Every year between December and April, Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding shoreline is host to hordes of tourists from all across the globe. This is the time when thrill seekers come to this popular destination for sensational entertainment, unlimited fun and unique adventures in the Mexican sun. Cabo San Lucas has always drawn a wide and varied array of people to its shores: retirees and snowbirds looking for a second home, lovebirds looking for romance and families and friend groups on a range of vacations all come here. Yet, without fail, it is the beach destination’s largest yearly visitors who draw the biggest crowds and most attention during their five month stay! All the way from the freezing arctic waters, pods of Humpback whales come to the Sea of Cortez for some warmth at this time of year.

A family treat in Cabo San Lucas

Those who’re enjoying a being in Cabo San Lucas at this time of year should really consider heading out on a whale watching excursion; it is one of the most memorable and rewarding activities of the year! When you see the astounding displays put on by these magnificent beasts it becomes abundantly clear that they, just like you, are thrilled to be in sunny Cabo San Lucas .

The locals in Cabo San Lucas have become so accustomed to the presence of these wonderful creatures that many have opened up tour companies which actually guarantee sightings. Such tours only accept smaller groups, however, so as to avoid overwhelming or panicking the whales. Few return disappointed. As well as these almost guaranteed sightings of humpbacks there are generally up to seven other species which could be seen in the area, including Fin, Sei, Gray, Minke, Blue, and Bryde whales.

The reason these great and gentle beasts come here is because the warm waters which surround the Baja California Peninsula are the perfect place in which to raise their young before they take the long journey north once more. If you watch closely when you see them you might see the mothers teaching their young survival skills. The Pacific s a very dangerous place fobyoung calves (or ebn weak adults) due to the sharks and Orcas that prey on them so this is an important training ground.

The migration of these beasts can take up to six months, one of the longest migrations of animal in the world, and so it makes sense that they take such joy in their respite in the Sea of Cortez. Trust us when we say that if you plan your trip to Cabo San Lucas in order to see these creatures you will not be disappointed.