Cabo’s El Arco Landmark

Cabo San Lucas is not an ordinary travel destination. It is one of the best of its kind offering many tourists sights and attractions. This place provides a great venue for shaping your dream vacations and second home aspirations with memories that will stay in your hearts forever. Besides its desert-meet-mountains location, what makes this Mexican beach destination stand out from the rest is Cabo’s El Arco landmark at Land’s End. The stunning rocky landmark is composed of an arch naturally emerging from the sea where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet. This iconic image is what makes this place an awesome destination to spend your vacations in Mexico and purchase a second home.

Cabo’s El Arco Landmark

The southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula is where the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez join, a rare geographical occurrence. El Arco marks this dramatic meeting spot with its striking image. Several tourist activities involve a visit to this most treasured Cabo San Lucas landmark. The uniquely beautiful rock formation is the most photographed Cabo icon and the highlight of this tourist destination.

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Origin of its Name

In Spanish El Arco literally translates to “the Arch” pointing to the natural rock formation that marks this place. In English, it is called, Land’s End with an interesting story behind it. Folklore mentions that sailors thought that this was the end of the world, just a stone’s throw from the South Pole. However, the warm and sunny atmosphere in Cabo San Lucas is proof that the South Pole is nowhere in sight!

Getting There

El Arco is easy to reach from the Marina of Cabo San Lucas or from Medano Beach where Villa La Estancia is located. From the Cabo’s marina, there are water taxis and glass-bottom boats which allow sea life observation during your trip; alternatively you can hire a private yacht or a panga (small fishing boats). Once you arrive, you can either indulge your sight and cameras with the photo opportunities or lounge on the beaches there.

El Arco Beaches

The beaches at El Arco offer a relaxing ambience where you can have a refreshing dip or simply enjoy the sights and sands around. Scuba diving and snorkeling are some of the adventures you can enjoy. The underwater wonders of Land’s End are also something to be explored. Lover’s Beach on the Sea of Cortez side is the more popular beach because of its calm waters, while the Divorce Beach on the Pacific side is not recommended for swimming because of the rough waters.

Things To Do

The peaceful currents and the comfortable water temperatures of El Arco are ideal for doing exciting activities like snorkeling and diving. The sea here teems with varieties of fish, sea turtles, and sea lions. Pelicans also breed in the area where they can be seen diving and seeking for snacks in the water.