If you’re like many people, you probably love going shopping when you are on vacation. Mexico has a rich heritage and culture that attracts visitors from all around the world. It’s also a great place to own a dream vacation home thanks to the great weather and lovely beaches. If you’d like to visit Mexico soon and aren’t sure where to go… Meanwhile, read below to learn about top souvenirs to buy during a Mexico getaway.


1. Elegant Talavera Pottery

For starters, Talavera pottery is a beautiful type of pottery that is a top souvenir to buy in Mexico. The style of pottery was introduced by the Spanish during the colonial era in the town of Puebla near Mexico City. The elegant and beautiful pottery has delicate patterns and designs that are now part of Mexico’s rich culture. The best place to find quality Talavera pottery is in Puebla, which is where the pottery was first started. However, you can also find Talavera pottery in shops and stores throughout tourist destinations in Mexico such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Riviera Nayarit. There are a variety of pottery pieces available to choose from including lovely plates, plates, cups, spoons, and salt and pepper shakers. Check the bottom of the pottery piece for a DO4 symbol which signifies it is an official Denominacion de Origen stamped on original Talavera pottery.


2. Tequila & Mezcal

Secondly, nothing is more authentically Mexican than Tequila! In fact, Tequila and mezcal spirits are the most important and popular spirits that are made in Mexico. The state of Jalisco is where tequila’s birthplace is, and you can visit the town of Tequila on a day trip from Puerto Vallarta. If you want to purchase 100% Azul tequila or mezcal as a souvenir, then Mexico is the best place to get it. If you aren’t sure which brands to try, some of the best tequila brands include Herradura, Clase Azul, and Don Julio. As far as mezcal, El Silencio and 400 Conejos are popular brands that you can take home with you. During your visit to Mexico, you can also sign up to attend tequila and mezcal tasting courses so you can sample great spirits as you learn more about these wonderful Mexican liquors.


3. Colorful Mexican Glassware

Thirdly, handmade Mexican glassware is another wonderful and useful gift that you can buy in Mexico. Plus, the beautifully made glassware will compliment your tequila and mezcal if you end up buying a bottle or two to take home. There are many various styles of glassware available in different colors, too. You can buy delicate wine glasses, margarita glasses, shot glasses, and more. In general, traditional handmade Mexican glassware is clear with flecks of different colors within the glass and a vibrant blue rim. Plus, the lovely glassware makes a great gift for friends or the perfect compliment to your own kitchen.


4. Handmade Mexican Blankets

Next, if you want a functional and beautiful handmade item to bring back from Mexico, check out traditional handmade Mexican blankets. They are a great souvenir to take home from your Mexican vacation because they are beautiful and useful. Also known as Serapes, authentic Mexican blankets usually have a striped weave design in various colors. and Made with natural fibers such as cotton and wool, they are very durable so they will last forever. They are the perfect souvenir and gift as well. They are very versatile and can be used as blankets, quilts, or even as a picnic blanket.


5. Delicious Mexican Chocolate

Lastly, Mexico is actually the birthplace of chocolate. Today, you can find tons of great Mexican chocolate in the country’s top destinations. You can find many different forms of chocolate to buy to take back with you including chocolate bars, chunks, and chocolate mix. Make sure you pick up extra to give to friends and family members for gifts.


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