The confusion that often occurs when people compare Villa La Estancia’s fractional villas with residence clubs or condo hotels is because all of these types of vacation ownership offer luxurious accommodations and services within resort complexes. Just like the residence clubs or condo hotels, you will enjoy all the five star services available at Villa La Estancia, indulging in your second home like a resident guest.

How do Villa La Estancia’s fractional villas differ from residence clubs or condo hotels?

The main advantage and difference between Villa La Estancia’s fractional villas and residence clubs or condo hotels is that you own a specific fractional property forever, just like any regular real estate purchase. That is, residence clubs and condo hotels tend to offer individual rooms or suites, like staying in a hotel, and in most cases, you will not stay in the exact same suite each time you use your vacation membership but one that is similar. Effectively, with residence clubs and condo hotels, you buy a “floating floor plan,” even though you may have a title to a specific property. On the contrary, when you purchase one of Villa La Estancia’s fractional villas, you will return to exactly the same residence each time you arrive because you have bought a permanent fraction of time in a specific unit.

When you purchase a Villa La Estancia fractional villa, you will also be free from making reservations. As long as you wish to use your fractional property during your allocated times, you will not need to make a reservation. All you need to do is to inform the hotel of the day of your arrival so that your suite is in the perfect condition to receive you for a luxury vacation.

Another advantage of Villa La Estancia’s fractional villas is the opportunity for equity and appreciation. Just like any real estate purchase, your fractional vacation property can appreciate and your equity is valid in the case that you wish to sell or leave your villa to a family member in a will.