Villas for Sale at Villa La Estancia Cabo San Lucas

If experiencing the luxury and comfort of an ocean-front home in Cabo San Lucas has always been a dream of yours, make it a reality at the spectacular Villa La Estancia Cabo San Lucas. The prime Cabo property boasts 156 luxury-appointed villas designed in a rich colonial-hacienda style combined with contemporary amenities such as fully equipped gourmet kitchens featuring stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. With a selection of penthouses, 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom villas to consider, you will certainly find the perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle.

Villa for Sale at Villa La Estancia Cabo

Just imagine the scene … a welcoming hacienda-style gate leads you to a handsomely designed front door made from maple wood. The magnificent feel of the lavish interiors, which include a stately living room in addition to grand dining and entertainment areas, is taken to new heights with ten foot ceilings. To ensure you find your new home in Cabo as comfortable as possible, there is high-speed internet satellite TV, a washer/dryer and climate control with central air-conditioning.

The breathtaking views of the ocean will amaze you, even when you catch a glimpse through sliding doors and windows with double-glazed tempered glass which lead out to your palatial balcony or terrace. The gorgeous cabinetry throughout is made from hardwood maple and you will feel like a king with marble flooring. Bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms boast opulent extras like spacious walk-in closets, large travertine marble showers, whirlpool tubs, dual vanities and marble countertops. Once you get a taste of these features when you check out our villas for sale, you will be spoiled forever!

Penthouse Villas for Sale in Cabo

The sensational Penthouse Suites give you ample room to stretch out, with 4,326 square feet of amazing space to treasure. With two master suites, each with a king size bed and en-suite bathroom, and a guest bedroom with two double beds, you can be sure there is a quiet escape for everyone when they are ready for some downtime. While the sumptuous indoor areas are splendid in their own right, the outdoor living space of the Penthouses is an absolute highlight, featuring a top of the line grill, a Jacuzzi and a fire pit upon a vast terrace which will allow you to soak in the immense beauty nature has to offer.

Three-Bedroom Villas for Sale in Cabo

The Three-Bedroom Suites have 2,769 square feet of masterfully designed comfort, with two master bedrooms each with generous spa bathrooms. The indoor areas open to a large terrace where you will find a wet bar to make any occasion just a bit more festive and you can enjoy the outdoors any time of the year.

Two-Bedroom Villas for Sale in Cabo

You will find everything your heart could desire within the 2,166 square feet of the opulent Two-Bedroom Suites. The master bedroom has a king size bed with an en-suite spa bathroom, while a second bedroom has two queen size beds. Of course, you’ll want to spend some time on your terrace to take advantage of the outdoors, too. Who can resist those Cabo sunsets.

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Banderas Bay Diving

Banderas Bay has amazing scuba diving options and the most breathtaking underwater opportunities for visitors to experience. A number of breathtaking natural underwater environments provide incredible tours to see marine life up close. Diving in Banderas Bay means that visitors can explore different volcanic formations, reefs, tunnels, covers, and rock arches. You don’t have to be an expert diver to experiences the enchanting elements below the water’s surface. Banderas bay diving provides some of the most exciting sea and marine life that includes sea turtles, eels, seahorses, octopuses, and some of the most beautiful tropical fish and rays.

Take a look below at what Banderas Bay diving tours can offer:

Los Arcos

The Los Arcos National Marine Park is the most visited landmark in Puerto Vallarta, especially for diving and snorkelling. The Los Arcos National Marine Park is protected by the Mexican government and has rock formations that are inspiring along with marine life and rare birds that include the Blue Footed Boobies. Los Arcos has long been a favorite spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. There are a variety of boat tours available during the day that will take divers down below the surface of the water where divers can enjoy beautiful tropical fish and many marine life that includes eels, seahorses, sea turtles, and even manta rays that are huge. About sixty feet further down there is a sandy patch that is called the Devil’s Mouth, and it leads to a 1,800 foot deep of the sea canyon that is absolutely beautiful.

Las Marietas

Las Marietas is located on the edge of Banderas Bay. There are two islands that are pretty large which also serve as a delightful marine reserve, perfect for diving and snorkel tours. In the 1960’s, Jacques Cousteau was left in complete awe of these two islands, putting them on the diving map. There are many underwater tunnels and caves that divers can explore. It doesn’t matter what level of diving you have as there are multiple diving areas: thirty foot, fifty foot, and the maximum depth is one hundred and ten! Divers will get their very own taste of underwater candy, seeing several different species of rays along with coral and fish. Their beauty will transform any diver. One of the most dramatic features located here is a rocky wall that sits vertically on the southern end of one of the islands. The rocky wall starts about one hundred feet above sea level, then immediately drops into the water.


Your Banderas Bay diving experience isn’t complete unless you include Majahuitas. This dive spot is located to the south of Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay and is another excellent place to go diving and snorkelling. Divers can see a variety of tropical fish that swim around the massive boulders that are in the sea. This area is a great place to see octopuses, eagle rays, and garden eels who enjoy slithering in the water or on the sandy patches. Sometimes divers can see huge manta rays that have a wingspan of 15-20 feet as they have been seen in this area.

