Villa La Estancia: What to Know

Villa La Estancia is an award-winning property with locations in beautiful Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and in Cabo San Lucas. The Cabo San Lucas Villa La Estancia is situated on the exquisite Medano Beach which has an ideal location overlooking the iconic El Arco rock formation. The Riviera Nayarit property is located on one of the most tranquil beaches in the Puerto Vallarta area with wide, white sandy beaches and amazing views of Banderas Bay. Both properties offer spacious and luxurious villas with full and fractional ownership options. You will enjoy 5-star amenities and personalized services that will make anyone feel like a VIP. Want to learn more about your dream home in paradise? Read below to learn all you need to know about how Villa La Estancia is perfect for luxury travelers looking to own a piece of heaven on earth.

How Are Villa La Estancia Real Estate Properties Taxed?

Villa La Estancia is the same as other deeded real estate in Mexico including full or fractional ownership. An investment with a Villa La Estancia real estate unit include the possibilities for appreciation, depreciation, interest and expense deductions. You are able to sell your property or your fractional share, gift it or leave it as an inheritance property in your will. To get the best idea of your personal tax situation, connect with a local tax advisor who can help provide specific details that relate to your property, as well as offer suggestions or advice that may be helpful. In the future, you may sell your full or fractional ownership residence in the same way you can with traditional real estate sale, using either the in-house Villa La Estancia real estate brokers or an outside agency if you prefer.

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Is In-House Financing Available?

Villa La Estancia is one of the few luxury properties that does offer in-house financing for qualified buyers. For a limited time, our developer’s units can be financed for a term up to 10 years. A 25% deposit of the share price is required in order to be able to utilize the in-house financing program. In general, the majority of property owners in Mexico pay cash or use a line of home equity credit from their primary home. So Villa La Estancia is proud to offer these added benefit to its homeowners.

How Does Maintenance Work?

Villa La Estancia takes extreme pride in the careful maintenance of the common areas, amenities, individual residences and the lush landscaping. An onsite property management team handles all necessary maintenance repairs, replacements and wear and tear as needed to keep Villa La Estancia looking brand new. Regular pool maintenance is also carried out by an onsite professional team, and any structural maintenance such as painting and repairs is carefully monitored and resolved. All of the maintenance at Villa La Estancia is covered by the regular HOA dues that each owner is responsible for paying. In addition, fractional owners enjoy the service of a professional housekeeper to keep their residence clean and tidy year round. Full owners have the option to add this service as well.

Fractional Villas vs. Residence Clubs

Have you heard about fractional villa and residence clubs and want to know the difference? Both programs are associated with quality accommodations and services that every homeowner seeks in a vacation home. However, residence clubs tend to schedule their program so that owners are able to stay in a similar unit within a large multi-unit property. Many times, residence club ownership means that owners may not stay in the same unit twice. This system is best explained as your title is not linked to a specific unit and could change with each visit. On the flip side, fractional ownership at Villa La Estancia means you receive the deeds to a specific villa that you will enjoy for each and every visit. Your titled fractional real estate residence is yours for life, and Villa La Estancia allows our owners to rent out your home through our in-house rental program so you can earn vacation rental income on your property as well.

In conclusion, Villa La Estancia full or fractional ownership is a great option for those looking for that perfect vacation home at the beach. There are huge benefits to both types of ownership…which one interests you most?

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A Romantic Evening in Riviera Nayarit

Will you be in the Riviera Nayarit area and interested in planning a romantic evening with your sweetheart? There are lots of wonderful activities that couples will enjoy in Riviera Nayarit. Looking to make the most of your time together? Here are a few suggestions on fun activities to enjoy as a couple looking for a romantic evening in Riviera Nayarit.

The Hacienda style Villa La Estancia situated in Riviera Nayarit is home to an excellent restaurant that is perfectly suited for a romantic evening meal that will impress. Our high end and elegant decor will create a romantic ambiance that will start your evening off right. Our excellent menu features high-quality cuts of meats include Kobe and New York cuts. Couples will be overjoyed with the soothing atmosphere and great service. If you can take your eyes off your loved one, make sure to enjoy the spectacular views of the lushly landscaped exterior and the Banderas Bay. Sit back and relax and cheers with a glass of sparkling champagne to celebrate your love and this magical moment together in paradise.

  • Tatewari Spa – Couples Massages and Beauty Treatments

Another great way to create a romantic experience is to book some spa time with your loved one. Why not pamper your sweetheart with a couples beauty or wellness treatment together? Villa La Estancia’s Tatewari Spa is elegantly designed with a Mexican-European inspired flair that is a wonderful place to relax and reconnect. An idyllic spot for a couples beauty or wellness treatment, it will be easy to reignite the flame with the help of the incredible treatments at Tatewari Spa as well as the natural beauty that surrounds you. The sparkling Banderas Bay waters and green Sierra Madre mountains will leave you breathless. Take the time to pamper each other and refresh yourself at the Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia. Using therapeutic and ancient traditional techniques from indigenous people that lived in the area years ago, there is no better place to soothe and reinvigorate your body, mind and soul.

