Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Mexico

Are you hoping to jet away for a vacation down south over Christmas and New Year’s? Did you know that Christmas and New Year’s is one of the most popular times to visit Mexico due to the great weather that the country enjoys during the holidays. While many people are dealing with freezing temperatures and snow in the United States and Canada, vacationers or expats in Mexico enjoy warm weather and sunny skies that make the holiday even better. For Villa La Estancia residents who have a vacation home or second home in Mexico, the winter is a great time to travel to Puerto Vallarta to enjoy a comfortable holiday getaway with your loved ones.

Christmas in Mexico

In Puerto Vallarta, Villa La Estancia homeowners love the chance to spend time at the beach for Christmas and New Year’s. Who wouldn’t want to dip their toes in the warm sand or go swimming in the ocean while everyone else is bundled up back home? For Villa La Estancia residents that have a vacation home in Mexico, Christmas and New Year’s are peak times to visit and tourists visiting the area is at a high. As a result, many local restaurants including our award winning La Casona restaurant onsite at Villa La Estancia offer Christmas menus and special events to make the holiday season even more enjoyable. Don’t miss our special 4 course Christmas Eve Dinner menu that is available on Thursday, Dec. 24th from 6pm to 9:30pm at La Casona for $69 USD. Reservations are recommended. While the cold weather doesn’t come to visit Puerto Vallarta during the winter months, residents and visitors to Villa La Estancia will love the holiday decorations and festive spirit found around the property.

New Year’s Eve in Mexico

Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve in Mexico? Without a doubt there will be tons of opportunities to enjoy a special New Year’s dinner or party with loved ones in Banderas Bay. Whether you stick close to home in Riviera Nayarit, or decide to go to Puerto Vallarta to be in the heart of the action, New Year’s Eve in Puerto Vallarta is guaranteed to be a party you won’t soon forget. There will be lots of activity down on the Malecon as well if you want to head into Puerto Vallarta to mingle amongst the tourists and residents sharing in the holiday cheer. Don’t feel like dealing with big crowds and traffic? That’s okay as many individuals and Villa La Estancia residents find that there is nothing better than ringing in the New Year’s Eve with loved ones at their vacation home in Mexico. If you want to ring in the New Year in style, plan to celebrate at La Casona where you can feast on a special New Year’s Eve 4-course dinner from 6:00pm to 9:30pm on December 31st for $89USD. Children are eligible for a 50% discount if they are part of one of our all-inclusive plans. You can enjoy New Year’s Eve fireworks from the privacy of your terrace, or even head down to the beach to watch the fireworks on the sand. There is something truly magical about ringing in the New Year’s Eve in Mexico. From the friendly locals to the blissfully perfect weather, you will be hard pressed to find a better place to start the New Year than at your vacation home in Mexico. Anything is possible in 2020!

Heading to Mexico soon for Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Make sure to check with our friendly front desk concierge at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit to see what special events are going on during this holiday season. Order a bottle of champagne and cheers to a wonderful life and the many blessings to come in the New Year.

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Cabo Jazz Festival – February 2019

The new year is bringing tons of exciting and interesting activities to the area for visitors and residents to enjoy. In addition to the great weather and gorgeous beaches, Cabo San Lucas has a full calendar of events for everyone to enjoy. Are you a proud Villa la Estancia homeowner and want to make plans to partake in a fun-filled cultural event? Continue reading below to learn about the Cabo Jazz Festival set to take place in mid-February in San Jose del Cabo just a short drive from tourist hot spot Cabo San Lucas.

Culture, Art and Music

Culture and music lovers will be thrilled to attend the 5th annual San Jose Jazz Festival that will take place on February 15th and February 16th in the Plaza del Pescador in San José del Cabo. Each day from 5:00pm to 11:00pm, attendees will be pleased to experience the fun and excitement that the annual Cabo Jazz Festival brings to the area. In addition to local talent, this popular festival also will highlight national and international artists as well. Each year the Cabo Jazz Festival has increased in popularity, and in the last few years, more than 5,000 people have enjoyed the culture, art, and music.

