Moving to Mexico can be an amazing and life changing choice for foreigners that decide to take the leap. It can be a challenge to adapt to a new culture, but it is so exciting, too. Many of the foreigners that decide to move to Mexico are super happy with their choice. Foreigners can actually buy a dream beach home that may not have been possible if they had not made the move. Are you considering moving to Mexico? If so, then read below to learn more about the big move. There are many common myths that people believe are true.

Is Everything Cheaper?

Firstly, most people believe that everything is cheaper in Mexico, but is that true? The truth is, many things are more affordable such as the cost of living is much lower when compared with the United States or in Canada. Healthcare, food, and electricity are also typically less expensive in Mexico than in other countries. However, the gas for cars is more expensive there than it is in the United States. Also, name brand electronics and clothing are more expensive in Mexico than in the United States, because these are imported items. Housing costs including real estate are much lower than in the United States or in Canada. If you are interested in buying a beachfront home, then you should research Villa La Estancia. Our hotel-condo concept property is extremely popular with expats. Right now, we have luxurious beachfront homes in Cabo San Lucas and in Riviera Nayarit for sale. If you qualify, we also offer full and fractional ownership options, too.

Do Locals All Speak English?

Secondly, many foreigners assume that the residents and locals will speak English in coastal towns, especially if they are purchasing real estate in a tourist destination. However, it is important that you remember that Spanish is the main language of the country. When you move down south, it can be exciting for you and your family to learn Spanish. You can find Spanish classes that are very affordable, so you can learn the language. You won’t learn it overnight, so just take your time. When you are interacting with locals and you are trying to speak Spanish, it will show them that you respect their language and culture which they will appreciate.

Should You Trust What You Read Online?

A common mistake that a lot of people make is trusting what you read online that expats have written. Some of the expat forums offer good advice and tips on adapting to a new life abroad. However, some online posts contain information that isn’t true. You should always try to ask local expats for advice instead of trusting what you read online. There is so much negative information online that you simply can’t believe everything you read.

Should I Do My Shopping and Dining Out in Tourist Destinations?

Next, many expats make a common mistake of only doing their shopping and dining in tourist destinations. In general, the country has excellent family-owned and operated restaurants and shops that are not located in tourist destinations. You should try to seek the restaurants and shops that aren’t in tourist destinations. You will be surprised at what you find. Also, if you stop only going to places in tourist destinations, you will be able to adjust to your new life in Mexico easier.

Is There A Big Difference in Cultures?

Many expats quickly become upset if something doesn’t seem to go their way, but you must remember that Mexico is a laid back country and with a relaxed culture. If you remember this, then you will be able to adjust quicker. There are a few things that may take longer in Mexico than what you are used to such as bank transactions, but just be patient. In no time you will have a great new home and lifestyle.

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