Whether you are staying for a week, a month or a lifetime, Villa Group Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas can offer luxury realty at the beach in one of the most sought after destinations in Mexico. Your dreams can become a reality when you say “yes!” to one of the exclusive Villa Group Real Estate options available to home hunters, snowbirds and property investors alike in Cabo San Lucas.

Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas

Located on one of the most beautiful swimming beaches in Cabo San Lucas, Villa Group’s real estate options at Villa La Estancia Cabo are some of the most luxurious and breathtaking in Mexico. They can offer residences providing privacy in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Baja California. Villa Group’s full and fractional ownership provides both exclusivity and luxury for owners who wish to purchase real estate that is likely to appreciate in value.

Five Star Real Estate in Cabo

Suitable for all budgets and persuasions, Villa Group real estate is dedicated to developing luxury properties at five-star resorts which will appeal to those who like the best things in life. Dependant on what type of property you require, whether a grand penthouse with magnificent views to a sumptuous condo on the beach, Villa Group real estate has an option to cater for all. The Villa Group real estate property listings offer residences for full time ownership for those committed to living in Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta and a selection of limited edition fractional properties for those who wish to stay for shorter periods of time like two or three months.

Fractional Real Estate in Cabo

There are several different ownership options available through the Villa Group. Full time ownership and vacation club membership are popular, but in between these is the Fractional ownership option. This type of ownership of real estate in Cabo means that you share your property with other “partner owners,” with each of you having access to the same unit at different times of the year. Fractional ownership has been around since the early 1990’s, when ownership of private jets, luxury yachts and vacation homes became very popular.

8 week or 12 week intervals, for life are the portions available through Villa Group in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. When purchasing fractional real estate in Cabo or Puerto Vallarta at Villa La Estancia, bear in mind that a great advantage is that you can always use the equity from your fraction later in life if and when you are ready to make Mexico your permanent home location. The equity from Villa Group real estate fractions can be used towards payment of a full ownership property at Villa La Estancia.

Deeded ownership and the flexibility to rent their residence through an in house rental program are enjoyed by full time investors in Villa Group Real Estate. They are also free to rent on their own either short or long term. You will feel like a VIP guest at a 5 star resort but really you can come and go as you like and are able to call the residence your “home”.