Luxury Beachfront Real Estate in Mexico  

Are you dreaming of owning your very own vacation home at the beach in Mexico? If so, check out Villa La Estancia which is located in the upscale Nuevo Nayarit neighborhood in Riviera Nayarit. The peaceful and safe community is also located on one of the best beaches in Banderas Bay, Mexico’s largest bay.

Our award-winning beachfront real estate has earned the AAA 4 Diamond Award each year for over a decade due to excellence. Our hotel condo concept property also has a limited number of luxurious beachfront residences for purchase. Homeowners love the perfect location, spacious residences, and resort amenities and services, too.

As a result, Villa La Estancia is very popular with expats who want a low-maintenance and luxurious vacation home on the beach in Mexico. In the meantime, read below to learn more about luxury beachfront real estate in Mexico at Villa La Estancia.

Luxury Beachfront Real Estate

When it comes to investing in real estate in Mexico, it is very important that you are selective with where you put your money. Villa La Estancia is part of the Villa Group Resorts family which is very reputable as a top resort and developer in Mexico. Our solidly constructed residences spare no attention to detail, and homeowners really love the Hacienda-style decor and finishes.

Recently, the Villa La Estancia underwent some renovations to make sure that the property remains a top choice for resort guests and high-end home buyers who want to have a vacation home at the beach. As a result, it is certain that we will continue to be awarded the AAA Four Diamond Award each year.

In terms of amenities, homeowners have access to several swimming pools, jacuzzis, a spa, a well-equipped fitness center, onsite restaurants, room service, a front desk concierge, and more.

Onsite Restaurants

One of the best parts about owning a vacation home at Villa La Estancia is the incredible restaurants. For starters, La Casona Steak House is a Mexican-style electric steakhouse that has wonderful dishes that everyone will love. Guests can sit either indoors in the air conditioning or outside on the terrace.

La Casona has a great menu with a variety of flavors and an extensive selection of steak specials and Prime Cuts including Kobe beef and New York Strips. They are also open for breakfast, and famous for their wide variety of eggs benedict dishes.

Plus, the amazing views of Banderas Bay make every dining experience even more enjoyable. For lunch, you can head to La Parilla, which serves casual poolside fare including tasty burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and seafood dishes.

Last but not least, room service is also available so you can have a gourmet meal delivered right to your front door.

Visit our restaurant’s official website.

Vacation In Paradise

Has it been too long since you and your family have enjoyed a memorable vacation together? If so, you should know that Riviera Nayarit is the perfect vacation destination. Located on the Pacific Coast in Mexico in Banderas Bay, Villa La Estancia is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico.

There, the area enjoys wonderful weather all year so numerous outdoor activities can be enjoyed including golfing, biking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and so much more. Plus, Villa La Estancia is just 20 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, another top tourist destination. There, you can stroll the iconic Malecon boardwalk or check out the numerous excellent restaurants, bars, and shops, too.

In addition, the Puerto Vallarta International Airport was recently renovated and there are many affordable flights to and from the States making it easier for homeowners to travel to and from their vacation home in paradise.

Are you ready to take the leap and make your dream of owning luxury beachfront real estate in Mexico come true? If so, contact us at Villa La Estancia today to see if you are eligible to participate in our unique Try and Buy Program. Designed for prospective homebuyers, it allows qualified individuals a chance to enjoy a dream vacation and test out the luxury beach lifestyle before they buy.

Our amazing beachfront residences are spacious, fully furnished, and have expansive balconies that offer stunning views of Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre mountains. Plus, full and fractional ownership options are available for qualified homebuyers.

Give us a call right now, so you can start booking your Mexico vacation. During your stay, take a property tour of our luxury beachfront residences for sale. Perhaps your dream vacation home in paradise will be yours before you know it!

Mexican Real Estate Purchase Info

Do you want to move to Mexico full or part-time? Are you wanting to retire in Mexico? If so, you aren’t alone as many foreigners are moving to Mexico to enjoy a more relaxed, slower pace of life in paradise.

If you are hoping to move as well, you may be interested in purchasing real estate. If you are a foreigner who is living in Mexico and would like to get financing from a bank in Mexico, then you should know that most of the banks will require an FM2 migrant visa or a resident visa. Wondering where you should buy a property?

Contact us at Villa La Estancia in Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit. We are a hotel-condo concept property popular with ex-pats who want a dream vacation home at the beach. Meanwhile, keep reading below to learn more about Mexican real estate purchases for foreigners. 

Can Foreigners Get Bank Loans in Mexico?

Firstly, in 2023 foreigners have options in Mexico to obtain bank loans. Generally, most of the banks will have you show documentation of residency status in Mexico. For instance, it is required that you have a copy of your migrant visa.

