Dia de Los Muertos Literary Catrinas

Did you know that Dia de Los Muertos is nearly here? The unique Mexican holiday is known as Day of the Dead in English and is held on November 2nd each year. Dia de Muertos allows people a chance to pay their respects to friends and family members who have passed on before us. Calaveritas literarias were first published in Mexico in the 1850’s as mock epitaphs written to poke fun at members of high society. These days, they are associated with Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) and are often written from the point of view of La Catrina. Calaveras literarias are popular poems that tend to make fun of friends, politicians, and artists. Literary Catrinas tend to deal with themes surrounding everyday life and are always humorous. Read more below about Dia de Los Muertos Literary Catrinas, another interesting part of Mexico’s rich culture.

Dia de Los Muertos Literary Catrinas

Though the literal meaning of the word is “skull,” Literary Calaveras are poems designed to poke fun at people as if they were already dead written from the point of view of La Catrina. La Catrina is an elegant skeleton lady that is an emblem for Mexico’s Day of the Dead. First drawn by Mexican lithographer José Guadalupe Posada in the early twentieth century, she became a beloved symbol of Mexican culture after Diego Rivera included her in his famous painting called Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central (Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park). Usually written on the eve of the Day of the Dead which occurs each year on November 2nd, literary Catrinas are another important tradition in Mexican culture. The poems are typically funny and ironic with rhymed verses that “make fun” of death.

Origins of Literary Catrinas

Some people believe that calaveras were originally inspired by Danse Macabre. Danse Macabre were allegorical plays held in medieval Europe that addressed the topic of Death. Later, illustrated poems known as literary catrinas emerged in Colonial Mexico that subtly poked fun at people in charge such as government officials and politicians. Later, they became more popular during the Mexican Revolution in the 19th century when literary catrinas were used as a critical expression of the people against the Porfirian elite. The first documented evidence of literary skulls was found in 1849 in the “El Socialista” newspaper that was published by Italian doctor José Indelicato in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The common theme of the poems is that they are singled out for imagined selection by the Grim Reaper or La Catrina. The short verses use dark humor, inside jokes, double entendre, and various Spanish euphemisms about death.

Day of the Dead Literary Skulls

Literary Catrinasor skulls are just one of many factors that are associated with Day of the Dead festivities. The literary skulls are rhythmic verses of varied rhyme whose main topic is death. However, the primary focus of the rhyme is to make a parody of people, political topics, or cultural events, too. The characteristics that are generally appreciated in the lyrical creations tend to be wit, irony, subtlety, caricature, rhyme and musicality. By making light of a serious subject, Mexican people are able to remove the fear that is usually associated with death. The literary skull uses humor to overcome the tragedy and fear surrounding dying.

Dia de Los Muertos Altars

Altar del Día de Muertos

In addition to Literary Catrinas, Dia de Los Muertos events involve visiting grave sites of deceased family members and friends to honor their life. In addition, altars, or ofrendas in Spanish, are constructed to pay homage to those who have passed on before us. Altars typically include framed photos of the deceased, beautiful marigold flowers, candles, and favorite foods and drinks, too. If you visit Mexico during October or early November, you will find many altars, or ofrendas, in homes, businesses, and resorts. If you plan to visit Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit, make sure to head down to Puerto Vallarta to check out the Malecon. Each year, Dia de Los Muertos altars are constructed by local organizations and a competition is held to determine which altar is the best.

If you are looking for a nice place to stay in Mexico, contact us at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit. Situated on a tranquil beach in Riviera Nayarit, our high end resort also has beachfront residences for sale. The modern hotel-condo concept is especially popular with upscale travelers who want to own a vacation home at the beach. Plus, our property also has luxurious amenities, VIP services, and delicious onsite restaurants, too. Only a limited number of beachfront residences are still for sale so contact us today to learn more. In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed this article about Literary Catrinas. Since death is an unavoidable fact of life, why not view it with a good sense of humor instead?

