Cabo San Lucas is one of the most wonderful places in Mexico, in the world actually, and has long been a hotspot for tourists looking to soak up the sunshine. More and more, however, it is a place to which people look to retire. This may have a lot to do with the lower cost of living and good weather, but when it comes to Cabo San Lucas specifically we feel it may have more to do with the wealth of activities and culinary excellence available here.

Take a look below at why you should live in Cabo:

Stunning Beaches

The beaches are without a doubt one of the most famous attractions that Cabo San Lucas has to offer. Cabo’s long stretch of sandy beaches can be found between the gorgeous waters and awesome cliff faces of Los Cabos. Understandably there are plenty of activities and experiences which make full use of the gorgeous beaches in the area, like kayaking, paddleboarding, jet skis, surfing and more. In fact there’s something for everyone!


If anything can be said to set Cabo San Lucas apart from other top beach destinations in Mexico, it would have to be the unique mix of desert, mountains and coasts that can be found near the city. The dry heat and desert setting makes for incredible photo opportunities and some really cracking ATV, horseback and even camel tours!

El Arco – Where the Sea Meets the Ocean

The El Arco rock formation is an interesting place in Cabo, geographically speaking, as it is the only place in Mexico where you can swim in both an ocean and a sea at the same time. Here the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. This unique status and the beauty of the rock formation has made El Arco the subject of many tours. Owners at Villa La Estancia Residences can enjoy prime views of El Arco from their balconies.

Restaurants and Shopping

Cabo San Lucas is somewhat of a celebrity playground, and many a famous face has graced these sun-soaked streets (in fact, many have homes here). As such it should be no surprise that sophistication and luxury are the order of the day when it comes to shopping and dining-out in Cabo San Lucas. At the Marina, in particular, there are wonderful restaurants and wine bars.

Fun Activities

There really is an activity for everyone here! At certain times of year (November to March) you can even go whale watching. There is also zip-lining, jet skiing, fishing, golf, scuba diving and snorkelling.

Golf Courses

Golf lovers will find Cabo San Lucas to be an absolute paradise! In the 1990’s Jack Nicklaus started the city on this path with his design and construction of the El Dorado and Palmilla Cabo del Sol golf clubs. Other big names like Greg Norman, Davis Love III and Tiger Woods have also designed courses in the city.

These are but a few of the reasons we could give you as to why you should consider living in Cabo! For more information about real estate and why you should live in Cabo, give us a call on 1 877 499 1901 or send an email by clicking here .