Mexico Ranks No 8 For International Tourism

Based on 2016 statistics, the United Nations World Tourism Organization ranks Mexico as the 8th most popular destination globally for international tourism. The world tourism rankings are sent out three times per year; they rate countries based on the number of international visitors that arrive as well as the revenue tourism (both inbound and outbound) generates. Mexico has beaten popular destinations like Turkey, Thailand, Portugal, Greece, and the Dominican Republic for the number 8 spot.

Reasons for Mexico’s Popularity for international tourism

According to an article in El Universal, the Mexican newspaper, one of the reasons for Mexico’s sudden increase in popularity in recent years comes from the favorable exchange rates which Canadian, American, and European tourists are experiencing. The article published in July this year claims that the number of tourists coming to Mexico has risen to 64% over the last five years, That amounts to around 9.6 million people visiting the country in 2016 alone!

Nonetheless, Mexico was a popular destination for international tourism even before such favorable exchange rates; the wide range of destinations go from the mountainous and arid to lush and jungle studded. And of course, there are the beach hotspots. Better yet there are many low-cost charter flights from North America and Canada (and even some from Europe). The culture, food, and cultural attractions in the tourist destinations alone will make the trip worthwhile.

Safety in Mexico for international tourism

There are some common misconceptions that people hold about Mexico as a country, and they are often based on the news headline which focus on the troubles some parts of the country have (most notably the US-Mexican border). The major tourist hotspots like Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Riviera Maya, however, are safer than many US and European cities. Law abiding visitors are in little danger so long as they exercise the same caution as they would at home.

So, why do you think that Mexico is ranked amongst the top 10 for international tourism? Dont forget to leave your comments below!

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What is a Fideicomiso? – Q&A Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta

What is a Fideicomiso?

A Fideicomiso is the name of a real estate trust in Mexico which enables foreign nationals to own property within the restricted zones in Mexico. The Trustee is a Mexican bank of the individual’s choosing, though the foreign national remains the named beneficiary of the trust. This means that the beneficiary retains all control of the leasing, improvement, assignment, and sale of the property; it’s not a lease, but similar to a Living Trust in the US. Simply put, the property is placed into a trust owned by the individual, but administered by the bank.

Why do I need a Fideicomiso?

If you are intending to buy real estate in Mexico’s “restricted zones,” which includes land around the coasts and borders of Mexico you will need to enter this arrangement. The purpose is to protect Mexican land and prevent the kind of massive land loss that was experienced in the past whilst still allowing for foreign nationals to own land in the restricted areas of the country. This was made an option as an alternative to amending the Mexican Constitution; homes over 62 miles from the coasts and borders can be bought without a Fideicomiso, though some people opt to have one anyway as there are some additional benefits.

Is your trust an asset of the bank?

No. If you have a Fideicomiso the trust is not an asset of your chosen bank. The bank are stewards of the trust, and you and those you designate are the beneficiaries of this trust. This means that, because your trust is not an asset of the bank, it is not exposed or vulnerable to any legal action against the bank.

For how long does the Fideicomiso last?

The trust is initially established for 50 years after which it can be renewed with a simple form and fee. All trusts are set in 50-year increments and the possibility of renewal is guaranteed in perpetuity.

How much does a fideicomiso cost?

At present, it costs around $500 USD per year.

Can the Government take my property?

Not without good reason, fair compensation, and a legal condemnation proceeding, just like any land in Mexico.

Foreigners often worry about their land and property being vulnerable to expropriation by the Mexican Government, but under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Mexico may not directly or indirectly expropriate property except for a public purpose like road building. Fair compensation means the inclusion of accrued interest and market values.

Can I get a fideicomiso for ejido land?

No. Any land dubbed “ejido” is land that only a Mexican National can own legally, and even then only when they meet strict criteria and in certain circumstances. Ejido land is the only land in Mexico without a title and is intended for those Mexicans who work the land.

Is Living in Mexico Safe for Foreigners?

Although there are isolated incidents of violence that occur, they are almost exclusively related to drug cartels who retaliate against their rivals, most often happening around border towns like Ciudad Juarez where cartels battle for power. The media has sadly and unfairly given Mexico a bad reputation, but huge numbers of expats and retirees who live there know there is another side to this wonderful country. If you are thinking about living in Mexico, here are some tips on how to stay safe:

Make Your Home in a Well-traveled Region

Mexico is home to several coastal areas and cities found all over the country that have drawn large expat communities. Places like Cabo and Puerto Vallarta are particularly appealing to people because they are famously safe and welcoming.

Use Common Sense

Although the unfortunate reality is that drug-related violence can be a problem in certain parts of Mexico, if you are not friendly with anyone in a cartel or buy illegal drugs, it is highly unlikely that you would ever become involved in a dangerous situation. Rather than choosing random victims, cartel members attack their rivals or their families for vengeance, not for the thrill of committing a crime. Keep in mind that no matter where you are in the world, you can never totally safeguard yourself against random crime. In fact, there are many cities worldwide with much higher crime rates than Mexico, including some in the United States. As long as you don’t hang around in certain areas known for danger in big cities or border towns, you should be fine.

