Puerto Vallarta is an art lover’s paradise, the best vacation location and top choice for second home real estate. Public art and sculptures are displayed all along the seafront boardwalk called the Malecon as well as in various locations throughout the city. Both the Romantic Zone and Downtown Puerto Vallarta have a lot of galleries, markets, and shopping establishments, so you will experience plenty of art. There is so much art available in Puerto Vallarta that you could purchase numerous of pieces for your home, and still be tempted by more works of art.

Puerto Vallarta’s Galleries

The galleries in Puerto Vallarta have a reputation for quality as well as extraordinary, and breathtaking works of art. Artists such as Rogelio Diaz, Javier Nino, and Manuel Lepe Macedo are local artists in Puerto Vallarta who will tempt art lovers to invest in Mexican art for their homes. These local artists are known for creating unique sculptures, traditional paintings, and jewelry that is designer quality.

Huichol Art Galleries

Some of the local galleries sell only Huichol art, which includes absolutely stunning sculptures and threaded “paintings” created by the Native American people from the local area. Huichol art is colorful, beautiful and sacred, whose traditions feature vibrant beadwork and tapestries that are all sealed with beeswax. Occasionally, you can see Huichol art in one of the craft markets in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is known for its public art markets.

Huichol Deer

The Malecon Boardwalk for Art Lovers

The Malecon boardwalk showcases a number of public artworks which include sculptures by Alejandro Colunga, Ramiz Barquet, Jonas Gutierrez, and Sergio Bustamante. Many of these works of art were donated by the artists to the town and stimulate interaction from the public. The Malecon is also home to live sculpture artist where actors will pose for a coin or two. For a tour of the sculptures on the Malecon, Galeria Pacifico offers guided tours in English for art lovers.

Boardwalk Puerto Vallarta

The Artwalk

From October through May there is an ArtWalk featured each Wednesday evening. The galleries that are downtown treat guests with wine and small snacks. The ArtWalk is the perfect place to meet a few of the local artists, and chat with other art lovers as yourself. New galleries will debut their gallery at the ArtWalk. There is a map available with the information of each gallery that will be at the ArtWalk. For the Old Town, a similar event is held on Thursdays, known as the South Side Shuffle.

Puerto Vallarta is perfect for art lovers everywhere. There is so much art available that you will be continually inspired.