Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Mexico

Are you hoping to jet away for a vacation down south over Christmas and New Year’s? Did you know that Christmas and New Year’s is one of the most popular times to visit Mexico due to the great weather that the country enjoys during the holidays. While many people are dealing with freezing temperatures and snow in the United States and Canada, vacationers or expats in Mexico enjoy warm weather and sunny skies that make the holiday even better. For Villa La Estancia residents who have a vacation home or second home in Mexico, the winter is a great time to travel to Puerto Vallarta to enjoy a comfortable holiday getaway with your loved ones.

Christmas in Mexico

In Puerto Vallarta, Villa La Estancia homeowners love the chance to spend time at the beach for Christmas and New Year’s. Who wouldn’t want to dip their toes in the warm sand or go swimming in the ocean while everyone else is bundled up back home? For Villa La Estancia residents that have a vacation home in Mexico, Christmas and New Year’s are peak times to visit and tourists visiting the area is at a high. As a result, many local restaurants including our award winning La Casona restaurant onsite at Villa La Estancia offer Christmas menus and special events to make the holiday season even more enjoyable. Don’t miss our special 4 course Christmas Eve Dinner menu that is available on Thursday, Dec. 24th from 6pm to 9:30pm at La Casona for $69 USD. Reservations are recommended. While the cold weather doesn’t come to visit Puerto Vallarta during the winter months, residents and visitors to Villa La Estancia will love the holiday decorations and festive spirit found around the property.

New Year’s Eve in Mexico

Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve in Mexico? Without a doubt there will be tons of opportunities to enjoy a special New Year’s dinner or party with loved ones in Banderas Bay. Whether you stick close to home in Riviera Nayarit, or decide to go to Puerto Vallarta to be in the heart of the action, New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta is guaranteed to be a party you won’t soon forget. There will be lots of activity down on the Malecon as well if you want to head into Puerto Vallarta to mingle amongst the tourists and residents sharing in the holiday cheer. Don’t feel like dealing with big crowds and traffic? That’s okay as many individuals and Villa La Estancia residents find that there is nothing better than ringing in the New Year’s Eve with loved ones at their vacation home in Mexico. If you want to ring in the New Year in style, plan to celebrate at La Casona where you can feast on a special New Year’s Eve 4-course dinner from 6:00pm to 9:30pm on December 31st for $89USD. Children are eligible for a 50% discount if they are part of one of our all-inclusive plans. You can enjoy New Year’s Eve fireworks from the privacy of your terrace, or even head down to the beach to watch the fireworks on the sand. There is something truly magical about ringing in the New Year’s Eve in Mexico. From the friendly locals to the blissfully perfect weather, you will be hard pressed to find a better place to start the New Year than at your vacation home in Mexico. Anything is possible in 2020!

Heading to Mexico soon for Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Make sure to check with our friendly front desk concierge at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit to see what special events are going on during this holiday season. Order a bottle of champagne and cheers to a wonderful life and the many blessings to come in the New Year.

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Interesting Facts about Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay is one of the most stunning and desirable vacation spots in Mexico, and there is no doubt that Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit provides the best base from which to sample all the delights of this region. If you read on you’ll find out some really interesting facts about Banderas Bay with which to impress your friends when you get together again.

Los Muertos Beach

Los Muertos beach is one of the most beloved beaches around Banderas Bay, but many people are a little put off when they realise that the name translates, literally, to The Beach of the Dead. Legend has it that, centuries ago, locals fought off a pirate raid on this beach, and did so with such ferocity that many pirates died on the sands. If you talk to locals in the bars they’ll happily tell you about how many skeletons were found when the first hotels were being built on the beach! Nonetheless, any party you have here is sure to be lively so don’t give Los Muertos the swerve!

Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay is the biggest bay in Mexico, but it’s also one of the deepest and largest bays in the world as a whole! Sitting at over 900 meters it is practically fathomless, and at 42 kilometres wide it is in amongst the 10 largest in the world. The name Banderas, too, has significance as it is based on the Spanish word for flag! It is said that the Spanish Conquistadores, upon arrival, faced 20,000 armed natives with feathered flags, ready to defend their territory!