Visit Cabo Pulmo National Park

One of the best parts of owning a vacation home in Cabo is that there are endless activities to enjoy in the area. The wonderful climate and lovely desert landscapes are truly beautiful. There, Cabo Pulmo National Park is a national marine park situated on the east coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. The large park actually spans the distance between Pulmo Point and Los Frailes Cape which is approximately 100 kilometres north of Cabo San Lucas. If you want to own a second home in Cabo, check out Villa La Estancia Los Cabos. We have a limited number of luxurious beachfront residences for sale. Plus, we have excellent onsite amenities and services that homeowners really appreciate in a vacation home. Keep reading more about the incredible Cabo Pulmo National Park. It’s a great place to visit for the day or weekend.

Cabo Pulmo National Park

Approximately two hours away from San Jose del Cabo and Los Cabos, Cabo Pulmo National Park is considered one of the jewels of the East Cape of Baja California Sur. The protected National Marine Park is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The only hard coral reef in the Gulf of California, Cabo Pulmo National Park is estimated to be around 20,000 years old. There, over 800 species of marine life inhabit the area which earned it the nickname of “The Aquarium of the World.”

Cabo Pulmo National Park. The world's aquarium. Baja California Sur,Mexico.

Eco-Tourism in Cabo

Eco-Tourism is the primary focus of water activities in Cabo Pulmo National Park. For example the area is ideal for those seeking to enjoy a quieter and more natural area of Baja. Home to one of the largest and most diverse coral reefs in North America, both scuba diving and snorkeling are very popular in this area. In addition, five of the world’s seven endangered species of sea turtles find safe haven in the area. In addition, Cabo Pulmo has one of the largest collections of sharks in Mexico including bull sharks, tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, blacktip and white tip sharks.This remote eco-destination remains unspoiled and allows environmentally friendly travelers to enjoy an off the beaten path experience. During your visit, make sure to do your part to practice eco-friendly behaviors.

Water Activities to Enjoy

To start with, visitors and residents will love the endless amounts of water activities to enjoy in Cabo Pulmo National Park. If you love snorkeling, you will be pleased to know that Cabo Pulmo is known for having some of the best snorkeling in all of North America. In fact, the sparkling waters of the Sea of Cortez are one of the most tranquil areas to explore. In addition to snorkeling, certified divers will love discovering the vibrant living coral reef in the area’s incredible underwater world. In addition to snorkeling and scuba diving, sea kayaking is also very popular. It’s one of the most practical and eco-sensitive ways to explore the shores of Cabo Pulmo. This non-motorized form of transportation preserves the natural wonders of the national park, while allowing visitors to enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

As you can see, Cabo Pulmo National Park is just another great reason why owning a second home in Cabo is a smart move. If you aren’t sure where to invest, check out Villa La Estancia Los Cabos. Ideally situated on the popular Medano Beach, the hacienda style property is a hotel-condo concept. Our dream location is really attractive for today’s savvy homebuyer who wants a comfortable vacation home at the beach. Plus, homeowners enjoy premiere access to world class resort amenities and services. In addition, Villa La Estancia Los Cabos has successfully added COVID sanitation protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of our resort guests, staff members, and homeowners. Right now, we have special all-inclusive travel packages available, too. During your stay, ask the front desk concierge to see which beachfront residences are still available for sale. We only have a limited number of properties still available for purchase, so don’t wait too long!

Paper house with umbrella on the beach

Banderas Bay Real Estate in 2022

For many investors, Mexico is the number one choice for buying a vacation home. Actually, Banderas Bay is a top spot in Mexico for real estate investors. Banderas Bay is located on Mexico’s beautiful Pacific Coast. There, top destinations include the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta. The area is well known for its natural beauty, great shopping, excellent restaurants, and traditional charm. If you are a foreigner looking to buy a vacation home in the area, you may want to check out the Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit. We are proud to provide a peaceful community that is still close enough to the heart of the action in Puerto Vallarta. Read more information below to learn about Banderas Bay real estate in 2022. We’d love to have you come visit us to check out unique hotel-condo concept beachfront residences for yourself.

Is Banderas Bay Real Estate in 2022 A Good Investment?

Yes, Banderas Bay is an excellent place to buy real estate. Banderas Bay has perfect weather throughout the year, miles of lovely beaches, and a relaxing vibe. Therefore, many new developments are being constructed because there is high demand to live in the area. There are all types of real estate available. You can buy in a gated community where you can purchase a high-rise condo or you can buy a grandiose hacienda villa out in the country, too. However, don’t wait around if you have been thinking about investing in Banderas Bay real estate in 2022, because properties are selling quickly. Compared to real estate in Canada or in the United States, beachfront real estate is still very affordable in the Banderas Bay. However, properties are going off the market quickly, because savvy investors know the area is a wise investment.