If you want to apply for a loan, you have to have residency in Mexico. This isn’t a difficult process, and an immigration attorney can assist you. Do you want to know if a foreigner can finance a home in Mexico? Despite more banks offering loans for real estate in 2023, financing real estate in Mexico for foreigners is still limited.

Generally, Mexican banks don’t like to lend money to temporary residents unless the foreigner has two years of banking history with the bank. Also, some of the banks in Mexico will ask foreigners to have a cosigner to qualify for a loan along with having a decent credit score in the United States. 

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Mexico Banking Information

Mortgages are not as competitive in Mexico as they are in the United States. You can get a mortgage in Mexico as a non-Mexican, but the banks do have standard requirements just like in the US. What banks in Mexico do foreigners use? There are many options. The most popular banks in Mexico are BBVA Bancomer, Barnote, Citi Banamex, and Banco Santander.

Foreigners are able to open a bank account in Mexico, but as a US citizen there are important things you should know. Each bank will have different requirements, but an ID, proof of address, and a copy of your identification are a must.

Also, some of the Mexico banks will accept an FM3 non-migrant visa if you can provide proof of foreign bank statements that show you meet financial requirements.

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Can Foreigners Get Bank Loans for Real Estate in Mexico?

There are more options today than in previous years for financing for real estate in Mexico. Some of the principal banks in Mexico along with specialized lenders offer “cross-border” loans that will lend money in US dollars.

Usually, banks in Mexico offer real estate loans ranging from five to twenty years, and some will offer longer-year loans. If you purchase a new construction, the developers will offer in-house financing for qualified buyers.

Does Mexico use a credit score system? The Buro de Credito is the official credit bureau in Mexico that tracks credit information. Circulo de Credito is a private credit bureau that uses the FICO score and is starting to become popular with many banks in Mexico. 

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Bank Trust Information

Lastly, foreigners who want to purchase real estate property near the coast or border of Mexico will need to get a bank trust for the title, which is also known as “Fideicomiso” in Spanish. The bank trust allows foreigners to invest in property in Mexico and own it as a beneficiary.

To set up a Fideicomiso, the bank fees, permit, and one year of fees need to be paid in advance along with other expenses that can range from $2,000 to $2,500 USD. The closing costs, property taxes, rights, notary, certificates, and attorney fees will also have to be paid at the same time. 

It is easy to see that you can get a bank account and get a loan from a bank in Mexico if you meet their requirements.

Do you want to purchase a vacation home in Mexico? If so, why not check out Villa La Estancia in Nuevo Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas? Both are prevalent destinations in Mexico for expats. Plus, both properties are on beautiful beaches with stunning ocean views.

Villa La Estancia offers full and fractional ownership options, and we have in-house developer financing available for qualified home buyers as well. To learn more, contact Villa La Estancia and sign up to participate in our Try and Buy Program. It allows prospective homebuyers to enjoy a dream vacation at their property before they invest in buying real estate.

During your stay, you can live a dream beach lifestyle while enjoying amazing onsite amenities and services. 

Dine in Style at Villa La Estancia

Did you know that Villa La Estancia Los Cabos has incredible restaurants located right on the property? That way, homeowners don’t even have to leave the property if they want to have a gourmet meal.

For example, La Casona Restaurant at Villa la Estancia Cabo won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence last year in 2022. The La Casona restaurant earned the 2022 Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for our incredible dishes and extensive wine list.

In case you didn’t know, Villa La Estancia Cabo is an upscale hotel-condo concept property that has luxurious beachfront vacation suites and a limited number of private residences for sale, too. Also, in addition to La Casona, the property has five-star amenities including multiple pools, jacuzzis, a spa, fitness center, room service, front desk concierge, and more.

Meanwhile, read more about dining in style at Villa La Estancia in Los Cabos.

Vacation in Style at Villa La Estancia 

For starters, Villa La Estancia Cabo is a great place to book a vacation. Our unique hotel-condo concept property has world-class amenities and VIP services that guests adore.

The hacienda-style decor and design is very warm and inviting and makes homeowners love their vacation home even more. Plus, our beachfront suites are very spacious, comfortable, and elegant – The ideal location on Medano Beach allows homeowners to quickly get down to the beach to go swimming, paddling, or scrolling along. shore.

The residences are furnished with taste and contain only the finest finishes. Bedrooms and bathrooms are luxurious, and the balconies offer amazing Sea of Cortez views that take the breath away. Plus, homeowners love having exclusive access to resort amenities like pools, a spa, a fitness center, jacuzzis, delicious onsite restaurants like La Casonas, room service, and a front desk concierge. 