Las Peñas

The town of Puerto Vallarta, that sites at the heart of Banderas Bay, used to be called Las Peñas, in the 1800s, but was renamed after state governor Ignacio Vallarta in the 1900s.

Source of Income

Today, Puerto Vallarta’s 9 billion peso economy is based most upon tourism and the service industry, but before it became such a hotspot the town was a fishing centre. In those days the main source of revenue for Puerto Vallarta was the export of Corn, Coconuts, Beans, and Bananas to the USA (and, of course, feeding the local market).

The Movie Industry

Many famous faces have graced the shores of Banderas Bay for business and pleasure, and Puerto Vallarta, arguably, became what it is today because of one special movie. The Night of the Iguana, starring Richard Burton, put Puerto Vallarta on the map and the romance of Burton and Elizabeth Taylor made it infamous! This is, arguably, why so many big budget films (like 2011’s Limitless) have been filmed here since. These sands have seen the likes of Robert De Niro and Arnold Schwarzenegger!


In the 1880s Puerto Vallarta had a population of around 1,500 people; today there are over 300, 000 inhabitants in Puerto Vallarta. The population boom was sudden and exponential. In the last 20 years the population has grown by a staggering average of 7.5% each year!

Mariachi Music

If you’ve been to Mexico before you’ll know that this is a culture which loves to party, and mariachi music is a key part of this! The state of Jalisco, where you can find Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta, is the epicentre of mariachi and in Puerto Vallarta alone you will find dozens of talented groups. There’s even a kids mariachi band in the city!

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Raising a Young Family in Banderas Bay

If you’re looking to relocate to Mexico and have a young family in tow, finding somewhere that’s child friendly and full of potential is absolutely paramount. Banderas Bay, on Mexico’s Pacific coast, could be one of those places which presents a great choice for you and your loved ones. Here’s why…


People who live in colder, wetter climates are well-used to the reality of kids being stuck indoors for days at a time due to poor weather, but in Banderas Bay this is less of an issue. Very rarely will your kids ever have to stay in with only the TV and games consoles for company here; the climate and weather are perfect for exploration and adventure. Banderas Bay does, in fact, benefit from year round sunshine and ideal temperatures from November to mid-April with no rain clouds in sight. Summer can see heavy rainfall, but generally it is only for a few hours a day.

The environment

Banderas Bay is a fairly small area to be found on the Pacific coast of Mexico, and has a long stretch of sandy beaches and coves that will delight children of all ages. The waters are safe to swim in, and the temperature is fair year round; you could swim, surf, and make sandcastles in a new place every weekend for months and never be bored.

Banderas Bay is also lucky enough to be surrounded by the stunning Sierra Madre mountains which are not only stunning, but offer a wealth of pastimes to enjoy. You could go hiking, zip-lining, mountain-biking, or horseback riding if you wished. You could even choose to live close to the river; this river is often calmer than the sea shore and is great for swimming in. your kid need never be bored when there’s so much of the great outdoors to explore here.


Raising a family is far from dull, and it can often be stressful, but in Banderas Bay there’s a huge amount to get excited about. There are so many clubs, activities, sports and groups for your kids to get involved with here that you might start to miss them! You could get involved, too, of course. Why not take up paddle-boarding or surfing? Learn to salsa, or just pick up some of the hobbies that fell by the wayside at home? There are also plenty of sports on offer at the local stadium.

Childcare and schooling

Childcare is much more affordable in Banderas Bay than in the USA and Canada; you’ll probably be able to afford hiring a full-time nanny if you wish. As a Villa La Estancia owner you will also be able to call upon the resort’s babysitting services if and when you’re stuck for childcare. This is a real plus if your kids are younger than school age and/or you need a break. There are also a few good bilingual, private schools to be found in the bay which vary in location and price; there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find the right one for you and your family.

The culture on Banderas Bay

If everything we’ve already mentioned doesn’t convince you that living in Banderas Bay is a good thing for you and your family then the culture should. This is such a diverse country that you can be sure your children’s eyes will be opened to many different ways of life. They can learn a second language, which will be good for future career prospects, and learn from their teachers and new friends in a way that will help them to grow into open-minded and accepting people.