Banderas Bay diving is world class diving for divers of any diving levels. The natural beauty that can be seen is breathtaking.

Advantages For Snowbirds of Property Ownership

Escaping the hard winters of colder climates in favor of sunshine and warmth elsewhere is a choice we’d all like to be able to make, and for some it’s a reality. Those who are retired, facing retirement, those who work from home, and those who have flexible business schedules often choose this path. And why wouldn’t you? The sunshine, warmth, sand, and sea are great accompaniments to winter living, and in Mexico you are guaranteed all four!

Advantages for Snowbirds of Property Ownership

The benefits of being a snowbird in Mexico are pretty obvious, but have you considered the benefits of property ownership? Let’s consider the advantages of property ownership now…

Peace of mind

Snowbirds can spend huge amounts of time each year looking for a suitable property to rent, but if you own your own property you not only know what you’ll be getting and where you’ll be going, but you’ll have no issue with arrival and departure dates. It’s all in your hands. All you have to do is arrive!

Savings and investments

The money you spend on rent as a permanent or long-term snowbird can be quite something, but if you were to instead invest this in a purchase you might even get some money back by renting out your property when you’re not using it. Otherwise, you could just be pouring money away on rent rather than investing in property ownership that is for life.

Guaranteed Quality

You know that when you get there everything will be just the way you like it to be. Property ownership means choosing the place that is perfect for you and spending time making it your escape in paradise whenever you want.

Property ownership doesn’t have to be a burden

There are many places like Villa La Estancia Residences which offer fractional as well as full deeded ownership to those who want an investment with no ties. Property ownership in a gated resort community means all the benefits with less responsibility!

Build Up to Full Ownership with Fractions

If you start as a fractional snowbird owner you can very often build up your owned fractions over time until you own the full property. This is a steady and manageable way to buy real estate in Mexico.

If you want more information about owning fully deeded and fractional properties browse our website and contact us in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas.

Why Purchase Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas

It is very rare to find a place in the world that is so beautiful, and yet is the perfect fusion of natural and man-made areas. No-one knows who roamed this area hundred of years ago, or who made it home, but Cabo is now one of the hottest places in the world for real estate investment. This rich seaside desert, embraced by gorgeous mountains is a perfect place for those seeking peace, quiet, and their own piece of paradise.

Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas

The famous arch-shaped rock formation that adorns the landscape is one of the most famous in the world and has put Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas on the map; mother nature worked hard to make this place the phenomenon that it is, and man has capitalized on this.

Considering purchasing real estate south of the border but not quite sure where to do so?

Cabo San Lucas is so much more than just a vacation hotspot, and offers all the conveniences of a well-planned metropolis as well as the feel of a more exclusive, compact town. Urban development has been well planned, and as a result you can find everything from vacant lots to condominiums to elegant beachfront properties.

Here are some important factors which have swayed the decisions of many to purchase real estate in Cabo San Lucas:

Climate in Cabo

The climate in Cabo San Lucas is sunny and warm all year round, making it highly desirable for those who are sick of shovelling snow. Average temperatures hit 95 Fahrenheit at the peak, and 50 at the lowest points. Humidity, too, is manageable even in the warmest seasons with warm days and the Pacific breeze at night. July through October is the rainy season, but the total tends to be 15 rainy days per year. This is yet another reason why so many enjoy this particular area; barbeque is always on the menu!

Hollywood Elite

Cabo San Lucas has long been a place where the rich and famous congregate to enjoy the high end resorts which cater specifically to Hollywood elite and the big players of Silicon Valley. This is no surprise, of course, considering how convenient the city is to California; it has almost become a must for the rich and famous to own weekend properties in Cabo San Lucas. The weekends bring in people from across the world to enjoy elite cocktail parties behind closed doors. Just imagine who your neighbors might be if you were to purchase real estate in Cabo San Lucas.

Golf anyone?

World class golf courses, medical facilities, modern conveniences, and an affordable lifestyle have also made Cabo the place to retire to on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Golf lovers in particular flock to this area as you can choose from a set of world class courses designed by some of the best in the business.

Easy Buying Process

The buying process in Mexico is a little different to that in the USA or Canada, but is not necessarily worse or better… just different. A good realtor will make the whole process much quicker and easier for you even if you do not live in Cabo san Lucas, or Mexico. Choosing a reliable realtor will ensure a smooth transaction. A notary public, one of the highest officials in the Mexican legal system, will and must validate your transaction; they will certify that all your legal documents are in order to ensure a clear transferral of title of your real estate in Cabo San Lucas.


Mexico is fairly unusual in that it has a restricted zone in which different rules apply. Within this area 62 miles from the border and 31 miles from the coast a bank trust called Fideicomiso is used to allow non-Mexican nationals to acquire property. This works by placing the real estate property into a bank trust recorded in the name of a Mexican trustee, in this case the bank. The Mexican trustee is generally the Mexican Bank Trust, but does not have to be. They are, nonetheless, more secure and trustworthy than a private partnership might necessarily be.

Cabo San Lucas is a place that you could easily call home. For a discounted real estate package please click here for Try and Buy.