Cabo San Lucas is perhaps the most lively and well-loved destinations in the immensely popular vacation hotspot of Baja California Sur, and it has some of the very best restaurants in the country if you want to experience Mexican cuisine. There are, of course, restaurants which offer Italian, Chinese, or Indian foods, but it’s the small, family run restaurants serving family recipes and regional dishes that you should really pay attention to while you’re here. After all, where else will you get such great and authentic Mexican foods?

Here’s our list of the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, and you can rest easy knowing that they all made the cut with USA Today.

Cabo San Lucas Mexican

Maria Corona

This is a unique restaurant with a long pedigree; some of the recipes here were passed down by the owner’s grandmother and date back to the Mexican Revolution! This is an eatery proud to serve authentic Mexican dishes like the Mayan style Cochinita Pibil, panela fondue, tortilla soup, and the Maria Corona platter which has chiles rellenos stuffed with chorizo, and a chicken mole dish. The captivating atmosphere is a real addition to any meal, and it comes with live music!

Pancho’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar

Panchos is the perfect place to take you from dinner to pre-club drinks as it not only has a phenomenal menu, but over 500 types of tequila to enjoy. The menu is varied, too, with dishes like the Pueblo style chicken mole, Sonoran style carne asada, and the Oaxacan style tamales wrapped in banana leaves. There’s also live music to enjoy most nights.

Los Tres Gallos

Los Tres Gallos (The Three Roosters) is utterly enchanting as well as being arguably the best restaurant in the city overall. Here you get regional Mexican cuisine at lunch and dinner time in a family friendly environment. The setting is charming beyond belief with tables set around a stunning courtyard which is shaded by fruit trees; what a perfect place to try some of the amazing Mole dishes. The service here is faultless, and you’ll find the pricing quite reasonable.

María Jiménez

When you want some really traditional Mexican cuisine like chiles rellenos, fajitas, tacos, quesadillas, or enchiladas then you need look no farther than María Jiménez. This immensely popular restaurant has a few sharing platters on offer, as well as a huge selection of wines, beers, and cocktails to enjoy. It’s easy to see why this place is so popular when you soak up the chilled atmosphere.

Edith’s Restaurante

Edith’s has been serving the locals of and visitors to Cabo san Lucas for over two decades now, and is really set up to wow you with the amazing food, impressive wine cellar, and sophisticated atmosphere. The owner comes from the Mexican state of Guerrero and has set up a menu which showcases dishes from her home region as well as plenty of fresh seafood. Without a doubt the highlights of the menu are the Wally Special with grilled lobster, the garlic shrimp, the Coqueta Salad, and the mesquite grilled catch of the day.