Are you to put in your vacation time and head to Mexico where it is sunny and warm? It is spring, but summer is approaching quickly. Over the past year, challenges due to the COVID crisis put a damper in many people’s travel plans. However, right now you can still enjoy a wonderful vacation in Mexico. However, you should make sure your vacation destination has received the Safe Travels Stamp which is a designation for locations that have COVID safety measures in place. While you are planning your Mexico vacation, make sure you read the article below on vacation packing tips. Before you know it, you could be sipping on a cocktail while laying on the warm beach in Mexico.

Vacation Packing Tips – 2021 Update

  • Swimsuits 

Before you head to your vacation destination, you should make sure you see what the weather will be like on your vacation. In general, it is usually always warm and sunny in Mexico. However, the rainy season occurs during summer in many top Mexico beach destinations, too. One of the most important things you should pack are swimming suits. On average, most people spend the majority of their vacation at the beach or around the pool at the resort. You should try to bring a couple swimming suits with you, so you can change swimsuits each day while the one you wore the day before dries.

  • Comfy Shoes

Next, Mexico is known for its charming cobblestone streets which are excellent for exploring. However, the streets can be challenging to difficult so make sure to pack comfy shoes. Comfortable shoes will allow you to explore without getting injured. Tennis shoes, flip flops or shoes that are comfortable for hiking should be packed. Mexico is a casual vacation destination, so you don’t need to bring high heels or fancy shoes.

  • COVID Test Restrictions 

Right now, Mexico is currently welcoming vacationers to the country and they are not requiring them to provide a recent COVID test. However, they are taking temperatures at the airport, then they also ask that vacationers complete a health questionnaire. If you will be returning to the United States after your vacation, you should know that they are requiring you to provide a negative antigen COVID test that has been taken 72 hours prior to arriving. Canada has cancelled all Mexico flights temporarily, but are expected to resume service shortly. It is important that you check any COVID travel requirements before you travel. Some of the Mexico resorts are providing onsite COVID testing to make it more convenient for vacationers.

  • Pack Less Items

Many vacationers that visit Mexico make a common mistake of overpacking. The truth is, most vacationers spend a lot of time at the beach or at the pool, which means you need to pack less items. Some of the essential items that you should pack for a Mexico vacation include a few pairs of shorts, one or two pairs of pants, a few tank tops, a lightweight jacket, comfortable shoes, a hat, and sunglasses. If you happen to forget items, don’t worry. Mexico is known for having great shopping that have affordable prices, too.

  • Passport and VISA Must Be Current

When you are making your flights for your Mexico vacation, you need to make sure your passport is current. When you arrive in Mexico for your vacation, you will be given a Visitor VISA that is good for six months. Hold on to the document as you are required to return the temporary VISA at the airport when you check in for your flight.

Your Mexico vacation should be exciting and fun, so don’t worry too much about things to pack. Just pack the basic items that you will need and get ready to enjoy the simple things in life. If you need somewhere to book for your stay, then you should contact Villa La Estancia. We have beautiful resorts in top vacation destinations in Mexico including Cabo and Riviera Nayarit. If you want a dream home in Mexico, we also have a limited number of beachfront residences for sale. Contact us today and inquire about our Try and Buy Program. It’s a great way to test out owning a vacation home in Mexico. We hope to see you at the beach very soon!