Based on 2016 statistics, the United Nations World Tourism Organization ranks Mexico as the 8th most popular destination globally for international tourism. The world tourism rankings are sent out three times per year; they rate countries based on the number of international visitors that arrive as well as the revenue tourism (both inbound and outbound) generates. Mexico has beaten popular destinations like Turkey, Thailand, Portugal, Greece, and the Dominican Republic for the number 8 spot.

Reasons for Mexico’s Popularity for international tourism

According to an article in El Universal, the Mexican newspaper, one of the reasons for Mexico’s sudden increase in popularity in recent years comes from the favorable exchange rates which Canadian, American, and European tourists are experiencing. The article published in July this year claims that the number of tourists coming to Mexico has risen to 64% over the last five years, That amounts to around 9.6 million people visiting the country in 2016 alone!

Nonetheless, Mexico was a popular destination for international tourism even before such favorable exchange rates; the wide range of destinations go from the mountainous and arid to lush and jungle studded. And of course, there are the beach hotspots. Better yet there are many low-cost charter flights from North America and Canada (and even some from Europe). The culture, food, and cultural attractions in the tourist destinations alone will make the trip worthwhile.

Safety in Mexico for international tourism

There are some common misconceptions that people hold about Mexico as a country, and they are often based on the news headline which focus on the troubles some parts of the country have (most notably the US-Mexican border). The major tourist hotspots like Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Riviera Maya, however, are safer than many US and European cities. Law abiding visitors are in little danger so long as they exercise the same caution as they would at home.

So, why do you think that Mexico is ranked amongst the top 10 for international tourism? Dont forget to leave your comments below!

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