Do you enjoy vacationing in Mexico and dream of owning a vacation home in the future? Many people that visit Mexico quickly fall in love with the natural beauty, wonderful weather, and the rich heritage. Plus, when compared to other countries, the cost of living is quite less and the food is outstanding! There are many different options if you are interested in investing in Puerto Vallarta real estate. For instance, single family homes, condominiums, and vacation clubs are wise investments in Puerto Vallarta. The type of real estate depends upon how often you want to spend in Mexico, how much space you need, and the amenities that you prefer. Many expats prefer investing in a hotel-condo property like Villa La Estancia. Our premium beachfront residences are spacious, and homeowners love our wonderful onsite amenities, too. Meanwhile, read below to learn about real estate options in Banderas Bay.

Hotel-Condo Real Estate

Beachfront residence in Villa la Estancia Riviera Nayarit

In Mexico, one of the most popular real estate options in 2022 is a hotel-condo concept property. The hotel-condo property is perfect for a vacation home or retirement home if you want to live full time in the country. In Puerto Vallarta, there are many new developments under construction. The options are literally endless as it will depend on the location you prefer, the amount of bedrooms, and the price. Most hotel-condo real estate properties in Puerto Vallarta come with numerous amenities, which include swimming pools, fitness center, a spa, green spaces, and so much more. Plus, a condo is very low maintenance. Many people who are buying properties today don’t want to have to spend extra money with renovations or repairs. The hotel-condo concept such as the luxurious and elegant Villa La Estancia located in Nuevo Vallarta is a number one choice with savvy home buyers in 2022.

Single Family Homes

Next, single family homes in Puerto Vallarta is another popular real estate option in Banderas Bay. There is one major difference about single family houses in Mexico and that is the lot size. In Mexico, the lot sizes are very small compared to single family homes in other countries. Some single family houses will have neighbors sharing walls, too. There are single family houses that are older in some of the Puerto Vallarta neighborhoods that are close to the beaches, restaurants, and bars. In general, single family homes in PV are older and they have the traditional Mexican charm that many people like. However, they may need a lot of work and renovations due to the age of the house. In some of the newer neighborhoods there are single family homes that are bigger and they usually are in a gated community with 24 hour security. Sadly, most newer neighborhoods are not as close to the beaches, restaurants, shopping, and bars.

Timeshare Ownership

Timeshare ownership is another option if you want to enjoy the experience of having a vacation home in Puerto Vallarta. Timeshare ownership is also known as a vacation club. A timeshare owner will prepay for their future vacations by locking in the low rates that they are today. There are so many benefits to being a timeshare owner. You will get to enjoy all the amenities and services at the resort, and it feels like coming home when you return to use your vacation unit each year. You will need to invest and pay maintenance fees and dues, but this is an excellent option for people who don’t want to spend months traveling.

Puerto Vallarta is a top location in Mexico to buy real estate. Puerto Vallarta was once a small fishing village, and today it has that old charm along with plenty of modern conveniences that everyone appreciates. Have you vacationed in Puerto Vallarta and you are interested in real estate options in Banderas Bay? There are many different options. One of the best real estate options in Banderas Bay is the hotel-condo concept, because you will get to use all the amenities and services at the resort and you are guaranteed to feel like every day is a vacation in luxury. Plus, we have onsite security and attentive staff to assist homeowners as needed. Remember, Villa La Estancia has beachfront residences for sale in PV and Cabo San Lucas, too. Give us a call today to learn more to see which luxurious residences are still available for purchase.