Villa La Estancia Cabo Surf Kayaking

Do you own a second home in Mexico? Cabo San Lucas is a highly sought after tourist destination and preferred choice for homeowners that want to buy a second home in Mexico. At Villa La Estancia Los Cabos, we have a limited number of private residences for sale. Our spacious and elegant residences are part of a modern condo-hotel concept that savvy home buyers appreciate. Are you headed to Cabo soon to stay with us at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos? If you are, why not try surf kayaking during your vacation to Mexico? Surf kayaking is similar to surfing, but a special sea kayak is used as opposed to a surfboard. Keep reading our below tips about surf kayaking in Cabo.

Villa La Estancia Cabo Surf Kayaking

If you are one of our beloved homeowners, you already know that Villa La Estancia Cabo has direct beach access to one of the area’s most beautiful beaches. Resort guests and homeowners will love that the beach is the perfect spot to try surf kayaking. To start, it is important to first check ocean conditions before getting into the water. If the tides are too strong, it is recommended to wait and try surf kayaking another day. Remember, water currents can change very quickly and safety of our guests and homeowners is a top priority. Moderate ocean currents are best suited for surf kayaking. Also adequate safety gear including a helmet and life jacket are essential. If you are ever accidentally thrown from your kayak, proper gear will help keep you safe

How To Surf Kayak in Cabo 

To surf kayak in Cabo, remember to always check current ocean conditions first. If all is well, you can enter the water once you have timed the waves to make sure you can get past them during a lull. Step into the kayak once the waves start hitting the shore to improve your chances of getting battered by breaking waves. Next, use your arms to help launch yourself forward. As the kayak starts to move forward through the water, start paddling and continue until you get past the wave break. There, in calmer waters you can try to ride the waves back to shore. Remember to use your paddles to steer as needed. Make sure you always have fun while learning a new sport, too.

How To Do a Kayak Roll

It can be very difficult to secure your kayak and equipment if you fall off while at sea. As a result, it is a good idea to practice a kayak roll. A kayak roll is a good skill to master so you can learn how to right a capsized kayak by using body motion and/or a paddle. Lift your torso up towards the surface, then flick your hips to help right the kayak. It is smart to practice a kayak roll several times until you get the hang of it. Once you have learned how to do a kayak roll, you can keep practicing and having fun. Also, don’t forget to only use kayaks that were specifically designed for surf kayaking. Standard kayaks were designed for use in calmer waters only.

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