FAQ: What is Fractional Ownership?

Quick Answer: Fractional ownership refers to the shared titled ownership of property, which could be a villa, apartment, house, yacht etc with “partner” owners. Generally speaking, fractions can be divided into weeks, months or seasons. At Villa La Estancia Residences, however, Villas and Penthouses are available for fractional ownership for 1/8 (6 weeks) or 1/4 (13 weeks) intervals per year, for life. You own your fraction outright just like traditional real estate.

Fractional Ownership at Villa La Estancia Residences

Fractional Ownership-Villa La Estancia Residences main pool

Fractional ownership at Villa La Estancia Residences in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas offers you exclusive deeded ownership for your share (fraction) of a villa or penthouse located on the premises of the Villa La Estancia property. Real estate villas available for fractional ownership include luxury Two and Three Bedroom Villa Suites as well as Penthouses, including access to all the five star services of Villa La Estancia Hotel, which offers restaurants, pools, a world class spa and more.

Villas in this fractional ownership program are divided into fractions of 1/8 (6 weeks) or 1/4 (13 weeks) per year for the rest of your life and can be bequeathed or sold just like any real estate property. The fractions are fully titled, meaning that your ownership rights are the same as if you had bought any property, only that you are responsible for your share only. That means that your fractional investment can appreciate just like any bricks and mortar purchase.

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