If you are looking forward to your retirement years, you have probably been weighing your options regarding where you would like to spend your time doing exactly as you please. Nuevo Vallarta happens to be a fantastic place to retire and enjoy your newfound freedom in the fabulous Bay of Banderas. The region is home to many expats from around the globe, many of whom are retired, making them able to truly take advantage of everything wonderful that Nuevo Vallarta has to offer.

Here are some of the best reasons Nuevo Vallarta is a great place to retire:

Lower Cost of Living

The more affordable cost of living is among the most attractive features for retirees in Nuevo Vallarta. Although housing costs vary greatly depending on what you might be interested in, day-to-day living costs can be substantially less than in places such as Europe, the United States and Canada. Impressive medical and dental care can be found for much lower costs than what most expats typically spend on similar procedures where they are from. Most groceries are cheaper too, and affordable fresh produce takes center stage here as many products are grown in nearby areas.

Outdoor Weather Year Round

Forget the snow shovel and down parka! The area is blessed with warm, sunny weather year-round so you can revel in the elements whenever you feel like it. This is a particularly big draw for retirees who have suffered through cold, awful winter weather for years on end!


Nuevo Vallarta is an excellent spot to settle into if you enjoy a good round of golf. The region is home to many extraordinary golf courses where you can work on your swing and get your competitive juices flowing while basking in the beautiful natural environment.


Whether fishing for you is a hobby or an all-out passion, the Bay of Banderas and the open Pacific Ocean close by can make landing a dream catch a reality. An astounding variety of fish and several well-equipped outfitters are waiting for you!

Amazing Dining Options

Home to spectacular food options from humble street tacos to world-class gourmet restaurants, Nuevo Vallarta is sure to have whatever you might be craving at any moment. In the know foodies flock here because they just can’t get enough of the delicious food, so why not live amongst some of the best eateries in the world?

Busy Social Life

When you retire in Nuevo Vallarta, you can just about guarantee your social circle will expand with new friends from all over the place. Whatever interests you, from game nights to charity organizations to kicking back on the beach in a lounge chair, you’ll likely have lots of likeminded amigos to share your time with.