You probably already know that the Day of the Dead is an important Mexican holiday celebrated on November 2nd. Thanks to the popularity of box office smash “Coco”, Dia de Los Muertos has become well known all across the world. In Mexico, this important cultural event is a huge part of the country’s rich history and heritage.

This year in Puerto Vallarta, the largest Catrina in Puerto Vallarta’s history was constructed. The elegant and striking Catrina was designed by local artist Alondra Muca and measured an impressive 23 meters tall. At 75 feet high, the Calavera Catrina earned the Guinness Book World Record for having the tallest Catrina in the world.

Each year, the Malecon boardwalk is decorated in honor of Dia de Los Muertos with beautiful altars and decorations to honor those who have passed on before us. Read more about this year’s record breaking Catrina in Puerto Vallarta.


Where Did La Catrina Come From?

To start with, if you didn’t know the origins of the Catrina image, you can learn about that right here. Back in 1910, a Mexican printmaker and cartoon illustrator named José Guadalupe created a zinc sketch which was the first image of a Calavera Catrina. Originally, the skeleton image was intended to mock upper class women who supported the dictatorship of President Porfirio Díaz during the Mexican Revolution.

Later, the skeleton image was given the name Catrina by renowned Mexican artist Diego Rivera when he painted her dressed up in elegant dresses in one of his murals. Over time, it became an iconic figure in Mexican culture representing death and the way Mexicans deal with the loss of a loved one. Eventually, the character of La Catrina became a symbol that is synonymous with the Day of the Dead.


Local Artist Alondra Muca

The artist behind PV’s incredible catrina is local Vallarta artist, Alondra Muca. She is a young artist who led a team that worked for over a year in preparation of constructing the enormous structure.

The impressive Catrina is so tall that it has been recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records as the tallest Catrina in the world at 23 meters high, beating the former record made in 2015 in Zapotlanejo, Jalisco of 18.77 meters. She is composed of metal and fiberglass, and is wearing a vibrant blue dress with sparkly sequined teal and gold accents on her top. Her skeleton face is painted white with blue designs and pink and red flowers. As a final touch, her hat contains real palm tree leaves.


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