Sea sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Opens 1st Sportfishing School

Did you know that you can go sport fishing in Puerto Vallarta anytime of the year? Puerto Vallarta is situated on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in Banderas Bay, which is the biggest bay in Mexico. Banderas Bay also happens to be the 7th largest bay in the world. There, the warm waters are home to many different species of marine life. As a result, sport fishermen can catch trophy sized fish including Sailfish, Tuna, Marlin, and Mahi-Mahi. The excellent climate has average temperatures of 85 F or 30 C. In addition, there are around 322 sunny days each year making almost every day a great day to go fishing. Right now, PV is opening the 1st sportfishing school in the area. If you live in or around PV, keep reading below to learn more about PV opening the 1st sportfishing school in Banderas Bay.

PV Opens 1st Sportfishing School

Fishing is an important part of Puerto Vallarta’s history and heritage. If you want to learn more about sportfishing, sign up to take classes at the new sportfishing school that is opening soon.The new sport fishing school will be the first of its kind in Banderas Bay. Professional fisherman Fernado Garcia who earned the title of the World Champion of Deep Fishing title will be an instructor at the new school. The school will be built in front of the Malecon fishing cooperativo, which is located across from the Bodeguita del Medio right on the Malecon boardwalk in downtown PV. Also, Garcia is organizing a fishing tournament to coincide with the school’s opening. Prizes will be given to the top fishermen in the tournament as well. 

sea fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Local Fishermen Share Knowledge

The school’s program will use multidisciplinary learning methods to teach the art of fishing. For starters, students will learn how ancient fishermen were able to fish using a bottle, wood, and a yoyo as fishing equipment. All ages are accepted at the school so children and adults can take classes. Also, many of the area’s best local fishermen have agreed to share their professional knowledge about fishing with students. Many local businesses will be supporting the PV sportfishing school as well. Once a student progresses and learns the basics, the students will then start fishing on the beach. Once they have mastered the required skills, they will be able to go fishing at sea. 

Sign Up For the Fishing Tournament

Would you like to participate in the free fishing tournament? Registration for the fishing tournament will be held on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Fridays from 8:00am to 3:00pm on the Malecon boardwalk in front of the Bodeguita del Medio. Once you register, make sure to take time to enjoy a walk along PV’s iconic Malecon boardwalk. There, locals and visitors can enjoy great views of Banderas Bay. Also, the boardwalk has great restaurants, bars, and art galleries to explore, too. Make sure you also visit Los Arcos and the Lady of Guadalupe church located across from the central plaza. The charming cobblestone streets of nearby Old Town are worth checking out, too. With so many things to see and do, it’s easy to see why many people vacation and even move to Puerto Vallarta. 

Although Puerto Vallarta used to be a quiet fishing village, today it is a popular tourist destination. People from all across the world love spending time in Puerto Vallarta because of the excellent climate, natural beauty, and authentic charm. For people who want to own coastal real estate in Banderas Bay, Villa La Estancia is a popular option. Located in the tranquil neighborhood of Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, we have unique hotel-condo concept residences for sale. Our luxurious beachfront homes are solidly constructed and finely furnished. Plus, homeowners will love the world class resort amenities and services at their front door, too. If you want to buy a vacation home in PV, ask to participate in our unique Try and Buy Program. It’s a great way to allow prospective buyers to test out beachfront living before they invest. Contact us today to learn more!


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Reasons to Buy a Cabo Vacation Home

Are you thinking about buying a vacation home in Mexico? If so, Cabo real estate is a popular choice. Ideally situated on the southern tip of Baja Peninsula Sur, the area has a pleasant, dry climate, natural beauty, and all the modern conveniences that today’s modern home buyers need. If you’re wondering where to invest, check out the Villa La Estancia Los Cabos. Our high-end hotel-condo concept property has luxurious and elegant beachfront residences for sale. As a result, our homeowners love the resort amenities and services so that every moment spent at their vacation home is relaxing and enjoyable. Both full and fractional ownership options are available for qualified individuals. If you want to learn more, keep reading below for top reasons to buy a Cabo vacation home at Villa La Estancia.

Reasons to Buy a Cabo Vacation Home

To start with, many homebuyers from around the world fall in love with Villa La Estancia’s exclusive beachfront property in Cabo. If you’re looking for an area that has a wonderful climate all year round, Cabo is a great choice. In fact, Cabo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in western Mexico. There are excellent restaurants, great chopping, quality healthcare services, and more. In addition, vacationers and residents really appreciate the area’s relaxed beach lifestyle and modern conveniences. Fitness enthusiasts will never run out of fun activities to enjoy outside. The sparkling waters of the Sea of Cortez are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, kitesurfing, scuba diving, kayaking, surfing, and more. There are also great hiking and mountain biking trails, too.

