certification thanks to FIBBA’s compliance in the fields of integrated water and waste management and urban infrastructure. Nuevo Vallarta has experienced rapid growth over the past three decades yet has maintained a high quality of urban planning. Its lovely avenues lined with lush well kept foliage along with natural waterways provide a home away from home for foreigners and nationals alike who enjoy a quality of life not found anywhere else in the world.

Clean Tourism Destination

The governor of Nayarit Roberto Sandoval Castañeda proudly received the “Clean Tourism Destination” certification from Rafael Pacchiano Alamán, head of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) making Nuevo Vallarta the first destination in Mexico to receive this title and recognition. Local officials were honored to acknowledge that the municipality of the Bay of Banderas had gone above and beyond the requirements of the law making sure this area is kept impeccable and well planned for future and sustainable growth.

Why is Nuevo Vallarta so popular?

If you have yet to explore Nuevo Vallarta and are considering spending an afternoon or enjoying a vacation in this beautiful area, here are some favorite activities that one can enjoy:

  • Beach Strolling

    Start at Villa La Estancia and walk all the way to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle along the beach. Pass by lovely hotels and enjoy walking on hard packed sand and the sound of soft rolling surf. This is a favorite pastime for locals and vacationers.

  • Boogie or Skim Boarding

    Nuevo Vallarta offers the perfect sets of waves for those learning to boogie board or those who are passionate about the feel of gliding with the wave on a soft or hard board.

  • Ride a Bike

    Nuevo Vallarta is a biker’s paradise for all ages ranging for those using training wheels to the retirees in geriatric care at the San Javier Hospital who truly enjoy the laid back yet quality of life Nuevo Vallarta holds.

  • Walk the marina malecon

    Nuevo Vallarta boasts two marinas where you can enjoy viewing million dollar yachts or getting involved in the local sailboat community or take a sailing class.

Top Advice When Buying Real Estate

Top Advice When Buying Real Estate

If you are considering buying real estate in Mexico here is some advice that might make the process a more comfortable one. The buying procedure is a little bit different than that of the United States and Canada. It is not better or worse, it is just different. A good realtor can make it very easy.

Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful place to enjoy retirement or escape snowy winters part time offering the quality of life North Americans are accustomed to. With numerous benefits like friendly people, cultural and adventure activities, endless beaches, world class medical facilities, 8 golf courses and of course the unparalleled quality of the tropical life. The population of Puerto Vallarta is approximately 350,000 inhabitants and this includes an enormous number of US and Canadians many of them property owners.

If you are thinking of making a move, make sure to get to know and check the references of your realtor or development sales agent and his/her broker or legal representative. Your realtor must be an A.M.P.I member which is the Mexican association of professional realtors. Ask him/her the following questions to get to know who you are dealing with and what their knowledge is:

  • Why did you move to the Bay of Banderas?
  • How long have you been practicing real estate in Mexico?
  • Give me five reasons why I should work with you?
  • Can you provide owner references?
  • Describe your work ethic
  • Do you own property in Mexico?

The latter is a good one. If your sales agent owns property in Puerto Vallarta they surely know the ins and outs of the town, know where to go and know what to do. Whether you choose to buy in Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town, South Shore, Mismaloya, Hotel Zone, you want an expert who can guide you through every square meter of your new neighborhood.

Although buying property in a foreign country may seem tricky it’s not better or worse, it is just different, so be sure to keep an open mind when dealing with paperwork and bureaucracy.

Villa Group Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas

Villa Group Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas

Whether you are staying for a week, a month or a lifetime, Villa Group Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas can offer luxury realty at the beach in one of the most sought after destinations in Mexico. Your dreams can become a reality when you say “yes!” to one of the exclusive Villa Group Real Estate options available to home hunters, snowbirds and property investors alike in Cabo San Lucas.

Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas

Located on one of the most beautiful swimming beaches in Cabo San Lucas, Villa Group’s real estate options at Villa La Estancia Cabo are some of the most luxurious and breathtaking in Mexico. They can offer residences providing privacy in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Baja California. Villa Group’s full and fractional ownership provides both exclusivity and luxury for owners who wish to purchase real estate that is likely to appreciate in value.

Five Star Real Estate in Cabo

Suitable for all budgets and persuasions, Villa Group real estate is dedicated to developing luxury properties at five-star resorts which will appeal to those who like the best things in life. Dependant on what type of property you require, whether a grand penthouse with magnificent views to a sumptuous condo on the beach, Villa Group real estate has an option to cater for all. The Villa Group real estate property listings offer residences for full time ownership for those committed to living in Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta and a selection of limited edition fractional properties for those who wish to stay for shorter periods of time like two or three months.

Fractional Real Estate in Cabo

There are several different ownership options available through the Villa Group. Full time ownership and vacation club membership are popular, but in between these is the Fractional ownership option. This type of ownership of real estate in Cabo means that you share your property with other “partner owners,” with each of you having access to the same unit at different times of the year. Fractional ownership has been around since the early 1990’s, when ownership of private jets, luxury yachts and vacation homes became very popular.

8 week or 12 week intervals, for life are the portions available through Villa Group in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. When purchasing fractional real estate in Cabo or Puerto Vallarta at Villa La Estancia, bear in mind that a great advantage is that you can always use the equity from your fraction later in life if and when you are ready to make Mexico your permanent home location. The equity from Villa Group real estate fractions can be used towards payment of a full ownership property at Villa La Estancia.

Deeded ownership and the flexibility to rent their residence through an in house rental program are enjoyed by full time investors in Villa Group Real Estate. They are also free to rent on their own either short or long term. You will feel like a VIP guest at a 5 star resort but really you can come and go as you like and are able to call the residence your “home”.

villa la estancia real estate promotion

Summer Special – No Maintenance Fees Until 2020

For a limited time only on selected developer inventory, buyers can enjoy free maintenance fees until 2020 and reduced prices when you purchase real estate this summer 2016 at Villa La Estancia Residence in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico.

Live It! Love It! Own it!

Summer 2016 is the perfect time to make your dreams become reality by adding a luxury beach condominium to your real estate inventory. Just imagine making the Riviera Nayarit your home whether permanently, for the winters or for a few weeks each year.

Discounts on Selected Inventory

We have selected inventory available for this special offer, which includes Two and Three Bedroom Villas. Not only will you enjoy the freedom from maintenance dues until 2020 but you can also enjoy reduced prices for a limited time only. As a special bonus, these properties are also eligible for developer financing with only 25% down.

Your Home by the Sea

Make this luxury hideaway your home for less and enjoy the freedom from maintenance fees in the first years of your ownership to help you make the transition to life in paradise. Villa La Estancia Residences in Riviera Nayarit have been designed for those in search of that extra touch of class. This impeccable beachfront real estate opportunity boasts first class personalized service all the way with a chic hacienda-style ambiance and stunning villas for luxury lifestyles.

For more information and to take advantage of this limit time offer, call us today on 1 866 843 7005 or contact us by clicking here .

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Luxury apartments and Condos for Baby Boomers

Luxury apartments and Condos for Baby Boomers

With the oldest baby boomers about to turn 70 years old this year, the majority of these post-war babies are too young-at-heart for retirement villages and still many years away from requiring aged care accommodation. They prefer to downsize from family homes to smaller, luxurious apartments.

Below are some thoughts on what to consider when going through the downsizing process.

The Community

Baby boomers should consider the mix of ages among other residents when choosing the right apartment or condo for luxury downsizing. Some apartment-complexes have a wide range of ages, including young families, while others cater for baby boomer and empty nesters which tend to develop into retirement communities. Many retirees and baby boomers regard community friendliness as an important aspect when choosing the right place to live later in life, and like to have access to local attractions and leisure facilities and be closer to the action than they were before.

