The hotel beach and pool area are not the only places where your young children can have lots of fun while on vacation in Banderas Bay. There are other activities available to you if you want your toddler to explore more activities in Banderas Bay. The following is a brief list of some of the activities you might explore with your young children in Banderas Bay.

The Zoo

El Zoologico de Puerto Vallarta is about 30 minutes when traveling by car or taxi from Villa La Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta. It’s located in a mountainous jungle area between Mismaloya and Mismaloya beach, and it’s a great place for your young children to have lots of fun. Unlike a lot of zoos out there, this zoo will allow you to interact with the animals by petting some of them (like baby tigers) and feeding them. The zoo is not that big, so a whole trip’s journey can be completed in a few hours. Your young children will have plenty of colors and sounds to occupy their imagination while there.

Water Parks

Two major water parks where toddlers can play are located in the Banderas Bay area, both of which are about 10 minutes drive from Villa La Estancia. The largest park is called Parque Aquatica, and it has a smaller pool area with shallow water that is perfect for toddlers. There are also smaller slides fit for them that they can use to make a splash in the smaller pools. The other park, Splash, is not expensive as Parque Aquatica, and it also has a pirate theme. The pirate ship has slides coming from it that are suitable for older children and adults. The beach area (manmade) is ideal for toddler play and a great location for parents to enjoy. Both parks have marine creatures like seals, dolphins, and sharks, so that is also something else to keep your toddler entertained.

Equestrian Bucerias

In Bucerias, a small town just 15 minutes from Nuevo Vallarta on Banderas Bay, is an educational farm community that teaches young children about animal life. For a little less than $8, your children will enjoy hours of fun petting, feeding, and talking to the animals. They will also get a chance to ride a pony, which is sure to be a thrill for your child. Your toddler is sure to enjoy this adventure of fun and education.