Driving Through the Country

Be sure to do some research ahead of time if you have decided to drive across the border from the United States. Only cross the border during the day and pick a border area known for its safety. After you have crossed into Mexico, driving in daylight hours and stopping before dark is highly recommended. One more safety tactic is to choose toll roads which should filter out most, if not all, undesirable roadmates.

Ensure Your Safety

If you want to take it one step further, you can even look for a home within a gated community or hire your own personal 24 hour security. You will enjoy peace of mind whether you are home or away knowing that your home is being looked after.

Head south of the border and move to Mexico, where you can live safely and have a great time doing it!

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Voladores de Papantla in Banderas Bay

Strolling along the famous “malecon” (boardwalk) is one of the most sought out activities for residents and locals living in Banderas Bay. The beautiful Puerto Vallarta waterfront is actually the heart and soul of the bay. This is where you will find many varieties of boutiques, eateries, bars, as well as unique statues and sculptures that are situated along the boardwalk, However, there is one sight that you won’t want to miss: the Voladores de Papantla. The Voladores de Papantla (Flyers of Papantla) are a tradition throughout Mexico, though they originated in the state of Veracruz. The ritualistic acrobatics of the performers is incredible as they soar through the sky playing instruments.

Voladores de Papantla in Banderas Bay

On the north end of the malecon, you will see a large pole rising from the beach where the talented and amazing performers wait each day to delight visitors, performing several shows a day. The acrobats are dressed in vibrant, traditional embroidered outfits, which look spectacular as they spin around the pole in this special ritual.

The Birdmen

The five voladores are sometimes translated as “birdmen” because they fly through the air. In order to perform this ceremonial ritual, they climb to the top of the pole where they will sit patiently for the master spinner to get to the top of the pole. The master spinner will begin to play a flute, emitting a very distinct tune that you won’t be able to get out of your head for hours afterwards. The four other birdmen will tie one foot with a rope to the top of the pole, then they will each start spinning slowly falling upside down until they each reach the ground. Each of the men will spin 13 times to mimic the cycles of the moon.

Where did this tradition begin?

Hundreds of years ago, ancient legend has it that in central Mexico a sacred ceremony was created in response to a severe drought. The land was ravaged, bringing about starvation and extreme hunger. The locals wanted to please the gods so they would release the rain, believing that the gods were starting to feel neglected. So they created this ceremony.

Five young men were sent into the forest to find the tallest tree. After they had asked and received permission from the mountain god, the men removed all the branches from the tree and cut it down. They dragged the tall trunk back to the village and erected it to create a very tall pole. Then, the five men dressed up as birds, climbing to the top of the tree pole to get the gods’ attention. One of the men remained at the top playing music while the four men jumped from the pole. Legend has it that the gods were pleased and rewarded them with rain.

Ancient Ritual Intangible Cultural Heritage

UNESCO has recognized this ritual as part of Mexico’s intangible culture heritage and is thus protected.

For everyone who visits or lives Banderas Bay the Voladores de Papantla are certainly one of the highlights.

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Why Own a Residence with 5-Star hotel Services?

Why Own a Residence with 5-Star hotel Services? The benefits of owning a second home in the sunshine are many, but did you know that there are specific benefits which come with homes on hotel grounds? At the Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit or Cabo San Lucas, when you opt to purchase real estate you also have access to all of the resorts’ 5-star amenities and services. This means that you can use the spa, the tennis courts, the pool, and make use of the activities program if you wish!

We’ve listed below the benefits you get when you own a residence with 5-star hotel services:

Guaranteed Quality

Not only do you get the familiar feeling of home when you return to a vacation property, but you have the same quality assurances as you would if you were staying with the hotel itself. You can expect the best in terms of architectural design, construction, finishings and fittings, furnishings, and appliances… and, of course, the very best service from the staff on site!

VIP Living

When you buy a property from a 5-star hotel you’re buying into a lifestyle which will see you being treated like a VIP every day of your stay. When you stay at your home at Villa La Estancia, the staff will know your name and can be called upon to help with anything you may require (even if you’re living here full time!). It’s like an endless, luxury vacation.

Professional Homeowners Association

Amongst the other benefits of the 5-star services and amenities, you will have access to is the fact that you will be represented by a team of professionals. They will make sure that your voice as a homeowner is heard, and to ensure that you can be certain of the standards you will experience in both common areas and your home.

Luxury pools and beach with waiter service

That’s right when you own a residence that has hotel services you can enjoy poolside waiter service and snacks at one of the resort’s pools, and you can even have waiter service while you’re on the beach!

Spa, Gym and tennis courts

When you own a residence with hotel services you don’t need to worry about joining a fitness club or gym; you can make use of the basketball and squash courts, the pools, and the gym for free!

Room service and private chef

What might surprise you, however, is that you can also enjoy room service as an owner! If that doesn’t take your fancy, or you have a special event to celebrate, you can also hire the hotels private chef to make you a special meal.


The resorts activities program is open to owners and guests alike.

24-Hour Security

You need never worry about your property or safety; this area is within a gated community with 24-hour security.

If you want information about how to own a residence with 5-Star hotel services at Villa La Estancia please call:
Villa La Estancia Cabo – 1 877 499 1901
Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit – 1 866 843 7005