Top Destinations in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit

One of the top destinations to purchase real estate in Mexico is in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit. Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen are also other top destinations to buy a vacation home, too. Foreigners are able to purchase beachfront real estate through a Mexico trust or also known as a Fideicomiso. The trust allows for the purchase of the beachfront real estate for foreigners. The foreigner has the same rights of property ownership as national citizens, yet the bank in Mexico will hold the title that is legal.

Popular Activities To Enjoy in Banderas Bay

There are many lovely coastal towns in Riviera Nayarit and near Puerto Vallarta that have traditional charm along with modern day conveniences and attractions. For example, there are many shopping and restaurant choices that visitors and residents enjoy. La Casona Restaurant onsite at the Villa La Estancia resort is very popular, too. It’s one of the best places to enjoy a great meal in Banderas Bay. Plus, the climate is wonderful throughout the year, so visitors can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. Popular activities include mountain biking, hiking, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, paddleboarding, and so much more. If you enjoy art galleries, you can find contemporary and upscale art galleries in Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias, Sayulita and San Pancho, too.

Villa La Estancia – Beachfront Real Estate

The Villa La Estancia is an excellent choice and wise investment if you are wanting to invest in beachfront real estate in Mexico. Our lovely residences have been constructed solidly and you will have access to the incredible amenities at the resort, too. Plus, the views are simply breathtaking from each residence. We also provide twenty-four hour security so you can feel safe and secure during every visit to your second home in paradise. Truly, Villa La Estancia is the perfect vacation home.

You don’t want to lose the chance to invest in beachfront real estate at the Villa La Estancia. It is the perfect place for a vacation home. Our homeowners love that they have their private beachfront home and convenient access to resort amenities, services and more. We have multiple pools, a gym, a spa, lush landscaping, and a professional front desk concierge. Contact us at Villa La Estancia to learn more. If you are eligible, you can participate in our unique Try and Buy Program. The unique program was designed so prospective homeowners can test out the residence before they invest any money. We also have COVID safety measures and sanitation protocols in place to make sure our homeowners and staff are always safe. Don’t wait around, because we only have a limited number of beachfront residences available.


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Are You Ready? Move to Mexico in 2022

Are you ready to make a change in your life? If you are, you’re not alone. More than ever, people are considering a move to Mexico in 2022. The pleasant climate, delicious cuisine and beautiful beaches make it an ideal place to own a second home or vacation home. If you find yourself in Mexico on vacation, consider investing in beachfront real estate. In Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit, Villa La Estancia has luxury beachfront residences for sale. The hacienda style hotel-condo concept property has full and fractional ownership options for qualified homebuyers. Plus, the resort has luxurious amenities and services that make every day feel like a vacation. Keep reading more below about why people want to move to Mexico in 2022.

Are You Ready? Move to Mexico in 2022:

Quality of Life

To start with, the quality of life that expats enjoy in Mexico is hard to beat. Healthcare is affordable and access to fresh fruits and vegetables is plentiful. Plus, it’s easy to make friends thanks to welcoming locals and expat communities in top tourist destinations. Many expats own and run local businesses, too. It’ll be easy to make new friends and keep your social calendar busy if you move to Mexico. You’ll find that there is always something fun going on no matter what day of the week. You likely find your social calendar will be full, as opposed to focusing your days on work. Plus, thanks to the amazing climate, outdoor activities can be enjoyed all year long. Popular outdoor activities and sports to partake in include kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, mountain biking, hiking, and so much more.

Rich Culture & Heritage

Next, Mexico’s rich culture & interesting history are other top factors that entice people to want to move to Mexico. From the Mayan ruins to colonial Spanish architecture, Mexico has a complex and varied history. Also, Mexico is home to excellent museums, art galleries, and cathedrals in the larger cities including Mexico City and Guadalajara. Similarly, there are regular culture festivals held across the country. Plus, in general the people of Mexico are happy and fun loving which makes daily life more pleasant. In addition, they have many religious holidays that are celebrated on a regular basis, so make sure to take part in the fun. It’ll be easy to appreciate the vibrance and amazing colors of Mexico’s rich heritage.