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Wine Spectator Award for La Casona  

Next, Wine Spectator is the leading publication for wine connoisseurs that reviews and recommends vineyards and restaurants. Last year, the Villa La Estancia La Casona restaurant earned the 2022 Wine Spectator award which is a top honor for sommeliers and chefs. Award recipient restaurants must serve incredible food, and provide a wine list with top quality local and international producers.

Also, award winners must also provide wine selections that perfectly complement the restaurant’s dishes. At La Casona Restaurant, the menu features wine from famous Mexican vineyards in the Valle de Guadalupe as well as Italy and France.

Plus, there are also regional vineyards in the Baja California Sur area that are showing promise by creating great wines that can compete with more established wineries around the world. If you love excellent wine, you will love dining at La Casona at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos.

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La Casona Cuisine

In addition to great wine, the food is also simply incredible at La Casona. While selecting the finest Mexican wines is a big part of what earned Villa La Estancia the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence last year, the tasty dishes are also worthy of praise. The restaurant uses the best ingredients that are locally sourced and grown ingredients.

That way, they prepare healthy and tasty dishes that are also supporting the local economy. La Casona chefs add signature touches to classic dishes so that everyone will really enjoy their dining experience. Top dishes include fresh fish, prime rib, organic chicken, and a rack of lamb. Some people say that La Casona is the number one rated restaurant in Cabo.

Our talented chefs really put a special touch on a variety of succulent dishes available for breakfast and dinner. Plus, the restaurant is elegant, warm, and inviting with a stone fireplace outside that really makes for a cozy and pleasant dining environment. 

Now that you read this, are you thinking you should book a vacation to Villa La Estancia Cabo? Maybe, you should also ask to see which of our limited number of beachfront residences is still available for sale, too? We offer full and fractional ownership options and have in-house developer financing available in some situations, too.

If you want a low-maintenance vacation home in Mexico where you can show up with your suitcase and move right in, look no further. Perhaps your dream home in Baja is waiting for you at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos. Last year, La Casona restaurant received the Wine Spectator Award for Excellence in 2022.

Therefore, don’t forget to make reservations to enjoy a gourmet meal and exquisite wine at La Casona at Villa La Estancia in Los Cabos. Call Villa La Estancia today to ask about our Try and Buy Program for prospective homebuyers who love to vacation in paradise. 

All About Notaries in Mexico

Would you like to know about the differences between notaries in Mexico and in the United States? In the United States, they are referred to as a Notary Public, which is a public officer that provides a variety of duties such as being a witness and authenticating legal documents.

The term Notary Public refers to common-law notaries or lay notaries. They can also perform official acts and administer affirmations and oaths. Notaries in Mexico are called Notarios, and they have many different duties, especially when it comes to buying real estate.

If you’d like to buy a luxury vacation home in Mexico, contact us at Villa La Estancia. We have two luxury properties in the country’s best coastal destinations, Riviera Nayarit near Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas in Baja.

We have elegant beachfront residences and outstanding resort amenities that homeowners adore. In the meantime to learn all about notaries in Mexico, keep reading below. 

All About Notaries in Mexico

To start with, notaries in Mexico have a very important job with many official processes and transactions. For instance, they are involved in processes related to the purchasing and selling of different kinds of real estate, establishing deeds and wills, mortgages, and incorporation for companies.

Also, if someone or a company doesn’t use a Notario Publico to calculate the taxes or withhold taxes, the Notario could be personally liable. Many people don’t understand the United States Notary Public and Mexican Notario Publicos, the Notary Publics in the US don’t do the duties that the Mexico Notarios do.

To become a notary in Mexico you need to be born in Mexico, be between 25 through 60 years of age, be healthy, have an excellent reputation, cannot be a leader of a church, and cannot have a criminal record. They are also given a written exam as well. 

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Mexican Notaries’ Common Duties

Next, would you like to know about common Mexican notaries’ duties? A Mexican notary can arbitrate, mediate, provide judicial opinions, and intervene in judicial proceedings. They also assist in making sure documents for companies, wills, deeds, power of attorney, real estate purchases, and trusts.

The Mexican notary can also assist in processes related to tax payments, public deeds, and certifying documents such as wills, business contracts, and real estate information. They also are responsible for managing and storing original documents as well. There is supposed to be one notary in Mexico for every 30,000 residents. 

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Do You Need a Notary?

If you want to purchase real estate in Mexico, then you will need a notary. You will have to get an attorney if you need legal advice as well. The notary will be neutral with all parties in Mexico.

Their main job is to make sure that all documents and permits are legal and that all taxes are paid on the real estate property. They are liable for every transaction they perform. The fees for the notary will depend on the type of services they are providing.

A notary is a respected profession in Mexico, and they are the final word with the title transfer when real estate property is sold. 