  • Banderas Bay Evening Cruise

A classic and always pleasing option for couples is to take a cruise around the Banderas Bay at sunset. If you are staying or own property with us at Villa La Estancia, the front desk concierge will be glad to help you arrange a getaway that will be perfect for couple. Many include a gourmet dinner and drinks as you cruise the bay in style with the incredible PV sunsets in the distance. If you find yourself in the area during the months of December through April, you may be lucky enough to do some whale watching as well. Humpback whales return each year to Banderas Bay to birth and raise their young, and it is likely your romantic sunset cruise will include a whale sighting or two. Enjoy the incredible views and relax as the ocean breezes caress your skin and tousle your hair during your cruise. Take a deep breath, hold your sweetie’s hand tightly, and find yourself inspired and refreshed by the amazing surroundings.

Next time you find yourself at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit, we hope you have the chance to enjoy many romantic and special evenings and experiences with your loved one.

What Every Luxury Home Needs

It is pretty easy to recognize a luxurious home when you see it. There are many different types of luxury homes, whether it is a penthouse skyscraper, a private villa, or a mansion. The types of amenities and features is the key to identifying a luxurious home. Every owner wants to feel spoiled in their own home. You never even have to go on vacation when you are fortunate enough to own a luxury home. What are some of the popular features that are in a luxury home? Continue to read below to see the top 5 must-have features for a luxury home, and how Villa La Estancia in Puerto Vallarta provides private beachfront residences that come with all of these top features.

What Every Luxury Home Needs – The Top 5 Must Have Features

  • An Open Floor Plan: An open floor plan is one of the most popular features that you will see in a luxury home. Small rooms that are separated from other rooms are a thing of the past, and an open floor plan allows families to socialize and spend more time together. Today, most homeowners want a floor plan that is open and it most flow with ease from the kitchen and dining area to the living room. Most homeowners also want all the modern conveniences and a perfect design, and Villa La Estancia provides homeowners with a private residence on the beachfront, and all of their suites have an open floor plan, too.
  • A Gourmet Kitchen is a Must: The heart of the home is the kitchen, and another top feature that you will see in a luxury home is a gourmet kitchen. The appliances must all be top of the line, premiere countertop surfaces include granite or marble, and a functional floor plan in the gourmet kitchen is a must. The gourmet kitchen can’t just be functional, but it has to have beauty and elegance too, so the time that you spend cooking or toasting with family and friends is enjoyable. Villa La Estancia provides homeowners with a private beachfront residence and the kitchen is a gourmet kitchen that truly is the heart of the home. The design is not just functional, but also beautiful, too.
  • Outdoor Space and a Pool: Another must have feature that you will see in a luxury home is plenty of outdoor space and a pool. It doesn’t matter if the home is a standalone or a complex, the homeowners all want abundant outdoor space. Villa La Estancia private beachfront residences have outdoor spaces that every homeowner will appreciate such as stunning landscaping and gardens, infinity pools, and private terraces. Homeowners at the Villa La Estancia will have breathtaking Pacific Ocean views, and the terraces are not only private, but open too, so homeowners can enjoy all the beautiful views from inside their luxury home. Villa La Estancia has several pools on the property so you can take a refreshing dip in the pool whenever you want. When you are done swimming, you can relax on your private terrace with a cold glass of wine and watch the stunning sunsets of Puerto Vallarta. Is there anything better than this?
  • Location, Location, Location! Location, location, location is one of the most important feature with any luxury home. Some of the most sought out luxury homes are usually in the perfect location, which is close to shopping, dining, and nightlife, but the luxury home must also have privacy with security. Villa La Estancia real estate provides homeowners with a private residence that is located in Nuevo Vallarta on a white sandy beach, which is a very popular and sought out neighborhood in the Puerto Vallarta area. The private residence is close to restaurants and shopping, but located with the Sierra Madre Mountains in the background and the Banderas Bay water in front. All homebuyers that are searching for a luxury home desire such an amazing location as the private residences at the Villa La Estancia.
  • Spa Experience Bathroom Last, but not least, another top feature that is expected with a luxury home is an elegant bathroom. Many homeowners want their bathroom to be similar to what they experienced at a top hotel or resort stay. The homeowner will want a spa experience, but in their own bathroom at their own home. The private residences at Villa La Estancia come with an open bathroom floor plan with two vanities, a soaking tub, a large walk-in shower, and the finest finishes and décor. You will be able to pamper yourself in the bathroom and dressing area. Another excellent feature that comes with the bathroom at the Villa La Estancia is the stunning ocean views, too.

It is easy to see that Villa La Estancia provides a luxury home with all the features that today’s upper crust homeowners are wanting. The private residences at the Villa La Estancia have an open floor plan, a gourmet kitchen, private and open terraces, several pools, and a spa bathroom with the best location in the Puerto Vallarta area. Don’t you deserve the best home, too? You will get the very best at Villa La Estancia’s private residences on the beach where your suite will have what every luxury home needs. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule a property tour of our available beachfront residences for sale so you can see what you’ve been missing.

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