When you hear “high-end”, you instantly see dollar signs right? Well if you choose to buy property in and around Bucerias, Mexico, high-end real estate can actually be a lot more affordable than you might think. How so? Well let’s take a look:

Affordable airfares

When you buy a second home in a foreign country, you should also consider the cost of getting there, so that you can truly make the most out of your high-end real estate investment by visiting frequently. Flights to Mexico from the U.S., Canada, or even Europe can be very affordable due to the popularity of the destination for vacations. Try booking online, booking early, and booking with a budget airline to get the best prices. You can get your feet on Bucerias’ golden sands before you know it, and for less money than you thought too.

Affordable high-end real estate options

Real estate in Bucerias can be very affordable, especially when you consider the exchange rate and the cost of materials and labor. You can buy property in Bucerias that is much more luxurious and high-end for less than you could at home. More so, you can also opt for fractional ownership real estate opportunities, whereby you purchase a fraction of time, like 6 or 12 weeks, bringing down the cost of high-end real estate.

A variety of high-end properties

Real estate in Bucerias, Mexico is packed with a range of different options for buying a second home, including condos, houses, villas, studio apartments, mansions, or even resort living. With all of the different options and types of real estate ownership in Bucerias to choose from, you’re sure to find the best fit for you.

Lower cost of living

The cost of living in Mexico is generally lower than you will find back in the states or elsewhere. This means that those who buy property can get more bang for their buck, having luxurious stays for less when purchasing real estate in Bucerias. This is especially good value for those who choose to retire in Bucerias or spend long periods of time at their real estate investment. Your pension or savings will go a lot further in Mexico.

Wonderful Side benefits of living in Bucerias, Mexico:

  • A relaxed lifestyle – Bucerias provides a very quaint and comfortable beachfront environment where it is easy to meet other expats and locals alike.
  • Never being bored– there is plenty to do in Bucerias, including fishing, diving, whale watching, and horseback riding, in addition to a number of resturants, bars, and nearby nightlife.
  • Safer living – Bucerias is by far one of the safest areas to live in the country.
  • Location – Bucerias is easily accessible via Puerto Vallarta International Airport just 30 minutes away. It also has an excellent location on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, nearby to other popular destinations like Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, and Punta Mita, on the Banderas Bay.