Mexico’s Friendly and Relaxed Residents

Another of the best parts of Mexico is the relaxed and friendly people. Local residents are kind to one another, and they are also very welcoming to foreigners on vacation and expats that have moved to Mexico. In addition to the friendly people, Mexico has beauty all around it. From the vibrantly painted buildings, eclectic street art, rich and varied authentic cuisine, Mexico has a stunning beauty that no other place can compete with. Plus, the natural beauty is found everywhere from its beautiful beaches, sparkling rivers, majestic cenotes, and lush forests and mountains. The Riviera Nayarit Villa La Estancia property is situated in Banderas Bay surrounded by the Sierra Madre jungle. In Cabo, the property is found on Medano Beach with stunning Sea of Cortez vistas and desert landscapes, too. Another benefit of living in Mexico is that the laidback lifestyle is so appealing. Who wouldn’t want to spend as much time as possible relaxing on the beach enjoying an event sunset with friends?

Luxury Villa La Estancia Real Estate

Did you know that many expats move to Mexico so they can live their dream life? The challenges and expenses of living in the US and Canada have never been higher. On the contrary, the cost of living and real estate in Mexico is still affordable. Plus, many people can buy much nicer homes in Mexico than they could afford elsewhere. Wondering where to invest in premium beachfront real estate? Remember, Villa La Estancia Real Estate is one of the best beachfront real estate investments in Mexico. We have luxury properties in Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit. Visit Villa La Estancia’s website today to learn more.

Are you ready to make the big move and head to Mexico in 2022? Remember, Villa La Estancia real estate is solidly constructed with only the finest finishes and high-end furnishings. Plus, Villa La Estancia homebuyers love the VIP amenities and services not found at other properties. Both the Cabo property and the Riviera Nayarit property have a limited number of residences still available for purchase. Remember, the key to living your best life is to find a place that makes you feel happy and at peace. Don’t hesitate. Reach out to us at Villa La Estancia so you can schedule a tour of our incredible beachfront residences as soon as possible. Where do you see yourself making the most of every moment? Head to Mexico and start living your dream life today!


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Try Chiles En Nogada in Mexico

Would you happen to know one of the most popular traditional dishes in Mexico is “Chiles En Nogada”? This delicious dish is one you should try during the month of September when Independence Day is celebrated in Mexico on September 16th. Chiles en Nogada are made with poblano chiles that are stuffed with picadillo, then covered in a walnut sauce. Last but not least, pomegranate seeds and chopped parsley are added on top. Would you like to try Chiles En Nogada in Mexico? Now is the perfect time to book a Mexico vacation. Right now, Villa La Estancia has vacation package deals at our stunning properties in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas. We also have a limited number of beachfront residences for sale, too. Read below in the meantime to learn why you should try this mexican dish.

Try Chiles en Nogada in Mexico

Everyone should try Chiles en Nogada in Mexico at least once in their lifetime. This authentic dish ingredients include poblano chiles that are stuffed with picadillo which is a tasty ground beef mixture, then a creamy walnut sauce (nogada) will be poured on top of it. Fresh pomegranate seeds and chopped parsley will be placed on top of it, then served. This dish is best served at room temperature. Sometimes, this dish can also have diced apples, pears, and peaches along with ground pork. Traditionally, the filling is usually made with beef, pork, and biznaga (candied cactus) which will add a bit of sweetness to the dish. However, biznaga is an ingredient that can be hard to find, so you can substitute other dried or candied fruit for a similar result.

White Wine Pairs With Chiles en Nogada

If you enjoy a glass of wine with your Chiles en Nogada, then you will be pleased to know that the Villa La Estancia has an extensive selection of wines. Our professional waiters can offer suggestions if you aren’t sure which wine to choose to go with your meal. In general, a nice crisp white wine will pair perfectly with this mexican dish. It will balance the sweetness of the chiles while bringing the creamy flavor out. Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc are excellent wine options, too.