Top Cabo Activities 

As you can see, the endless options for outdoor activities is a top reason why Cabo San Lucas real estate is so popular. It’s a great place to own a second home because the locals are friendly and welcoming. The area is ideal for a romantic evening walk along one of the town’s lovely beaches. Plus, there is designer shopping, world class golf courses, and gourmet restaurants, too. The Sea of Cortez will take your breath away with its stunning clear turquoise waters. There, you will never get tired of whale watching during the winters when humpback whales migrate down from Canada to mate and birth their young. If you like to dance and throw back a cocktail or two, there are tons of great clubs and bars to check out. Adventure lovers can even go swimming with the whale sharks during the winter months, too.

Cabo Tours


Premium Baja Real Estate

Villa La Estancia Los Cabos beachfront residences are solidly constructed. Our lovely and spacious residences contain fine finishes and high end decor. Villa La Estancia homeowners especially like the comfortable, private terraces that’s the perfect place to drink their morning coffee or a glass of wine at sunset. Villa La Estancia Los Cabos is a unique hotel-condo concept where homeowners own their own home and have access to world class resort amenities and services. We have multiple pools, lush landscaping, a spa, well equipped fitness center, and delicious onsite restaurants, too. We even offer room service so you can treat yourself to breakfast in bed whenever you fancy. As you can see, Villa La Estancia Los Cabos is a great investment that your family can enjoy now and in the future, too. If you want premium Baja real estate, Villa La Estancia Los Cabos is the top choice.

If you want to visit Mexico on a regular basis, why not buy a Cabo vacation home? The beautiful desert landscapes, turquoise Sea of Cortez vistas, and endless outdoor activities make it an ideal place to call home. If you’d like to learn more, contact us at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos to schedule a property tour of our luxury beachfront residences. Inventory is limited so make sure you contact us soon. Also, qualified investors can choose between full or fractional ownership options, too. In addition, we also offer a unique Try and Buy Program for prospective homeowners to test out Baja life before they invest. Also, COVID safety protocols have been implemented to keep everyone safe. If you are ready to make your Mexico life dreams come true, contact us at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos today. You deserve to make the most of every second of life’s moments!

Amazing view from villa la estancia riviera nayarit

Real Estate Options in Banderas Bay

Do you enjoy vacationing in Mexico and dream of owning a vacation home in the future? Many people that visit Mexico quickly fall in love with the natural beauty, wonderful weather, and the rich heritage. Plus, when compared to other countries, the cost of living is quite less and the food is outstanding! There are many different options if you are interested in investing in Puerto Vallarta real estate. For instance, single family homes, condominiums, and vacation clubs are wise investments in Puerto Vallarta. The type of real estate depends upon how often you want to spend in Mexico, how much space you need, and the amenities that you prefer. Many expats prefer investing in a hotel-condo property like Villa La Estancia. Our premium beachfront residences are spacious, and homeowners love our wonderful onsite amenities, too. Meanwhile, read below to learn about real estate options in Banderas Bay.

Hotel-Condo Real Estate

Beachfront residence in Villa la Estancia Riviera Nayarit

In Mexico, one of the most popular real estate options in 2022 is a hotel-condo concept property. The hotel-condo property is perfect for a vacation home or retirement home if you want to live full time in the country. In Puerto Vallarta, there are many new developments under construction. The options are literally endless as it will depend on the location you prefer, the amount of bedrooms, and the price. Most hotel-condo real estate properties in Puerto Vallarta come with numerous amenities, which include swimming pools, fitness center, a spa, green spaces, and so much more. Plus, a condo is very low maintenance. Many people who are buying properties today don’t want to have to spend extra money with renovations or repairs. The hotel-condo concept such as the luxurious and elegant Villa La Estancia located in Nuevo Vallarta is a number one choice with savvy home buyers in 2022.

Single Family Homes

Next, single family homes in Puerto Vallarta is another popular real estate option in Banderas Bay. There is one major difference about single family houses in Mexico and that is the lot size. In Mexico, the lot sizes are very small compared to single family homes in other countries. Some single family houses will have neighbors sharing walls, too. There are single family houses that are older in some of the Puerto Vallarta neighborhoods that are close to the beaches, restaurants, and bars. In general, single family homes in PV are older and they have the traditional Mexican charm that many people like. However, they may need a lot of work and renovations due to the age of the house. In some of the newer neighborhoods there are single family homes that are bigger and they usually are in a gated community with 24 hour security. Sadly, most newer neighborhoods are not as close to the beaches, restaurants, shopping, and bars.

