Great news for people who are looking to purchase real estate in Mexico, the Air Transport Agreement announced at the end of 2016 shows that the aviation markets are opening up even further between the USA and Mexico, starting in August 2017. In response, a number of airline companies have taken advantage of this agreement, announcing new flights to and from Mexico.

Interjet Flights from USA to Mexico City

Firstly, one of Mexico’s most popular budget airlines, Interjet, announced added flights from Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas to Mexico City. Interjet is Mexico’s second largest airline.

Interjet Flights from USA to Puerto Vallarta

Interjet has also indicated that it will add new routes from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta, which is already a popular flight from the USA to the leading tourist town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Volaris Flights from USA to Mexico City

Another of Mexico’s popular budget airlines, Volaris has also started services from Houston to Mexico City.

Southwest Airlines Flights from USA to Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Los Cabos

Southwest Airlines will be offering flights from Los Angeles to Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, with flights pending approval from Oakland, California to Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.

American Airlines Flights from USA to Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Merida

American Airlines has announced new services from Los Angeles to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta as well as services between Miami and Merida.

Delta Airlines Flights from USA to Cancun and Los Cabos

Delta will be running new daily services from New York to Cancun and from Los Angeles to Los Cabos, as well as flights on Saturdays from Kansas City to Cancun.