Chiles en Nogada Tips

From August through October, Chiles en Nogada is usually available in many Mexican restaurants. Many people choose to enjoy the tri-colored dish on September 16th which is Independence Day in Mexico. September is here, so you will want to make sure you try the dish soon at your favorite restaurant in Mexico. If you would like to make this mexican dish can find many different recipes online. Many top chefs have stated that Chiles en Nogada isn’t a hard dish to make, but it does take a lot of time to make. Most recipes will have easy steps for you to follow from the start to the finish of the dish. Are you going to try to make Chiles en Nogada this month to celebrate Independence Day in Mexico?

Everyone should try Chiles en Nogado at least once. This iconic dish is usually only available from August through November, so why not book a vacation to Mexico today so you can try it in person? Right now, Villa La Estancia currently has special all-inclusive vacation packages on sale right now. Our award winning resorts have spacious accommodations, world class amenities and premiere services. We have lovely hotel-condo concept properties in the top coastal destinations of Riviera Nayarit and Cabo, too. Plus, we have implemented stringent COVID sanitation and safety measures to keep our homeowners and resort guests safe. If you want a second home in Mexico, we also have a limited number of luxury residences for sale. Our homeowners love owning property that comes with resort quality amenities and services, too. If you want a dream vacation home in paradise, contact us at Villa La Estancia today to learn more.


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Four Diamond Award to Villa la Estancia Riviera Nayarit

Villa La Estancia is located in the peaceful beachfront community of Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit. They are an award winning hotel-condo concept real estate development that has earned the AAA 4 Diamond Award for 12 years straight. These luxurious beachfront residences are known for outstanding amenities, elegant residences, and VIP services. Do you want to own your very own vacation home in Mexico? If so, Villa La Estancia is an excellent option for expats that have always wanted a vacation home in Mexico on the beach. Read below to learn more about the Villa La Estancia, the award winning beachfront real estate for homebuyers in the know.

Villa La Estancia Award-Winning Beachfront Real Estate

Beachfront residence in Villa la Estancia Riviera Nayarit

Villa La Estancia is with the award-winning Villa Group Resorts family. We are proud to have received the AAA 4 Diamond award for twelve years. The AAA 4 Diamond Award is issued by the American Automobile Association, and they have been recognizing top resorts and developments across the world since 1937. They have their own inspectors who visit the resorts, then they select the best resorts to earn their prestigious AAA Four Diamond Award. The resorts and properties that have received the award are known for having top amenities, spacious accommodations, and the best services. That way, all guests and homeowners are guaranteed to have the best vacations possible. The last couple of years has been challenging due to COVID, and Villa La Estancia is thrilled to be awarded the AAA Four Diamond Award for their excellent performance.

Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit Updates

Villa La Estancia is with the award-winning Villa Group Resorts family, and we are excited for the new changes that we will be revealing within the next year or so. For example, Villa Group Resorts is planning on doing a complete remodel on all of the residences at the Villa La Estancia in 2022. That way, we can update the property to provide an even higher quality resort and real estate investment opportunity. We want to make sure that we will continue to be awarded the AAA Four Diamond Award. As a result, we hope that our homeowners and resort guests will be pleased with all the updates when the remodeling is completed.

Vacation In Paradise

Villa La Estancia and Banderas Bay real estate

Are you ready to vacation in paradise? If so, then the Riviera Nayarit is the perfect vacation destination. Riviera Nayarit can be found on the Pacific Coast in Mexico in Banderas Bay. There, Villa La Estancia just happens to be situated on one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. Homeowners love the locations because it’s perfect for enjoying activities outdoors thanks to an excellent year round climate. Homeowners and resort guests enjoy golfing, biking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and so much more. If you would like to know more information about the Villa La Estancia, then contact us today. Currently, we are offering affordable vacation packages for all-inclusive vacations. We also have a Try and Buy Program, so prospective homeowners can actually try out beachfront living before they invest.

Are you ready to stay at the Villa La Estancia, an award-winning property in Mexico? Give us a call today, so you can start booking your vacation. When you are there, make sure you attend a sales presentation and take a tour of the property so you can see how wonderful the amenities are. We are proud to provide the best amenities, which include several swimming pools, a spa and gym, onsite restaurants, concierge services, and more. Plus, we have strict COVID safety and sanitation measures in place to keep homeowners and guests safe. Give us a call right now, so you can start booking your Mexico vacation. Remember, if you want to own a second home at the beach, Villa La Estancia has a limited number of luxurious beachfront residences for sale, too. We think you’ll fall in love with our property and want to own your very own piece of premium Mexican real estate at the beach.

