There are many wonderful things about retiring in Mexico. For example, the quality of life is better due to a lower cost of living. In general, housing, healthcare, and grocery expenses tend to cost less in Mexico versus other countries. In addition, another wonderful part about living in Mexico is that there are many incredible small towns and villages to explore. If you live near Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit, did you know that there are several little towns to visit nearby? Towns such as San Sebastian del Oeste, Talpa de Allende, and Mascota are wonderful places to visit. Founded in 1525, Mascota is a charming small town with around 15,000 inhabitants that is surrounded by pine-covered mountains. The colonial style buildings and wonderful climate make it a great escape from the heat in Puerto Vallarta. Keep reading more to learn about taking a Mascota day trip from Puerto Vallarta.

Mascota Day Trip from Puerto Vallarta

Many people decide to move to Mexico because there’s something so inviting about the country’s culture, people, and great weather. Many expats that own a second home in Mexico love that there are endless amounts of activities to enjoy all year long. If you own a home at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit near Puerto Vallarta, we recommend taking a day trip to Mascota. The small town has cobblestone streets and colonial style buildings that still maintain their original charm. Teco Indians were the original inhabitants of the area. Subsequently, the town’s name Mascota came from the indigeous language Teco word “Amaxacotlán Mazacotla,” which means the place of deer and snakes. Today, Mascota is a lovely town where visitors quickly fall in love with the beautiful views of mountains, forests, and rivers. Plus, the locals are very friendly and welcoming and proudly show off their town’s unique history.

The History of Mascota

The history of Mascota dates back to the 16th century. Around that time, local inhabitants began constructing their homes and roads without much planning. An erratic street layout developed that can be confusing to navigate, but also adds to the town’s charm. During your visit to Mascota, make sure to visit the local Archaeological Museum. There, you can find displays of interesting petroglyphs and artifacts that have been discovered at ruins in the area along with explanations of the history of these ancient artifacts. Recently, a collaboration led by National Geographic revealed that the area was involved with trade and commerce with Peru as far as 2000 years ago. In addition, visit the Casa de la Cultura to learn more about the city’s history and heritage. Lastly, visit the unique Rock Museum El Pedregal which is made of and decorated with rocks of all sizes, colors, and shapes, too.

Things to Do in Mascota

In addition to museums, there are delicious traditional foods and drinks to enjoy in Mascota. At breakfast, make sure to order the local coffee which is known as “café de olla.” There are also several bakeries called panaderias that prepare home-made pastries and baked goods. If you want to try a local speciality drink, try rompope which is a popular sweet liquor that has hints of vanilla, chestnut or seasonal fruits and berries. If you prefer a stronger drink, agave plant-based raicilla is native to the area so you can try homemade raicilla as well. If you want to be active, visitors can enjoy horseback riding, kayaking, boat tours, rappelling, hiking, rock climbing and fishing. The Laguna de Juanacatlan is a 24 hectare lake surrounded by conifer forests. The lake itself is actually the crater of a dead volcano, and it’s a great place to go kayaking or fishing.

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