Is a Riviera Nayarit vacation on the horizon? Located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in Banderas Bay, Riviera Nayarit is a leading vacation hot spot for travelers from all across the world. In fact, the area is one of the most popular culinary destinations in Mexico. The entire Banderas Bay is now a thriving center for gastronomy and annually hosts the International Gourmet Festival where internationally acclaimed guest chefs participate. Plus, there are luxury beachfront residences for sale in Riviera Nayarit at Villa La Estancia. Villa La Estancia is a high end development that is located on one of the best beaches in Banderas Bay. Are you heading to the Riviera Nayarit soon and wondering what to eat? If so, keep reading below to learn more about our top 3 dishes to try in Riviera Nayarit, the best of Mexican food?…

#1 Pescado Embarazado

To start with, seafood dishes are very popular in Banderas Bay. Pescado Embarazado was originally known as “Pescado en Varo Asado”, which translated to roasted fish on a stick. Prepared by marinating fish in lime juice, the fish is then grilled and served with spicy salsa. Common fish used in pescado embarazado include marlin, school shark, and cazo. From time to time, shrimp will be substituted for fish. It’s a tasty and healthy dish that everyone will love.

#2 Tamales

Secondly, tamales are another great dish among Mexican food. Tamales are prepared using a white corn mixture that is spread on the inside of dried corn husks. Tamales are filled with meat such as chicken, beef or pork, cheese, vegetables or even fruit. Then, tamales will be sealed and steamed for several hours before they are ready to enjoy. Serve with spicy salsa for an added punch of flavor!

#3 Pozole

Pozole is a delicious broth-based soup you should try in Riviera Nayarit. Seasoned pork or chicken, garlic and onions, and hominy are the main ingredients in this tasty soup. Pozole is best served topped with shredded lettuce or cabbage, diced onions, cilantro, and radishes. Pozole broth can be either red or white depending on the type of peppers that are used in preparation of the dish. Pozole is a great dish to enjoy during cooler weather or to cure a hangover after a day of overindulging in too many drinks.

#4 Birria

Also, another traditional food to try in the Riviera Nayarit is “Birria.” Birria is shredded and marinated goat or lamb meat in a tasty, liquidy broth. The sauce used to marinate birria contains cumin, ginger, and oregano. Add fresh squeezed lime juice and onions on top and serve with corn tortillas. Or have your birria strained and served in a crispy tortilla for a tasty taco that will certainly hit the spot. It’s a savory food that will definitely hit the spot!

#5 Tortas Ahogadas

Tortas Ahogadas is a traditional dish from the neighboring state of Jalisco, but is also popular throughout Banderas Bay. A torta ahogada is a sandwich of local white bread, also referred to as a bolillo or birote. Torta ahogada bread is hard and crusty on the outside, but soft on the inside. Then, the bread is stuffed with shredded pork, and a special chili and tomato sauce is poured over the sandwich. It can get messy, so the sandwich is eaten with a fork, knife and spoon.

#6 Ceviche

Last but not least, ceviche is one of the most delicious and popular dishes in Banderas Bay. Ceviche is prepared using ground up white fish, diced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and lime juice. The light and fresh ceviche mixture is served on a tostada. Avocado slides, lime wedges and spicy salsa are optional toppings. Some people prefer to use a spicy chili sauce made with garlic, chile piquin peppers, and olive oil. Want to really treat yourself? Try chipotle mayonnaise which is a creamy dressing that will make your ceviche even more delicious.

As you can see, there are several wonderful traditional dishes to try during a Riviera Nayarit vacation. The area has delicious traditional Mexican food that every visitor should try when visiting Banderas Bay. In fact, Banderas Bay has more than 400 restaurants to choose from. Remember, if you need a place to stay, check out Villa La Estancia. The luxury hotel-condo property is a top choice for luxury travelers in the know. We have elegant accommodations, world class amenities and premiere services. Plus, we even have a selection of beachfront residences for sale if you want a second home in Mexico. Inventory is limited, so contact us at Villa La Estancia today to learn more. In the meantime, book your Riviera Nayarit vacation and try as many of the incredible food suggestions above as possible.