If you are planning to live in Cabo San Lucas, you will no doubt be weighing up your options in terms of activities that you can enjoy in your free time. Safe parasailing is certainly one of your options.

Best parasailing in Cabo

Are you seeking thrilling, heart-racing adventures? Have you ever wanted a birds’ eye view of the local area, and the feeling of flight while you take in the best sights your vacation location has to offer? If you have then parasailing could be just the activity for you.

This gem of an activity in Cabo San Lucas offers a truly unique combination of pulse-pounding thrills and magnificent immersion in the natural world. The 360-degree views you will get while in the area are truly breath-taking, and the overall experience is completely once-in-a-lifetime. Get ready to have a whole new perspective on Cabo San Lucas as you soar above the glittering waters of the ocean!

Cabo’s Perfect Conditions

There are very few places which are quite so suited to parasailing as Cabo San Lucas; the clear blue skies, sunshine, and sea breeze make it a uniquely pleasant experience just about every day of the year! Just let the sea-breeze carry you across the landscape and you’ll find that the whole of Cabo is under your eye!

The Parasailing Experience

When you choose to parasail safety and comfort will be of the utmost priority for your hosts; you will be equipped with a full body harness which attaches to a specialized parachute. The Parasailing Boat will gather speed, and you’ll find yourself lifted effortlessly into the air; from hundreds of feet above the water you will find the views to be inimitable.

There are a few operators along the beaches of Cabo, and the average Parasailing session lasts around 15 minutes so you can always come back for another round if you wish!

Jaw-dropping Views

You may feel that we’re rabbiting on, but there are simply no words to describe how beautiful the scenery is at these heights! Cabo San Lucas is a region renowned for its beauty, and parasailing lets you see it in a whole new light. As you soar above the water you will gain a panoramic view of the coastline, Cabo San Lucas Bay, the city itself, and even the regions most iconic landmark; Lands’ End!

This stunning rock formation marks the point at which the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, and it adorns many of the postcards and brochures which showcase the area. If you’re going to be up there you’ll want a waterproof camera; these are snaps worthy of a mantelpiece position.

As you may have come to see, parasailing is one of the most intoxicating experiences in the area, and when you visit Cabo, it’s the way to see the area from on high.

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