Enjoy Luxury Full and Fractional Deeded Property in Banderas Bay

Revel in the beauty of luxury full and fractional deeded real estate in Banderas Bay, Mexico. You can now take ownership of properties either in full or in fractional deeded shares for the best high end properties in Banderas Bay. You no longer will have to worry about making a reservation when you own a piece of this luxury beach destination in Mexico.

Own a property at Villa La Estancia Residences for just two months, a season or maybe you wish to be able to visit any time you like throughout the year. No matter whether you choose full or fractional deeded property, your investment is for an entire lifetime and beyond at Villa La Estancia, just like any bricks and mortar investment. The equity that you hold will be all yours to either rent out to others, sell, or live in as much as you want.

Fractional Deeded Property in Banderas Bay

Even though it can be easy to realize what the responsibilities and advantages are relating to owning a second home, there is a bit of confusion on what fractional deeded property means. To begin with, it should not be confused with residence club memberships and timeshares, although there are similarities. If you own a fractional asset of a property, you hold the deed for this fraction. For Villa La Estancia this can be either 1/8 or ¼. This purchase becomes part of your own estate that you have for life and can be left in a will.

Villa la Estancia Real Estate
Villa La Estancia Residences One Bedroom Suite

Consider Villa La Estancia Residences for Luxury Living in Banderas Bay

Strike a compromise between the convenience of renting and buying a second home with fractional deeded property ownership. A big difference exists in comparison to renting – you will not have to pay a landlord. The same way as you would with a full ownership, you are able to rent, sell, include in a will, or donate the property. Your investment also has a chance to appreciate.

Will I Be a Good Candidate for a Fractional Ownership?

Do you absolutely love Banderas Bay, including Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta? If so, you may be a perfect candidate for a property investment there. Owning a second (or third or fourth) home, even a fractional deeded property means that you can return as often as you wish and live your dream. People who want to buy a residence overseas yet who may only visit it a couple of times each year will benefit the most from fractional purchases. Also, individuals who would like to give living in Banderas Bay a try before they commit to owning the residence outright and people who want to have ownership of a luxury property will be able to benefit.

Top Notch Real Estate

Villa La Estancia Residences are among the top locations for luxury real estate properties in Banderas Bay. There are amazing penthouses and huge 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums from which you can choose to purchase for both full and fraction deeded ownership. There are gorgeous views of the ocean from each of the properties, and every one of them also has spacious interiors with a touch of elegance. Furthermore, you will have access to the facilities of the 5 star resort, such as the Nuevo Vallarta’s beach, onsite gourmet restaurants, an award-winning spa, resort activities, pools, room service and more.

It is important to note that there are a limited number of these full and fractional deeded properties available. Villa La Estancia Residences is open to exclusive clientele who would love to take advantage of the luxurious options. Are you prepared to invest in your dreams?