Weekend Getaway to Todos Santos

For individuals lucky enough to live in Cabo San Lucas, or own a second home there, there is an endless amount of activities to enjoy. Great restaurants, beautiful beaches, and tons of shopping possibilities. However, weekend getaways are always a great way to mix up your routine. Live in Cabo San Lucas? Plan a weekend getaway to the charming town of Todos Santos which is located about 45 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas. Do you live in Cabo San Lucas and want to mix up your daily routine? Take a weekend getaway to Todos Santos. It is guaranteed to be a memorable experience that you will not forget.

Pueblo Magico History

Todos Santos was given the honor of a Pueblo mágico designation, which means magical village in English, which is bestowed to historically and culturally significant Mexican towns. One of only three towns in the Baja California Peninsula that has earned this honor, Todos Santos was originally a prosperous sugar capital. Today, Todos Santos has maintained many 19th century brick buildings in good condition that are a big part of its small town charm and beauty. Todos Santos also boasts a thriving art scene and there are numerous fabulous galleries in the downtown area in addition to great restaurants, hotels and bars. Surfers also flock to Todos Santos because it has some of the best surf breaks in the region.

Top Places to Visit

There are lots of great restaurants in Todos Santos that are worth a visit while you take a break from sightseeing. Off the beaten path, El Mirador restaurant offers fantastic ocean views and outstanding dishes that include seafood international cuisine and vegetarian fare. Looking for a break from Mexican cuisine? Try Derek’s Sushi Bar for some fresh sushi that is economically priced. They also serve ice cold beers that hit the spot on a warm Mexican day. Another great spot is La Morena with its Cuban-inspired menu and its beautiful outdoor patio is the perfect spot to enjoy your meal. A visit to Todos Santos is not complete without a visit to the well known Hotel California. The hotel has a bar and restaurant with a beautiful private back patio that features colorful artwork and lush greenery. There is no better spot to relax, enjoy a refreshing cocktail and reenergize so you can continue exploring Todos Santos.

Where To Stay

The Vibe Bed & Breakfast is situated right off the main strip in Todos Santos which makes it a convenient spot for visitors. The staff is friendly and very helpful, and the general atmosphere is very laid back and they have a great breakfast in the morning on the patio. As its namesake indicates, The Vibe Bed & Breakfast has a great vibe and its design and layout is very cool.
La Bohemia Baja Hotel Pequeno is another hip spot that has an authentic vibe that respects its heritage. An incredibly comfortable oasis located in the heart of Todos Santos, La Bohemia Baja Hotel Pequeno is perfectly situated for your Todos Santos excursions. Todos Santos Inn is another great place to lay your head during your weekend getaway to Todos Santos. They offer a variety of rooms including garden suites near the pool. A very quaint and quiet inn designed in the Hacienda style in mind, guest rooms are located on the perimeter and the garden/pool is in the middle. Lots of accomodation options for a small town!

Todos Santos Shopping

In addition to great lodging choices, Todos Santos offers unique shopping options that you can’t find in the bigger, more touristy towns like Cabo San Lucas. In Todos Santos you can find unique and locally handmade souvenirs at many small stores. Visitors have a chance to buy handmade fares including leather shoes, woven purses, embroidered linens, hand-painted dishes and so much more. You will have no trouble finding that perfect souvenir or memento to take home with you from Todos Santos.

While Cabo San Lucas offers so much to see and do for expats that live there full time or own a second home in the area, make sure you plan a weekend getaway to the quaint town of Todos Santos. Explore and enjoy this charming town for a few days, and you will understand why it is a pueblo magico.

Cabo’s El Arco Landmark

Cabo’s El Arco Landmark

Cabo San Lucas is not an ordinary travel destination. It is one of the best of its kind offering many tourists sights and attractions. This place provides a great venue for shaping your dream vacations and second home aspirations with memories that will stay in your hearts forever. Besides its desert-meet-mountains location, what makes this Mexican beach destination stand out from the rest is Cabo’s El Arco landmark at Land’s End. The stunning rocky landmark is composed of an arch naturally emerging from the sea where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet. This iconic image is what makes this place an awesome destination to spend your vacations in Mexico and purchase a second home.

Cabo’s El Arco Landmark

The southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula is where the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez join, a rare geographical occurrence. El Arco marks this dramatic meeting spot with its striking image. Several tourist activities involve a visit to this most treasured Cabo San Lucas landmark. The uniquely beautiful rock formation is the most photographed Cabo icon and the highlight of this tourist destination.

Villa La Estancia Real Estate Cabo San Lucas

Origin of its Name

In Spanish El Arco literally translates to “the Arch” pointing to the natural rock formation that marks this place. In English, it is called, Land’s End with an interesting story behind it. Folklore mentions that sailors thought that this was the end of the world, just a stone’s throw from the South Pole. However, the warm and sunny atmosphere in Cabo San Lucas is proof that the South Pole is nowhere in sight!

Getting There

El Arco is easy to reach from the Marina of Cabo San Lucas or from Medano Beach where Villa La Estancia is located. From the Cabo’s marina, there are water taxis and glass-bottom boats which allow sea life observation during your trip; alternatively you can hire a private yacht or a panga (small fishing boats). Once you arrive, you can either indulge your sight and cameras with the photo opportunities or lounge on the beaches there.

El Arco Beaches

The beaches at El Arco offer a relaxing ambience where you can have a refreshing dip or simply enjoy the sights and sands around. Scuba diving and snorkeling are some of the adventures you can enjoy. The underwater wonders of Land’s End are also something to be explored. Lover’s Beach on the Sea of Cortez side is the more popular beach because of its calm waters, while the Divorce Beach on the Pacific side is not recommended for swimming because of the rough waters.

Things To Do

The peaceful currents and the comfortable water temperatures of El Arco are ideal for doing exciting activities like snorkeling and diving. The sea here teems with varieties of fish, sea turtles, and sea lions. Pelicans also breed in the area where they can be seen diving and seeking for snacks in the water.