Great Atmosphere

With a great family-friendly atmosphere, residents and vacationers alike have flocked to enjoy the sounds of jazz as they enjoy Cabo’s excellent winter weather which remains warm and sunny all year long. In addition to enjoying the sounds of jazz, attendees are thrilled by the excellent food and drink offerings from local restaurants, bars and shops that line the square. Take some time to stroll through the plaza and do a little shopping, then pop into a restaurant for a bite to enjoy or a refreshing cocktail. Let the romantic and soothing jazz music speak to your soul as you enjoy these small moments that make life that much better.

The Cabo Jazz Festival has continued to grow each year thanks to support from the local community as well as tourists that are visiting the area for vacation. Are you blessed enough to you live in Cabo San Lucas at the exclusive Villa La Estancia private residences? Want to attend an interesting event that the whole family will enjoy? Make sure to mark your calendars for February 15th and February 16th, 2019 so you can experience the Cabo Jazz Festival for yourself. With a bevy of talented musicians and artists, you are sure to have the time of your life! Sounds like music to my ears.

san jose del cabo jazz festival

Cabo Activities Swimming with Dolphins

Cabo Activities: Swimming with Dolphins

Have you ever wanted to swim with, learn about, or train dolphins? If so Los Cabos might be the very best vacation destination for you; here you can make your dreams a reality by visiting one of the many dolphin centers in and around Cabo San Lucas.

Swimming with Dolphins in Los Cabos

There are a huge number of reputable companies which offer dolphin experiences all over Los Cabos, and they offer a huge selection of programs and activities which cater to all kinds of people. Many programs will allow for direct interaction with Pacific bottlenose dolphins, which is a truly unforgettable experience.

Here are our absolute favorite programs which allow you to get to know these magical and magnificent creatures on a more personal level in Los Cabos:

Swim and Ride Experience

This is without a doubt the most popular family program in Los Cabos, and it’s easy to see why! After a short introduction to the physiology and anatomy of the dolphin you’ll be told about their distinctive traits, and then you will enter the water with them. Once in the water you can hug, kiss, and play with your dolphin before taking a belly ride around the pool with them. This will leave you with memories which will last a lifetime.

Dolphin Kids

This is a dolphin program which was designed for kids aged 4 to 9, and it is really something. The playful nature of kids and dolphins alike make a perfect match. This program allows the kids to play, interact, and learn about the dolphins before taking a ride around the pool with them. Few kids will not be delighted by this experience.

Dolphin Encounter

The dolphin encounter is perfect for those who love dolphins, but who don’t want to get into the water. You’ll get to feed them, stroke them, and use newly learned hand-signals after a lesson in dolphin anatomy and physiology. This is the perfect experience for anyone who loves animals.

Trainer For a Day

For those who have always dreamed of working alongside marine wildlife, or who want to be dolphin trainers this is the perfect activity as you don’t just experience the center as a guest, but actually join the team for a day. You’ll get to rub shoulders with expert trainers while you feed and care for these gorgeous creatures. Prepare to have your heart stolen!

Dolphin experiences in Los Cabos are the very best vacation activities to enjoy.

delicious cabo cuisine

Delicious Cabo Cuisine

Mexico is a vast and vibrant country with so much to offer to the world, and one of the greatest gifts Mexico has given to the world, we feel, is its wonderful and unique cuisine. The food is different in every area of the country, but we think Baja California offers some of the very best in culinary traditions. Seafood lovers should definitely plan a vacation to the peninsula sometime in the future, if only to test the dizzying array of fresh seafood available here year round. Here are a few of the dishes we think are absolute must-try meals when you are staying somewhere in Baja California.