Timeshare Ownership

Timeshare ownership is another option if you want to enjoy the experience of having a vacation home in Puerto Vallarta. Timeshare ownership is also known as a vacation club. A timeshare owner will prepay for their future vacations by locking in the low rates that they are today. There are so many benefits to being a timeshare owner. You will get to enjoy all the amenities and services at the resort, and it feels like coming home when you return to use your vacation unit each year. You will need to invest and pay maintenance fees and dues, but this is an excellent option for people who don’t want to spend months traveling.

Puerto Vallarta is a top location in Mexico to buy real estate. Puerto Vallarta was once a small fishing village, and today it has that old charm along with plenty of modern conveniences that everyone appreciates. Have you vacationed in Puerto Vallarta and you are interested in real estate options in Banderas Bay? There are many different options. One of the best real estate options in Banderas Bay is the hotel-condo concept, because you will get to use all the amenities and services at the resort and you are guaranteed to feel like every day is a vacation in luxury. Plus, we have onsite security and attentive staff to assist homeowners as needed. Remember, Villa La Estancia has beachfront residences for sale in PV and Cabo San Lucas, too. Give us a call today to learn more to see which luxurious residences are still available for purchase.

Real estate terminology sheet

Real Estate Terminology

When you are trying to decide about buying real estate, there are many things you need to consider so your decision is a wise one. For starters, are you asking yourself where you should purchase a vacation home? A very popular choice for many people that want to buy a vacation home is Mexico. The charming country has a great climate, stunning natural beauty, and many restaurant options. They also have numerous outdoor activities to enjoy year-round as well. If you want a luxury vacation home, check out Villa La Estancia. We have solidly constructed beachfront residences in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas. There are real estate terms that you should know whether you are purchasing a vacation home or a home full-time in Mexico. Read below to learn more about real estate terminology before you buy a vacation home in Mexico.

Real Estate Terminology – Terms You Need to Know 

  • As-Is: When purchasing a home, there are some homes that are sold “as-is” or with requesting repairs options. The “as-is” phrase means that the seller does not want to do any repairs on the home or provide a credit off the price. However, the buyer can decide to purchase the home as it is and depending on the repairs that need to be done, or they can wait to see the results after the home inspection has been done.
  • Appraisal: An appraisal is the value of a property that is done by a person that is authorized. An appraisal is usually required before any real estate purchase, especially for insurance, taxes, and loans. To get an accurate appraisal, the professional will review properties that are similar that have been sold recently. The square footage of the home, bedroom numbers, bathroom numbers, and the age of the property will help determine the real estate appraisal value.
  • Listing Agent & Buyer’s Agent: A listing agent will represent the seller of the property and the buyer’s agent will represent the buyer. A buyer’s agent can also be called the purchasing agent, too. They will assist the buyer in finding appropriate properties in the price range and pay attention to the buyer’s preferences for a home.
  • Closing: The closing is also known as a settlement, and this is the last step with purchasing real estate. When it is closing day, it means the buyer is the official owner of the property.
  • Days on Market (DOM): Days on Market or DOM is the number of days the real estate property has been listed until it is sold. The difference between DOM and Cumulative Days on Market Days can sometimes vary.
  • Due Diligence: Due diligence is the time period from when the purchaser and/or investor access the property that they are interested in buying. During that time, they will receive a full disclosure about the real estate property’s facts before completing the purchase with the seller.
  • Escrow Holder: An escrow agent is a third party that is neutral during any real estate transaction. The escrow holder will be holding the funds along with any assets until both the seller and buyer are satisfied with the purchase agreement. Once all have agreed with any obligations, then the funds will be released to the seller and the sale is closed.
  • Homeowners Association (HOA): A homeowner’s association or HOA is the organization that will manage the property, and this usually occurs with condos, gated communities, or a subdivision. The HOA will have their own rules. Once someone purchases a property, they will become part of the HOA and will be required to pay HOA dues or fees.

Did you enjoy reading about real estate terminology? If you are interested in purchasing a vacation home, then you should consider looking in Mexico. At Villa La Estancia, we have beachfront homes that are spacious, luxurious, and finely furnished. Right now, we have properties in Nuevo Vallarta Nayarit and in Los Cabos. Plus, our unique hotel-condo concept property is highly sought out by people wanting to buy a home at the beach. Our homeowners enjoy the perks of having a beachfront home, and also enjoy exclusive access to resort quality amenities and services, too. Right now, we have a Try and Buy Program for qualified individuals who want to test out beachfront living before they invest. Contact us at Villa La Estancia to learn more about our luxurious beachfront residences available for purchase.