Luxury Amenities

To get baby boomers’ attention in today’s highly competitive new apartment market, many health-conscious over-55s clients are looking for onsite gyms, concierge services, underground parking and ground level shops, restaurants and cafes. The inclusion of a pool is also a must for many people, not just baby boomers.


When making your choice of apartment, the older buyers need to make sure that they think the process through and buy in an A-grade location so your home/investment’s value is assured in future years. There are advantages in small boutique apartment complexes, but if there are many onsite features – pools, gyms, communal spaces etc, you will need to assess how much these facilities will cost you and include that in your deliberations.

Facing Old Age and Vulnerabilities

Getting older brings new perspectives on life for some people. They begin to value convenience and realize their vulnerabilities. Ground floor apartments with lovely views in low-rise developments with an elevator become a preference and wheelchair access becomes more of a concern.

    Questions to consider for baby boomers

  • How much are the maintenance costs and how are they budgeted?
  • Is there a long-term maintenance plan for the complex and how has this been budgeted?
  • Are there non-slip surfaces? If so, how much of the home has non-slip surfaces?
  • Are areas suitable for use with walking aids?
  • Are cupboards easily accessed?
  • Is the lighting suitable?
  • Can power outlets be easily reached?
  • Is the bathroom designed well? Can the bath or shower be easily accessed?
  • Is there enough room in the bathroom for a wheelchair?
  • Are the ‘high tech’ features in the apartment including automatic drape opening/closing, security features or remote control of lighting easy to understand and operate?
  • Are there any communal areas (dining/function rooms) that can be booked for entertaining bigger groups?
  • Are there enough storage facilities?
  • Are dogs or cats allowed on the premises? Are there any local council rules?
  • Are there any examples of the developer’s previous projects? Can I speak to any residents?
  • Is access to the benches low enough if I later need a wheelchair?
El Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas

El Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas

A two-mile-long strip and the most beautiful beach in Los Cabos, Medano Beach is the top choice when it comes to enjoying stunning views, swimming and basking on golden sands. El Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas has the best swimming and all sorts of dining for both visitors and residents to enjoy. It is one of the key reasons that makes purchasing Villa La Estancia real estate all the more attractive.

The Best Beach in Cabo

Visitors and residents can rest at ease when visiting Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, because it provides a safe environment for swimming and relaxing as well as opportunities for fun and excitement. One of the most breathtaking features of the beach is that it overlooks the El Arco rock formation at Land’s End. Residents at Villa La Estancia can sit back and bask in the amazing views with a cocktail in hand, without having to move a muscle.


However, if you are looking for more than an amazing view, then there are plenty of bars and restaurants that line the coast a little further up the beach from Villa La Estancia, or you can dine at the gourmet restaurants on site. For adventure lovers, you can take advantage of the paddleboards and kayaks that are available for residents to use on Medano Beach or indulge in a variety of watersports offered by independent vendors along the beach. Medano Beach also provides visitors and residents with easy access to downtown Cabo. You can walk along the beach to reach the center of Cabo San Lucas where more dining options are available and you can go shopping, sightseeing and visit with the locals

Cabo’s top swimming beach

The Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas has been declared as one of the safest places to swim and enjoy all kinds of water related activities. Visitors can go swimming all day long in the shallow waters or take part in other fun watersport activities that are available up and down Medano Beach. Why not try SUP, banana boat riding or kayaking on the crystal blue waters? Anyway you decide to spend your day at Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas, you can be sure to have a great time. You will be lounging on the most popular and exciting beach in Cabo with spectacular vibes.

Villa La Estancia on Medano Beach

Residents and their guests at Villa La Estancia will have unlimited access to Medano Beach during their stay at their home away from home in Cabo San Lucas.Just imagine you and your partner strolling along the beach at night, or getting up in the morning for yoga by the sea. Alternatively, you can just sit back on your private patio overlooking Medano beach to admire it from the comfort of your home. The property is close enough go to downtown Cabo San Lucas by foot but at a distance that gives you the greatest privacy and exclusivity.