Mexican Drinks that you Must Try on your Mexico Vacation

If you are on vacation in Mexico you must try the most traditional Mexican drinks, and if you are on vacation during the Independence Day. Would you like to celebrate and toast Independence Day in Mexico on September 15th? If so, head to the Villa la Estancia Los Cabos resort. The luxury property has spacious accommodations, top amenities and premiere services. In the meantime, read more below to find out about what to drink during your vacations in Mexico.

  • 1. Tequila – Authentic Mexican Drink

To start with, Tequila is the perfect drink to celebrate any holiday in Mexico. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant and is a distilled beverage. The origins of tequila date back to 1000 B.C. Back then, it was called pulque, which was made by the Aztecs using the fermented sap of the blue agave plant. Once the Spanish came, they adjusted the formula of pulque to create a drink reminiscent of the tequila that we all know and love today. High quality tequila is a drink that should be sipped and savored.

tequila drinks

  • 2. Banderitas – Festive Drink

Banderitas is another festive drink in Mexico. Banderitas are a colorful display of 3 shots that are green, red, and white just like the colors in the Mexican flag. This drink is served in 3 separate shot glasses. The first one has lime juice to represent the green, then the second one has tequila, which represents the white, then the third shot glass has red sangria that contains a blend of orange juice and chili sauce to represent red in the flag. You drink one shot after another and enjoy the fiesta of flavors in your mouth that are uniquely Mexican.

  • 3. Micheladas – Beer Based Drink

Next, Mexicans love drinking Micheladas, which is a beer based drink. People from other countries have to get accustomed to this unusual and flavorful drink. This drink uses a mix of beer, lime juice, sauces, spices, peppers, and tomato juice. You can use a variety of Mexican beers such as Modelo, Corona, Pacifico, and Victoria as the base. You take the beer, then you mix it with the tomato juice, then you add lime juice. You will then just add a splash of Worcestershire, teriyaki, soy, and hot sauce. This drink should be served in a salt rimmed glass that has been chilled and add a lime wedge for garnish.

  • 4. Mezcal – Alcoholic Drink That’s Distilled

Mescal is another alcoholic drink that is distilled and produced in a way that is similar to tequila in that it also uses the agave plant. The wordMezcal comes from the Nahuatl language that means oven cooked agave. Many people think mezcal has more alcohol than tequila, but they both are approximately 38-55% ABV or 76-110 proof. However, the process of creating mezcal is more labor intensive. To drink mezcal, you drink it at room temperature without any ice.

  • 5. Raicilla – Traditional Alcoholic Beverage

Last but not least, raicilla is another traditional alcoholic beverage of Mexico. This distilled alcoholic beverage is made using different species of the agave plants. The potent and traditional beverage has been enjoyed for more than three hundred years. It takes more than ten kilograms of agave plants to make a bottle of raicilla.

Plus: Mexican Independence Day Facts

Independence Day in Mexico occurred back on September 16, 1810, when the Mexicans rose up to fight for their independence from Spain. A Catholic priest named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla started ringing the church bell in the town of Dolores to ignite the local people to rise up against Spanish rule. As a result, the Mexican War of Independence started and Mexico prevailed. Later, in 1820 Spain finally accepted Mexico as its own Independent country.

Villa la Estancia

Did you enjoy reading about the drinks you can enjoy celebrating Independence Day in Mexico or any holiday? If you prefer celebrating in person, then contact us at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos today. Currently, we are offering special deals on all-inclusive vacation packages that will sell out quickly. Plus, we also have private residences for sale if you want to own a vacation home at the beach. In addition to Villa La Estancia Los Cabos, we also have a resort in the Riviera Nayarit. Our homeowners love owning luxury beachfront real estate in Mexico, with the added perk of onsite resort amenities and services, too. We have also implemented stringent COVID safety and sanitation measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of our homeowners and resort guests. Our limited number of beachfront residences for sale won’t last long so come get to know what luxury beachfront living is all about. Give us a call today to learn more!


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