Did you enjoy learning all about notaries in Mexico? You will want to work with a notary if you are interested in buying a beachfront property in Mexico.

If you are unsure where to invest, then check out Villa La Estancia. We have a wonderful hotel-condo concept that investors and homebuyers really like. Right now, we have two locations in top destinations in Mexico including Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Nayarit.

Our beachfront residences are furnished elegantly, constructed solidly, and are ready to move in. Plus, homeowners have complete access to the onsite amenities and services with the resort, too. In addition, we have full and fractional ownership options available for qualified home buyers.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us and ask if you are eligible to participate in our Try and Buy Program which was designed for prospective homebuyers. It’s a great way to test out living at the beach in paradise before you buy.

Are you ready to buy a dream vacation home at the beach that’s spacious, low-maintenance, and super comfortable? If you are, contact us today to learn more. 

Mexico Flight Updates

For decades, Mexico has been a popular vacation destination for people around the world. More and more people are visiting Mexico each year because Mexico has so much to see and do. Vacationers especially love coastal towns that have miles of beautiful beaches, amazing fresh food, and a rich culture.

Recently, more flights have been added to some of Mexico’s airports due to the large increase in visitors. For example, VivaAerobus has recently announced four additional routes from Mexico City’s Airport.

The added flight routes will allow people coming from around the world to arrive in popular vacation destinations in Mexico to and from Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Jalisco, Zihuatanejo, Sonora, Sinaloa, and Jalisco from Mexico City.

In the meantime, keep reading below to learn more about the new Mexico flight updates.

Additional New Flights in Mexico

To start with, the new added flights from AIFA Airport, VivaAerobus the ultra-low-cost carrier have announced additional flights from Mexico’s City Felipe Angeles International Airport (NLU). For instance, VivaAerobus is adding four new routes to numerous vacation destinations over the coming months.

They have already added eleven new routes from Mexico City Airport (AIFA) and will operate more than fifty flights each week. The additional new flights in Mexico will allow more people to fly with direct flights and affordable prices along with a variety of schedule options.

If you want to spend time in Mexico regularly, why not buy a vacation home or a second home at the beach? In the Nuevo Nayarit neighborhood of Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas, you can find Villa La Estancia, which is a hotel-condo concept property that has luxurious beachfront residences for sale that expats love. 

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VivaAerobus Announces New Routes

Next, VivaAerobus has recently announced four new domestic routes to NLU Airport. For instance, Hermosillo (HMO) Puerto Vallarta (PVR), Ixtapa Zihuatanejo (ZIH), and Mazatlan (MZT) will be providing new flights in and out of Mexico City.

Also, in May 2023, VivaAerobus began offering thirty-eight departures weekly from the Felipe Angeles Airport to handle six domestic destinations including Tijuana, Acapulco, Puerto Escondido, Cancun, Oaxaca, and Monterrey. On July 2, the routes to Mazatlan, Hermosillo, Zihuatanejo, and Ixtapa will start and on July 14 the route to Puerto Vallarta will begin.

The VivaAerobus route to Puerto Vallarta will offer daily services, and Hermosillo service will be available four times a week on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. The flights to Mazatlan and Ixtapa Zihuatanejo will be available three days a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. With these new options, it’s even easier to get around Mexico and stay on budget, too. 

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Additional Routes with Added Capacity

Along with adding additional flights, VivaAerobus is also planning on increasing capacity to additional routes. For instance, VivaAerobus is planning on expanding the number of flights to Puerto Escondido (PXM) Oaxaca (OAX), Cancun (CUN), Tijuana (TIJ) Acapulco (ACA). On July 14th, they will offer three daily departures to Cancun from Mexico City.

Also, Tijuana is offering two daily flights, too. Puerto Escondido will be offering daily flights, and Acapulco and Oaxaca will be receiving four weekly services on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday to and from Mexico City.

VivaAerobus will be offering 74 weekly fights in total from NLU Airport which makes VivaAerobus the 2nd largest airline provider in Mexico. 

Did you enjoy reading about the Mexico flight updates? VivaAerobus is securing its place as one of Mexico’s top airlines. Also, Mexico City Airport will have direct flights to 19 destinations along with 5 international locations in Panama, Caracas, Santo Domingo, Havana, and Houston.

Are you ready to book your Mexico vacation? If so, call us at Villa La Estancia in Cabo San Lucas or Riviera Nayarit near Puerto Vallarta. Right now, we have affordable vacation packages on sale so you can pamper your loved ones with a dream vacation to Mexico.

Also, we have premium beachfront real estate if you want to buy a vacation home at the beach. We have a limited number of elegant and spacious beachfront residences that also come with access to world-class resort amenities and services, too.

Contact us at Villa La Estancia today to book a vacation and schedule a property tour!