Cabo Cuisine Recommendations

Comida de Pobres

Even though the name of this dish literally means “the food of the poor” we promise you that you will feel like a king or queen while you eat it! This traditional example of Cabo cuisine is a seafood soup with a difference; rice, beans, and a mix of vegetables served in a delicious broth alongside warm flour tortillas. Love at first bite!

Almejas Chocolatas (Chocolate Clams)

Cabo Cuisine that includes chocolate clams is a definite must; these clams are huge at roughly 2-3/4 inches long, and are quite meaty in texture. There are plenty of Cabo dishes which feature them, but we highly recommend this one because of its unique and delicious flavour. The clams are roasted on a bed of stones and covered with romerilla (an edible desert shrub) before being served with a variety of salsas and warm flour tortillas. This has to be one of the most iconic regional dishes in Baja California.

Fish Tacos

Fish tacos can be found everywhere in Cabo whether on the streets or in restaurants; small, independent taco stands and large, high-end restaurants alike sell this local Cabo cuisine favorite. You will understand just why when you taste them. Succulent fresh fish and/or shrimp, battered and served in soft taco shells with gorgeous salsas… what more could you ask for?

Machaca de Mantarraya

Don’t be put off by the name. Mantarraya means stingray… yes, stingray … and is one of the most popular types of fish used in Cabo cuisine. You can find it many dishes. Our favorite is this one because of the vibrant and punchy flavour! Shredded stingray meat is simmered with diced tomatoes, onion, cilantro, green chilies and some native spices before being wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

Other Cabo Cuisine

Baja California has many different dishes to offer, so don’t stop at just these few! You could also try the Marlin Tostadas, roasted or stuffed crabs, or “Chilorio de Abulon Calamar” which is squid seasoned with garlic, oregano, cumin, coriander seeds, salt and pepper in a chili based sauce.

Hmmmm! Join us in Cabo to sample some of the best cuisine in Mexico.

El Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas

El Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas

A two-mile-long strip and the most beautiful beach in Los Cabos, Medano Beach is the top choice when it comes to enjoying stunning views, swimming and basking on golden sands. El Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas has the best swimming and all sorts of dining for both visitors and residents to enjoy. It is one of the key reasons that makes purchasing Villa La Estancia real estate all the more attractive.

The Best Beach in Cabo

Visitors and residents can rest at ease when visiting Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, because it provides a safe environment for swimming and relaxing as well as opportunities for fun and excitement. One of the most breathtaking features of the beach is that it overlooks the El Arco rock formation at Land’s End. Residents at Villa La Estancia can sit back and bask in the amazing views with a cocktail in hand, without having to move a muscle.


However, if you are looking for more than an amazing view, then there are plenty of bars and restaurants that line the coast a little further up the beach from Villa La Estancia, or you can dine at the gourmet restaurants on site. For adventure lovers, you can take advantage of the paddleboards and kayaks that are available for residents to use on Medano Beach or indulge in a variety of watersports offered by independent vendors along the beach. Medano Beach also provides visitors and residents with easy access to downtown Cabo. You can walk along the beach to reach the center of Cabo San Lucas where more dining options are available and you can go shopping, sightseeing and visit with the locals

Cabo’s top swimming beach

The Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas has been declared as one of the safest places to swim and enjoy all kinds of water related activities. Visitors can go swimming all day long in the shallow waters or take part in other fun watersport activities that are available up and down Medano Beach. Why not try SUP, banana boat riding or kayaking on the crystal blue waters? Anyway you decide to spend your day at Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas, you can be sure to have a great time. You will be lounging on the most popular and exciting beach in Cabo with spectacular vibes.

Villa La Estancia on Medano Beach

Residents and their guests at Villa La Estancia will have unlimited access to Medano Beach during their stay at their home away from home in Cabo San Lucas.Just imagine you and your partner strolling along the beach at night, or getting up in the morning for yoga by the sea. Alternatively, you can just sit back on your private patio overlooking Medano beach to admire it from the comfort of your home. The property is close enough go to downtown Cabo San Lucas by foot but at a distance that gives you the greatest privacy and exclusivity.