If you are on vacation in Mexico you must try the most traditional Mexican drinks, and if you are on vacation during the Independence Day. Would you like to celebrate and toast Independence Day in Mexico on September 15th? If so, head to the Villa la Estancia Los Cabos resort. The luxury property has spacious accommodations, top amenities and premiere services. In the meantime, read more below to find out about what to drink during your vacations in Mexico.

  • 1. Tequila – Authentic Mexican Drink

To start with, Tequila is the perfect drink to celebrate any holiday in Mexico. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant and is a distilled beverage. The origins of tequila date back to 1000 B.C. Back then, it was called pulque, which was made by the Aztecs using the fermented sap of the blue agave plant. Once the Spanish came, they adjusted the formula of pulque to create a drink reminiscent of the tequila that we all know and love today. High quality tequila is a drink that should be sipped and savored.

tequila drinks

  • 2. Banderitas – Festive Drink

Banderitas is another festive drink in Mexico. Banderitas are a colorful display of 3 shots that are green, red, and white just like the colors in the Mexican flag. This drink is served in 3 separate shot glasses. The first one has lime juice to represent the green, then the second one has tequila, which represents the white, then the third shot glass has red sangria that contains a blend of orange juice and chili sauce to represent red in the flag. You drink one shot after another and enjoy the fiesta of flavors in your mouth that are uniquely Mexican.

  • 3. Micheladas – Beer Based Drink

Next, Mexicans love drinking Micheladas, which is a beer based drink. People from other countries have to get accustomed to this unusual and flavorful drink. This drink uses a mix of beer, lime juice, sauces, spices, peppers, and tomato juice. You can use a variety of Mexican beers such as Modelo, Corona, Pacifico, and Victoria as the base. You take the beer, then you mix it with the tomato juice, then you add lime juice. You will then just add a splash of Worcestershire, teriyaki, soy, and hot sauce. This drink should be served in a salt rimmed glass that has been chilled and add a lime wedge for garnish.

  • 4. Mezcal – Alcoholic Drink That’s Distilled

Mescal is another alcoholic drink that is distilled and produced in a way that is similar to tequila in that it also uses the agave plant. The wordMezcal comes from the Nahuatl language that means oven cooked agave. Many people think mezcal has more alcohol than tequila, but they both are approximately 38-55% ABV or 76-110 proof. However, the process of creating mezcal is more labor intensive. To drink mezcal, you drink it at room temperature without any ice.

  • 5. Raicilla – Traditional Alcoholic Beverage

Last but not least, raicilla is another traditional alcoholic beverage of Mexico. This distilled alcoholic beverage is made using different species of the agave plants. The potent and traditional beverage has been enjoyed for more than three hundred years. It takes more than ten kilograms of agave plants to make a bottle of raicilla.

Plus: Mexican Independence Day Facts

Independence Day in Mexico occurred back on September 16, 1810, when the Mexicans rose up to fight for their independence from Spain. A Catholic priest named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla started ringing the church bell in the town of Dolores to ignite the local people to rise up against Spanish rule. As a result, the Mexican War of Independence started and Mexico prevailed. Later, in 1820 Spain finally accepted Mexico as its own Independent country.

Villa la Estancia

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